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Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Rivers, Wilga M. – Babel: Australia, 1992
Takes a historical look at technology in the language classroom, from the perspectives of students, teachers, administrators, researchers, and curriculum and materials designers. Emphasizes that the successful use of technology depends upon teachers' capability to incorporate it effectively in their programs and on the development of imaginative…
Descriptors: Administrator Role, Change Agents, Computer Assisted Instruction, Courseware
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
McCarthy, Brian – Babel: Australia, 1994
Presents accumulated insights for benefit of colleagues considering embarking on software development projects. Original purpose of project was to produce a set of grammar revision and extension modules allowing teachers to use computers as a means of ensuring that once a language point had been dealt with in class, students could be required to…
Descriptors: Computer Assisted Instruction, Computer Software Development, Grammar, Higher Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Roberts, Richard – Babel: Australia, 1998
Provides an overview of Esperanto, the most successful planned auxiliary language. Discusses the origin, development, and linguistic character of Esperanto, examines some of the criticism and controversy surrounding it, and poses the question as to whether Esperanto merits a place in school language programs. (Author/SM)
Descriptors: Diachronic Linguistics, Elementary Secondary Education, Esperanto, Second Language Instruction
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Chamberlain, Alan – Babel: Australia, 1998
Suggests that language awareness, or consciousness raising, has great potential in second-language learning. Language awareness presents students with linguistic data so they can work out grammatical rules for themselves. Offers a variety of examples of possible language-awareness lessons, first for the teaching of English, then for the teaching…
Descriptors: Consciousness Raising, Elementary Secondary Education, English (Second Language), French
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Madden, Jim – Babel: Australia, 1998
This first of a two-part article looks at the language learning-acquiring distinction, discussing the consequences of teaching at either end of the learning-acquiring continuum. Describes the distinction between the two, discusses the learning versus acquiring of grammar, and compares the two. The second part of the article will focus on memory…
Descriptors: Communication Skills, Communicative Competence (Languages), Elementary Secondary Education, Grammar
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Makin, Laurie; Wilmott, Guiseppina – Babel: Australia, 1998
Sociodramatic play, which combines role play and dramatization, is suitable for elementary and secondary language classrooms. It is learner centered and caters to varying language abilities. Children draw upon their existing experiences as the basis for their play. Teacher input is essential. The paper examines advantages and disadvantages of this…
Descriptors: Communication Skills, Cultural Influences, Dramatic Play, Elementary Secondary Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Stockwell, Glenn – Babel: Australia, 1998
Advocates the use of simulations in second-language classrooms, examining their advantages and presenting data from a study on college students' perceptions of the effectiveness of these advantages in an advanced second-language classroom. The study indicates that students found simulations enjoyable, motivating, and effective in promoting…
Descriptors: Classroom Communication, Elementary Secondary Education, Higher Education, Japanese
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Ohlendorf, Harald – Babel: Australia, 1997
The latest movement to reform German spelling is discussed, focusing on the need for greater consistency in spelling of words from other languages and the major changes proposed. Issues addressed include capitalization, specific idiosyncracies in German spelling, concerns related to computerization, public opinion, and the scope of the reform.…
Descriptors: Capitalization (Alphabetic), Change Strategies, German, Language Planning
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Edwards, Louise – Babel: Australia, 1997
Examines the discrepancy between spoken and written vocabularies in modern standard Chinese (MSC) textbooks that contributes to slow vocabulary development, and outlines a teaching technique to extend students' vocabulary using the ideographic nature of MSC characters rather than phonetic learning to increase efficient use of vocabulary…
Descriptors: Chinese, Classroom Techniques, Ideography, Instructional Materials
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Theil, Elvira – Babel: Australia, 1997
Evaluates the first stage of "Lernpunkt Deutsch," a new three-stage German course designed for upper elementary and early secondary school. Describes the publisher's package of materials and the appropriateness of the course, utility of the different package elements, format of the materials, and assesses whether the course provides pedagogically…
Descriptors: Course Organization, Elementary Secondary Education, German, Grammar
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
van Aacken, Satoko – Babel: Australia, 1997
Evaluates a multimedia instructional package for an introductory course in "survival" Japanese. The learning modules consist of dramatic video episodes of real-life situations in Japan, complemented by functional pattern drills and listening activities. Examines features, strengths, and weaknesses of the program. (MSE)
Descriptors: Computer Software Evaluation, Courseware, Instructional Materials, Introductory Courses
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Kenwood, Alun – Babel: Australia, 1998
Describes the rich, historical tradition of festivals in Spain, explaining that a multidisciplinary focus is necessary to understand the full significance of fiesta in Spain (geography, history, music, literature, and the fine arts). Students should be encouraged to study Spanish fiestas in order to develop a deep understanding of the diversity of…
Descriptors: Consciousness Raising, Cultural Activities, Cultural Awareness, Cultural Maintenance
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Tjoo, Hong Sing; Lewis, Marilyn – Babel: Australia, 1998
Describes one New Zealand university language teacher's reflection on her own grammar explanations to university-level students of Bahasa Indonesian. Examines form-focused instruction through the teacher's spontaneous answers to students' questions about the form of the language they are studying. The teacher's experiences show that it takes time…
Descriptors: College Students, Foreign Countries, Grammar, Higher Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Gardiner, Graham – Babel: Australia, 1998
Discusses computer-assisted language learning for foreign-language teachers, examining the history of educational technology and highlighting CD-ROM for foreign language learning. Looks at various frustrations foreign-language teachers may experience when working with new hardware and software, discusses various types of hardware and software, and…
Descriptors: Computer Assisted Instruction, Computer Software, Educational Technology, Elementary Secondary Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Miles, Andrew – Babel: Australia, 1998
Examines various issues related to language-teaching via interactive television, focusing on experiences using interactive television in Australian schools. Discusses how interactive television works, how such a classroom differs from normal classrooms, the teacher's role, the structure of a typical lesson, and successful and unsuccessful teaching…
Descriptors: Computer Assisted Instruction, Distance Education, Educational Technology, Elementary Secondary Education
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