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American Council of Trustees and Alumni, 2016
There is a crisis in American civic education. Survey after survey shows that recent college graduates are alarmingly ignorant of America's history and heritage. They cannot identify the term lengths of members of Congress, the substance of the First Amendment, or the origin of the separation of powers. They do not know the Father of the…
Descriptors: Civics, Higher Education, United States History, Knowledge Level
American Council of Trustees and Alumni, 2015
Colleges and universities across the country are seeing their bond ratings drop and their budgets shrink. Employers complain that college graduates are not prepared for the workplace, and many students find themselves saddled with considerable debt and no job to show for it. These are trying times for parents, for students, and for institutions.…
Descriptors: Best Practices, Governance, Educational Change, Higher Education
American Council of Trustees and Alumni, 2015
Higher education has never been more "front and center"--almost daily we hear about spiraling costs, the lack of academic rigor, and the stifling political correctness on our college campuses. Long before such issues were hot, ACTA [American Council of Trustees and Alumni] was already pointing out these worrisome trends and calling on…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Educational Change, Accountability, Governance
Poliakoff, Michael – American Council of Trustees and Alumni, 2015
Read and admired throughout the world, Shakespeare's plays and poetry have been the guiding light of statesmen, of authors, and of artists. His writings are the indispensable foundation for understanding English literature, language, and rhetoric. Yet less than 8% of the nation's top universities require English majors to take even a single course…
Descriptors: Classics (Literature), Majors (Students), English Instruction, Required Courses
Capaldi Phillips, Elizabeth D.; Poliakoff, Michael B. – American Council of Trustees and Alumni, 2015
ACTA's report "The Cost of Chaos in the Curriculum" reveals that the vast array of course choices given to college students is a cause of exploding costs and poor academic outcomes. And a bloated undergraduate curriculum is particularly detrimental to the success of students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. The report documents how…
Descriptors: College Students, Undergraduate Study, College Curriculum, Core Curriculum
Kempson, Lauri; Burt, Evan; Bledsoe, Eric; Poliakoff, Michael – American Council of Trustees and Alumni, 2015
At a time when 87% of employers believe that our colleges must raise the quality of students' educations in order for the United States to remain competitive globally, and four in five Americans say they believe all graduates should have to take the key courses outlined in the study, few colleges require a real liberal arts education. "What…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Liberal Arts, Educational Quality, General Education
American Council of Trustees and Alumni, 2014
"Implementing Governance for a New Era" is an action plan to assist college and university trustees in reforming higher education. Delivered to more than 16,000 college and university trustees in November 2014, the plan provides details on how trustees properly represent the public by ensuring students receive a quality education at a…
Descriptors: Governance, Trustees, Higher Education, College Planning
American Council of Trustees and Alumni, 2014
With this new tool, ACTA [American Council of Trustees and Alumni] is working to expand its outreach to governors nationwide on behalf of higher education reform, focusing on key issues of quality, cost, and accountability. ACTA has worked with governors and education leaders from across the country, and that experience has proven that innovative…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Accountability, Educational Quality, Costs
Poliakoff, Michael; Alacbay, Armand – American Council of Trustees and Alumni, 2014
ACTA [American Council of Trustees and Alumni] today released a report that examines the country's most prestigious liberal arts colleges. Despite endowments soaring as high as $1.8 billion, nearly all institutions increased tuition during the Great Recession to finance bloated administrative spending, with many college presidents enjoying…
Descriptors: Liberal Arts, Reputation, Institutional Evaluation, Tuition
Schmidt, Benno C. – American Council of Trustees and Alumni, 2014
"Governance for a New Era: A Blueprint for Higher Education Governance," is the product of a summit facilitated by ACTA [American Council of Trustees and Alumni] and chaired by Benno Schmidt, City University of New York Board chairman. Signatories to the statement, a diverse group of 22 distinguished national leaders, include college…
Descriptors: Governance, Higher Education, Trustees, Alumni
Poliakoff, Michael; Alacbay, Armand – American Council of Trustees and Alumni, 2014
America's great public universities were founded with the highest expectations of academic excellence and service to their states. Overall, these institutions, often called the "flagship universities," do a poor job of ensuring that undergraduate students engage in an intellectually vibrant campus culture and leave with a solid…
Descriptors: Public Colleges, Universities, Reputation, Educational Quality
American Council of Trustees and Alumni, 2014
The American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) is leading the charge to return "higher" to higher education. We are challenging the status quo to restore academic freedom, academic rigor, and real accountability to higher education. And, we are doing so with an ever-widening network of supporters and partners.
Descriptors: Higher Education, Academic Freedom, Intellectual Freedom, Government Role
Kempson, Lauri; Lewin, Greg; Burt, Evan; Poliakoff, Michael – American Council of Trustees and Alumni, 2014
A college education is rightly part of the American Dream. It is seen as the ticket to success in career and community, a credential that repays the investment of time and money in higher education that students, families, and taxpayers make. In "What Will They Learn?"™ the authors take as a premise that the core purpose of attending…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Colleges, Core Curriculum, College Curriculum
American Council of Trustees and Alumni, 2013
In recent years, a number of educators have challenged the usefulness of SAT and ACT tests as indicators of college readiness, and some institutions have stopped requiring college entrance examinations altogether. The purpose of this trustee guide is to acquaint trustees with the history and use of college entrance tests and the arguments for and…
Descriptors: College Admission, Trustees, College Entrance Examinations, College Readiness
Wildavsky, Rachel; O'Connor, Erin – American Council of Trustees and Alumni, 2013
This guide for trustees reports on the dangerous decline of academic freedom and intellectual diversity on college campuses. The foreword, by Benno Schmidt, chairman of the CUNY Board of Trustees and former president of Yale, comes at a time when duly-invited graduation speakers are made unwelcome, campus speech codes threaten the free exchange of…
Descriptors: Academic Freedom, Higher Education, College Faculty, Case Studies
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