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Achieving the Dream, 2015
Community colleges are the pathways for millions of Americans to gain valuable education and to access career opportunities leading to family-sustaining wages. Faculty, student services staff, and administrators must share in the responsibility for student success if we are to meet national completion goals and reach even more students. During a…
Descriptors: Community Colleges, Two Year College Students, College Faculty, Learner Engagement
Achieving the Dream, 2015
Colleges and postsecondary systems across the nation are demonstrating remarkable progress in phasing out standalone or multi-course remediation sequences, resulting in tens of thousands of students more quickly enrolling in and completing college-level courses. These organizations have collaborated to describe the principles they see in common…
Descriptors: Remedial Instruction, College Students, Enrollment, Low Income
Lass, Leslie; Powell, David S. – Achieving the Dream, 2014
This brief summarizes efforts to reform developmental education at Zane State College and the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC). Focused on accelerating student success and progress, the two schools pursued distinctive approaches to reform that aligned with their institutional missions and student populations. Recognizing that the…
Descriptors: Developmental Programs, Educational Change, Institutional Mission, Student Needs
Broun, Dan – Achieving the Dream, 2014
The Financial Empowerment for Student Success (FESS) Initiative was a two-year initiative focused on increasing student success through the provision of financial services. Achieving the Dream, Inc. and MDC, Inc. joined together, with funding from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation, to support three Achieving the Dream Leader Colleges to…
Descriptors: Capacity Building, Student Empowerment, Academic Achievement, Success
Couturier, Lara K. – Achieving the Dream, 2014
Recent research has helped shift the national understanding of the opportunities presented by Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields, drawing attention to the large number of STEM jobs that require less than a Bachelor's degree. The data have also highlighted the critical importance of community colleges as a primary provider of…
Descriptors: STEM Education, Community Colleges, College Role, Partnerships in Education
Lass, Leslie; Zandt, Alyson – Achieving the Dream, 2014
As described in this brief, Tacoma Community College and South Texas College each focused on contextualization as a cornerstone of developmental education reform, albeit with different approaches. With a comprehensive look at the experience at Tacoma Community College and a supplementary example from South Texas College, we begin to understand how…
Descriptors: Developmental Studies Programs, Educational Change, Public Colleges, Case Studies
Lass, Leslie; Parcell, Abby – Achieving the Dream, 2014
Three community colleges--El Paso Community College, Bunker Hill Community College, and Patrick Henry Community College--incorporated technology into the curriculum to support student progress in mathematics through developmental education. Each college took its own path: El Paso developed a self-accelerated emporium-style computer lab, Patrick…
Descriptors: Computer Assisted Instruction, Learning Strategies, Developmental Programs, Educational Change
Lass, Leslie – Achieving the Dream, 2014
This overview introduces "Right from the Start: An Institutional Perspective on Developmental Education Reform," a series of three practitioner briefs on developmental education. Created by Achieving the Dream and MDC, the briefs spotlight successful reform efforts in developmental education at seven Achieving the Dream colleges. [The…
Descriptors: Developmental Programs, Educational Change, Community Colleges, Educational Principles
Achieving the Dream, 2013
In recent years, Americans have awakened to the profound connection between community college student success and the strength of our nation. That community colleges matter deeply is clear from a few simple facts: (1) They educate over 7 million degree-seeking students, more than 40 percent of the U.S. college population; (2) They have in recent…
Descriptors: Alignment (Education), College Presidents, School Effectiveness, Success
Clery, Sue – Achieving the Dream, 2012
Past research has revealed that students who complete coursework in a concentrated area, defined as completing three or more courses in a specific field of study, are much more likely to have successful outcomes than those who do not. Moreover, fewer than half of students included in this research, which followed students over seven years, entered…
Descriptors: Credentials, Community Colleges, College Credits, School Counselors
Clery, Sue – Achieving the Dream, 2012
This issue of "Data Notes" examines characteristics and three-year outcome differences between students who enroll in Achieving the Dream colleges immediately after high school and those who delay their enrollments. Recent high school graduates were identified based on the student's reported high school graduation year and the year the student…
Descriptors: High Schools, Graduation, High School Graduates, Student Characteristics
Topper, Amy – Achieving the Dream, 2011
Using data from Achieving the Dream: Community Colleges Count, this issue of "Data Notes" investigates the number of attempts it takes students to complete all developmental education courses to which they are referred. Subsequent gateway course completion and overall persistence are also examined. Three-year outcomes were analyzed and…
Descriptors: Developmental Studies Programs, English Instruction, Mathematics Instruction, Correlation
Clery, Sue – Achieving the Dream, 2011
Certain attributes are predictors of student success, including: regular class attendance; completion of all assigned readings and work; being attentive in class and participating in class discussions; setting definable goals; and scheduling an adequate amount of study time. However, other student characteristics, including demographics such as…
Descriptors: Academic Achievement, Attendance, Student Characteristics, Graduation
Clery, Sue – Achieving the Dream, 2011
"Data Notes" is a bimonthly publication that examines data to illuminate the challenges facing Achieving the Dream colleges and to chart their progress over time. Gateway courses generally include the first college-level English and math courses students are required to take. Increasing the number of students who attempt gateway classes…
Descriptors: Introductory Courses, English Instruction, Mathematics Instruction, Gender Differences
Lee, John B. – Achieving the Dream, 2010
Using data from Achieving the Dream: Community Colleges Count, this issue of "Data Notes" highlights some of the differences that exist between states. In addition to Achieving the Dream data, this report includes data from the U.S. Department of Education's Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) for the 2008-09 academic year to…
Descriptors: Educational Finance, Low Income Groups, Academic Persistence, Developmental Studies Programs
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