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Aldeman, Chad; Lewis, Brandon – Bellwether Education Partners, 2021
Do employees at public colleges and universities have better retirement benefits than K-12 employees? This is the central question in the new report "Choice and Quality Among Retirement Plans for Educators." To answer this question, we evaluate the quality of higher education and K-12 retirement plans using five key variables: (1)…
Descriptors: Teacher Retirement, Fringe Benefits, Debt (Financial), Decision Making
Kornack, Cody; LiBetti, Ashley – Bellwether Education Partners, 2021
The U.S. faces a confluence of crises: a pandemic, economic destabilization, and a long-coming reckoning with systemic and historic racism. The early childhood workforce is a linchpin to a stronger, more resilient future for our country, but educators are often under-prepared and under-supported. Published by the National Head Start Association in…
Descriptors: Early Childhood Education, Preservice Teacher Education, Teacher Education Programs, Educational Improvement
Spurrier, Alex; Hodges, Sara; Schiess, Jennifer O'Neal – Bellwether Education Partners, 2021
Public schools have long been considered a public good in America. But that ideal is far removed from the lives of millions of schoolchildren. Public school district doors are not always open to every student in a community. Instead, geographic boundaries of school districts mostly determine who is eligible to attend district schools -- limiting…
Descriptors: Public Schools, School Districts, Access to Education, Equal Education
Rotherham, Andrew J.; Gold, Thomas – Bellwether Education Partners, 2021
Research shows that a diverse teacher workforce benefits all students -- especially historically underserved students in American education, in particular Black students. With a historic pool of federal education funds now available to help address the effects of the pandemic, school districts and states have a unique window of opportunity to…
Descriptors: Federal Aid, Financial Support, Educational Finance, Diversity (Faculty)
Spurrier, Alex; Squire, Juliet; Rotherham, Andrew J. – Bellwether Education Partners, 2021
Families continue to struggle navigating a fluid K-12 education space since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and emergence of the Delta variant. Over the last 18 months, the parents of 10.8 million did not get what they wanted from their child's school -- representing nearly one in five U.S. schoolchildren. Many families' early concerns over…
Descriptors: Elementary Secondary Education, COVID-19, Pandemics, Family Attitudes
Lewis, Brandon; King, Melissa Steel; Schiess, Jennifer O'Neal – Bellwether Education Partners, 2020
In recent years, a new movement to raise awareness about early math learning has been growing in the U.S., driven by research showing that foundational math knowledge is more predictive of later success in school than nearly any other indicator, including literacy. This awareness of the importance of early math has led to an increasing focus among…
Descriptors: Mathematics Instruction, Mathematics Skills, Young Children, Preschool Education
Trinidad, Justin; Korman, Hailly T. N. – Bellwether Education Partners, 2020
School choice was intended to expand options and equity, and it holds promise for many students with unique needs. But it is clear that no choice system can be equitable until all students have real access to those choices. More than 400,000 youth are currently in foster care in the United States, many of whom experience significant obstacles in…
Descriptors: Barriers, School Choice, Equal Education, Access to Education
Graziano, Lynne; Aldeman, Chad – Bellwether Education Partners, 2020
In the past few years, there has been a surge of interest in expanding the scope of high schools. Shifting away from an earlier era that focused primarily on graduation rates and achievement tests, states have built a range of college- and career-readiness measures to track things like whether students are taking and passing advanced courses,…
Descriptors: College Readiness, Career Readiness, Track System (Education), High School Students
Aldeman, Chad – Bellwether Education Partners, 2020
For the last two decades, Ohio has given its new public school teachers choices among retirement plans. Early in their employment, they are handed a form that allows them to opt for a traditional pension plan, a 401(k)-style defined-contribution (DC) plan, or a plan that combines elements of each. If they make no affirmative decision at all--that…
Descriptors: Public School Teachers, Teacher Retirement, Teacher Employment Benefits, Retirement Benefits
LiBetti, Ashley; Squire, Juliet; Trinidad, Justin – Bellwether Education Partners, 2020
One of the greatest promises of the charter school movement has been the potential to create diverse school models to meet the varied needs of children, families, and communities. As policy makers and charter leaders have recognized the need to hold charters accountable for strong performance, however, there has been a move towards more…
Descriptors: Charter Schools, Models, Student Needs, Accountability
LiBetti, Ashley; Schiess, Jennifer – Bellwether Education Partners, 2020
In Spring 2020, National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA) convened a working group of authorizers and other stakeholders to learn more about the challenges they faced, given the data gaps caused by COVID-19, and to ask what guidance was needed for the sector to adapt to these unusual circumstances. Based on their feedback and…
Descriptors: Educational Quality, Measurement Techniques, Educational Indicators, Data Collection
Kulesa, Amy Chen; LiBetti, Ashley; Squire, Juliet; Trinidad, Justin; Goldberg, Rebecca Gifford – Bellwether Education Partners, 2020
This toolkit informs school leaders about the authorizing challenges they may confront, illustrates opportunities and options for school leaders to navigate the authorizing process, and shares useful frameworks for considering the benefits and trade-offs of these options. The toolkit contains the following sections: (1) Strategies &…
Descriptors: Charter Schools, Nontraditional Education, Accountability, Models
Kulesa, Amy Chen; LiBetti, Ashley; Squire, Juliet; Trinidad, Justin; Goldberg, Rebecca Gifford – Bellwether Education Partners, 2020
The goal of this toolkit is to shed light on the importance of authorizing nontraditional charter schools and how the challenges of authorizing nontraditional schools manifest in practice, as well as to provide action steps for authorizers and school leaders who are able and eager to lead the field on these complex issues. The toolkit contains the…
Descriptors: Charter Schools, Nontraditional Education, Accountability, Models
Squire, Juliet; LiBetti, Ashley; Goldberg, Rebecca Gifford – Bellwether Education Partners, 2020
Last fall, researchers at Bellwether Education Partners began research on how standard authorizing practices could discourage or disadvantage charter schools with nontraditional models, such as dual language immersion, Montessori, and competency-based education models. Throughout the course of their research, the authors spoke to dozens of school…
Descriptors: Charter Schools, Nontraditional Education, Accountability, Models
LiBetti, Ashley; Squire, Juliet; Schiess, Jennifer O'Neal – Bellwether Education Partners, 2020
This slide deck is a toolkit to help districts adapt existing school performance frameworks to the current moment or create new ones. These slides identify and walk through the fundamental questions districts need to consider in designing school performance frameworks that acknowledge the challenges that schools and students are facing, as well as…
Descriptors: School Districts, Educational Quality, Measurement Techniques, Educational Indicators
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