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Fad, Kathleen McConnell; Campos, David – Ancora Publishing, 2021
"Lonely Kids in a Connected World: What Teachers Can Do" offers a comprehensive look at childhood loneliness and provides classroom teachers and specialized school professionals a toolkit of research-based intervention strategies. Because children who experience loneliness often feel alone, isolated, disconnected, and alienated, early…
Descriptors: Children, Social Isolation, Alienation, Early Intervention
Sprick, Jessica; Sprick, Randy; Edwards, Jacob; Coughlin, Cristy – Ancora Publishing, 2021
Educators discover practical strategies to motivate students to engage in responsible behavior, build positive relationships, manage their work, understand acceptable uses of electronic devices in the classroom, and engage with instruction. For students who struggle in school related to experiences of trauma, poverty, systemic racism, generational…
Descriptors: Student Behavior, Behavior Problems, Punishment, Trauma
Sprick, Randall; Sprick, Jessica; Coughlin, Cristy; Edwards, Jacob – Ancora Publishing, 2021
Perfect for grade 9 to 12 classroom teachers and educational administrators--including principals, assistant principals, staff development professionals, and consultants--"Discipline in the Secondary Classroom" constitutes an indispensable resource for anyone aiming to achieve a civil, safe, and fair classroom environment. Student…
Descriptors: Secondary School Students, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11
Sprick, Randy; Sprick, Jessica; Sprick, Marilyn; Coughlin, Cristy – Ancora Publishing, 2020
"Early-Stage Interventions: Behavior Strategies for Every Teacher" offers a set of simple, teacher-friendly interventions to use as a starting place in addressing an individual student's chronic misbehavior-- disrespect, noncompliance, lack of motivation, bullying, aggression, and more. Though every teacher will encounter students who…
Descriptors: Behavior Modification, Intervention, Student Behavior, Behavior Problems
Sprick, Jessica; Jenson, William R.; Sprick, Randy; Coughlin, Cristy – Ancora Publishing, 2017
Bullying is a pervasive problem that negatively affects all students, including those who bully, those who are targeted, and bystanders. This resource allows you to take a multitiered approach that encompasses universal procedures, strategies for intervening with students who bully, and strategies for intervening with students who are targeted.…
Descriptors: Bullying, Victims, Intervention, Student Behavior
Jenson, William R.; Sprick, Jessica; Coughlin, Cristy; Clark, Elaine; Bowen, Julie – Ancora Publishing, 2017
The "Functional Behavior Assessment of Bullying" includes all the tools you need for determining the reasons for bullying behavior. Through interviews, observation forms, and other assessment materials, the FBA of Bullying can help you: (1) Identify times, situations, and people that predictably trigger bullying; (2) Determine whether…
Descriptors: Functional Behavioral Assessment, Bullying, Student Behavior, Identification
Bray, Melissa; Root, Melissa – Ancora Publishing, 2016
Video self-modeling is a powerful intervention that uses carefully planned and edited videos of self-imaging so students can view themselves performing a task, skill, or behavior at mastery. More than 45 years of research supports the efficacy of video self-modeling across an array of behaviors and disabilities, including: (1) Dysfluent speech;…
Descriptors: Video Technology, Modeling (Psychology), Intervention, Progress Monitoring
Sprick, Randy; Wise, B. J.; Marcum, Kim; Haykin, Mike; McLaughlin, Bob; Hays, Suzanne – Ancora Publishing, 2016
"Leadership in Behavior Support: Administrator's Guide (2nd Edition)" supports building administrators in the important responsibility of guiding and shaping the attitudes and actions that influence school culture and climate. The goal is to create and sustain a safe and productive school environment that fosters growth, encourages…
Descriptors: School Administration, Instructional Leadership, Positive Behavior Supports, Classroom Techniques
Sheridan, Susan M. – Ancora Publishing, 2014
"The Tough Kid: Teachers and Parents as Partners" describes a process in which the teacher works with the Tough Kid's parents (that is, the adult or adults with primary care-taking responsibilities) to identify the problem, collect information about it, and develop a plan to deal with it. Teachers and parents share the common goal of…
Descriptors: Parent Teacher Cooperation, Partnerships in Education, Behavior Problems, Student Behavior
Burrow-Sanchez, Jason – Ancora Publishing, 2013
ADAPT (Advancing Decision Making and Problem Solving for Teens) is a small-group intervention for middle and high school students who are at risk for substance use, aggression, truancy, poor school performance, and depressive moods. The ADAPT program's 12 sessions teach fundamental skills such as: (1) Effective problem solving; (2) Decision…
Descriptors: Decision Making, Problem Solving, Adolescents, Middle School Students
Jenson, William R.; Sprick, Randy; Sprick, Jessica; Majszak, Holly; Phosaly, Linda – Ancora Publishing, 2013
Chronic absenteeism can lead to immediate and long-term problems such as low academic achievement, delinquency, substance abuse, and family dysfunction later in life. "Absenteeism and Truancy: Interventions and Universal Procedures" will help you implement schoolwide procedures to minimize absenteeism and truancy. This comprehensive…
Descriptors: Attendance Patterns, Truancy, Intervention, Prevention
Sprick, Randy – Ancora Publishing, 2009
The second edition of CHAMPS helps classroom teachers design (or fine tune) a proactive and positive classroom management plan that will overtly teach students how to behave responsibly. The new 2nd edition includes tips and resources to make this definitive guide to classroom management even more user-friendly. CHAMPS strategies are easy to…
Descriptors: Classroom Techniques, Student Behavior, Behavior Modification, Classroom Environment