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Edwards, Louise – Babel: Australia, 1997
Examines the discrepancy between spoken and written vocabularies in modern standard Chinese (MSC) textbooks that contributes to slow vocabulary development, and outlines a teaching technique to extend students' vocabulary using the ideographic nature of MSC characters rather than phonetic learning to increase efficient use of vocabulary…
Descriptors: Chinese, Classroom Techniques, Ideography, Instructional Materials
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Theil, Elvira – Babel: Australia, 1997
Evaluates the first stage of "Lernpunkt Deutsch," a new three-stage German course designed for upper elementary and early secondary school. Describes the publisher's package of materials and the appropriateness of the course, utility of the different package elements, format of the materials, and assesses whether the course provides pedagogically…
Descriptors: Course Organization, Elementary Secondary Education, German, Grammar
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
van Aacken, Satoko – Babel: Australia, 1997
Evaluates a multimedia instructional package for an introductory course in "survival" Japanese. The learning modules consist of dramatic video episodes of real-life situations in Japan, complemented by functional pattern drills and listening activities. Examines features, strengths, and weaknesses of the program. (MSE)
Descriptors: Computer Software Evaluation, Courseware, Instructional Materials, Introductory Courses
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Steele, Ross – Babel: International Journal of Translation, 1981
Suggests that students in French classes are not given enough practice in using numbers. Offers several suggestions, activities, and texts to help increase comprehension. (EKN)
Descriptors: French, Instructional Materials, Learning Activities, Numbers
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Gelman, Manuel – Babel: International Journal of Translation, 1981
Describes some of the books that are available to help make French study interesting and fun. (EKN)
Descriptors: French, Second Language Instruction, Textbooks
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Newmark, Peter – Babel: International Journal of Translation, 1978
Discusses the primacy of thought over speech, and "semantic translation" vs "communicative translation," relating the former to thought, and the latter to speech. (AM)
Descriptors: Cognitive Processes, Expressive Language, Semantics, Speech
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Roothaer, Roger – Babel: International Journal of Translation, 1978
Examines the question of whether translation is possible, relating it to the question of linguistic and cultural constraints on translation, and to the question of the relationship between language and thought. Recommendations are made for the improvement of the study of translating. (AM)
Descriptors: Cognitive Processes, Cultural Context, Cultural Differences, Language
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Ozerov, Lev – Babel: International Journal of Translation, 1979
Describes the curriculum for training professional literary translators used at the Gorky Literary Institute in Moscow. (AM)
Descriptors: Course Descriptions, Curriculum Guides, Higher Education, Literature
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Gelman, Manuel – Babel: Journal of the Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers Associations, 1983
Discusses the importance of setting standards, motivating students, and using relevant instructional materials and innovative teaching techniques if second language study is to be enjoyable for the student. Examples are restricted to French but can be adapted for any language. (EKN)
Descriptors: Academic Standards, French, Instructional Materials, Second Language Instruction
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Joy, Barrie; And Others – Babel: Journal of the Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers Associations, 1983
Discusses selected aspects of understanding spoken foreign language within the parameters of a suggested model of listening comprehension. Suggests some educational strategies in accordance with the proposed model and indicates some of the ways in which computer-assisted learning might help to develop listening comprehension. (EKN)
Descriptors: Computer Assisted Instruction, Listening Comprehension, Second Language Instruction, Teaching Methods
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Kenwood, Alun – Babel: Journal of the Australian Federation of Modern Language Teacher's Association, 1979
Reviews "The Oxford Companion to Spanish Literature," edited by Philip Ward and published by Oxford University Press (1978). The work is compared to two other similar materials. (AM)
Descriptors: Book Reviews, Classical Literature, Literary Genres, Literary History
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Fairbairn, Kerry – Babel: Journal of the Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers' Associations, 1974
Table lists skills for second language learning on one axis and levels of complexity on the other. Uses of table by classroom teacher in assessment are discussed. (RM)
Descriptors: Language Instruction, Language Learning Levels, Language Skills, Language Tests
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Cohen, Gerry – Babel: Journal of the Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers Associations, 1983
German poems chosen for inclusion in high school second language curriculum in Brisbane and Sydney, Australia are presented along with suggestions for classroom activities, analysis, and discussion. Student reactions to the poems, both conventional and unconventional, are examined. (MSE)
Descriptors: Class Activities, Curriculum Development, Foreign Countries, German
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Moore, John – Babel: Journal of the Australian Federation of Modern Language Teacher's Association, 1980
Gives a brief description of the features of Esperanto: phonetic spelling, a regular grammar with no exceptions to rules, an international vocabulary with a rule for adding new words, and a word-building system making full use of affixes. (Author/MES)
Descriptors: Artificial Languages, Descriptive Linguistics, Grammar, Phoneme Grapheme Correspondence
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Stanton, H. E. – Babel: Journal of the Australian Federation of Modern Language Teacher's Association, 1978
Discusses the Lozanov Method of teaching foreign languages developed by Lozanov in Bulgaria. This method (also known as Suggestopedia) uses various techniques such as physical relaxation exercises, mental concentration, classical music, and ego-enhancing suggestions. (CFM)
Descriptors: Instructional Innovation, Language Instruction, Learning Activities, Learning Processes
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