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Reddy, Vikash; Ramirez, Brianna; Siqueiros, Michele – Campaign for College Opportunity, 2022
Ensuring equity in higher education access and success for Black and Latino Californians requires building and maintaining robust pathways from Los Angeles' high schools to its colleges and universities. In this report, the authors note that California's high schools, community colleges, and public four-year universities have increased enrollment…
Descriptors: College Students, Hispanic American Students, African American Students, College Bound Students
Reddy, Vikash; Lee, Douglas H.; Siqueiros, Michele – Campaign for College Opportunity, 2022
The State of Higher Education for Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Californians report provides the latest findings on college preparation, enrollment, and graduation rates of Asian American and Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (NHPI) students in California, disaggregated for more than 30 Asian ethnic groups to ensure a…
Descriptors: Asian American Students, Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders, Graduation Rate
Campaign for College Opportunity, 2022
In one of the most diverse states in the nation, it is not surprising that public college students in California are incredibly diverse--71% of the student body is racially/ethnically diverse, with nearly half (45%) of students identifying as Latinx and only about one in four (23%) identifying as white. Unfortunately, that diverse representation…
Descriptors: Disproportionate Representation, Higher Education, Governing Boards, Racial Differences
Moore, Colleen; Reddy, Vikash – Campaign for College Opportunity, 2022
In March of 2020, the COVID-19 global pandemic fundamentally altered almost all aspects of daily life as people around the world grappled with a public health emergency, as well as unprecedented economic and social consequences. COVID-19's impact on schools, colleges, and universities was far-reaching, forcing institutions to rethink their…
Descriptors: Educational Innovation, College Enrollment, Community Colleges, COVID-19
Campbell, Tylar; Reddy, Vikash; Siqueiros, Michele – Campaign for College Opportunity, 2021
California has long been a destination of opportunity--and challenge--for Black Californians. Known for its innovation and economic prosperity, California's higher education institutions play a critical role for social and economic mobility for Black residents. In "The State of Higher Education for Black Californians," published in…
Descriptors: African American Students, Access to Education, College Role, Equal Education
Reddy, Vikash; Ryan, Jessie – Campaign for College Opportunity, 2021
In the classic game of "Chutes and Ladders," the player can see square 100--the finish line--but it is not easy to get there. The player may climb one ladder only to land on the wrong spot and be sent spiraling down a chute. In the game, players are aiming for the blue ribbon on square 100, but for students enrolling in college, the…
Descriptors: Community Colleges, Two Year College Students, College Transfer Students, Equal Education
Reddy, Vikash; Dow, Audrey – Campaign for College Opportunity, 2021
The most significant investment California made in the 1960s was the creation of, arguably, the best public higher education system in the world. The 1965 Master Plan for Higher Education created a three-tiered system of higher education that provided a place in college for any Californian seeking the opportunity. From research universities to…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Educational Attainment, Outcomes of Education, Economic Impact
Campaign for College Opportunity, 2021
Latinx Californians represent the largest ethnic group in the state, with a demographic that is disproportionately young. The state must significantly increase the educational opportunity and success of Latinx Californians, ensuring that more of them are prepared for college, attend college, and graduate with the skills necessary to thrive…
Descriptors: State Universities, Hispanic American Students, Access to Education, Academic Achievement
Campaign for College Opportunity, 2021
The value of a college degree continues to rise. A bachelor's degree in particular provides unrivaled economic and health benefits not just for the individual earning the degree, but for the entire state. Therefore, it is not surprising to see growing demand for a college education coupled with growing eligibility for California's public…
Descriptors: State Universities, Access to Education, College Admission, College Bound Students
Reddy, Vikash; Siqueiros, Michele; Itzkowitz, Michael – Campaign for College Opportunity, 2020
In a year that has upended higher education and created great uncertainty, it is more important than ever for students to understand which colleges payoff and how quickly. In April of 2020, Third Way released a report outlining the use of a Price-to-Earnings Premium (PEP) to evaluate the value of attending college and help students assess and…
Descriptors: Outcomes of Education, College Attendance, Public Colleges, Private Colleges
Siqueiros, Michele – Campaign for College Opportunity, 2020
Attending college without working is a luxury most California community college students do not have. In fact, nationally, 80 percent of today's community college students work while going to class (39 percent of them work full-time), with many balancing their role as a primary source of income for their family and caring for young children. Jobs…
Descriptors: Work Study Programs, Federal Programs, Community Colleges, Two Year College Students
Hern, Katie – Campaign for College Opportunity, 2019
A new law, Assembly Bill 705 (Irwin), is driving dramatic changes in how California Community Colleges place students into English and math courses. Beginning in fall 2019, AB 705 requires the colleges to use students' high school grades as the primary means of placement; restricts colleges from denying students access to transferable,…
Descriptors: Community Colleges, Two Year College Students, Educational Legislation, State Legislation
Campaign for College Opportunity, 2018
California has long been a global leader in higher education, innovation, and workforce development. The economy is the fifth-largest in the world. But, without a more educated workforce, its global economic standing will decline. As California's economy becomes both increasingly reliant on a better educated workforce and further connected to a…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Undocumented Immigrants, Paying for College, At Risk Students
Bustillos, Leticia Tomas – Campaign for College Opportunity, 2017
California cannot produce the educated population our workforce and high-tech industries demand without significantly increasing the number of community college students transferring to universities. A strong transfer system is crucial not just for employers who need educated workers, but also for students seeking a clear and affordable path to…
Descriptors: Costs, College Transfer Students, Higher Education, Educational Finance
Valliani, Nadia – Campaign for College Opportunity, 2015
In 1996, California voters approved Proposition 209--a ban on the consideration of race in the college admissions process at public universities. This policy brief examines the effects of Proposition 209 at the University of California system by analyzing twenty years' of application, admission, and enrollment data. The brief concludes that in…
Descriptors: Educational Opportunities, Educational Policy, State Universities, College Admission