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Radd, Sharon I.; Generett, Gretchen Givens; Gooden, Mark Anthony; Theoharis, George – ASCD, 2021
This timely and essential book provides a comprehensive guide for school leaders who desire to engage their school communities in transformative systemic change. Sharon I. Radd, Gretchen Givens Generett, Mark Anthony Gooden, and George Theoharis offer five practices to increase educational equity and eliminate marginalization based on race,…
Descriptors: Instructional Leadership, Transformational Leadership, Leadership Styles, Educational Change
Dueck, Myron – ASCD, 2021
Assessment is an essential part of teaching and learning, but too often it leads to misleading conclusions--sometimes with dire consequences for students. How can educators improve assessment practices so that the results are accurate, meaningful, informative, and fair? Educator and best-selling author Myron Dueck draws from his firsthand…
Descriptors: Student Evaluation, Evaluation Methods, Student Participation, Testing
Jackson, Robyn R. – ASCD, 2021
You are a school administrator--a principal or maybe a district leader. You're doing everything "right"--poring over data, trying new strategies, launching annual initiatives, bringing in outside trainers. So why do the outcomes you seek still seem so far away? The problem isn't you; it's that you were trained in school leadership, and…
Descriptors: Educational Change, School Administration, Teacher Effectiveness, Instructional Leadership
Porosoff, Lauren – ASCD, 2021
One of the best ways to learn how to be a better teacher is by watching, listening to, and experimenting with the practices of great teachers, including those in your own school. "The PD Curator" is about how professional learning experiences can become more inclusive, participatory, cohesive, and effective--and about the role teachers…
Descriptors: Faculty Development, Peer Teaching, Teacher Role, Teaching Experience
Brookhart, Susan M.; Oakley, Alice – ASCD, 2021
Student work is the primary means of learning in most if not all classroom lessons and the primary source of evidence about that learning. Yet research shows that many educators look at student work more to ascertain its correctness rather than to delve into what it reveals about students' thought processes and understanding. "Are you picking…
Descriptors: Student Evaluation, Cognitive Processes, Feedback (Response), Decision Making
Wehmeyer, Michael; Zhao, Yong – ASCD, 2020
Children are born learning machines who want to learn and can organize and manage their own learning. Unfortunately, today children have little choice over what they do in school and how and when they do it. Children prepared in this "other-determined" manner will be poorly equipped to navigate an adult world requiring that they act…
Descriptors: Self Determination, Personal Autonomy, Student Empowerment, Psychological Needs
Gallagher, Alyssa; Thordarson, Kami – ASCD, 2020
Design thinking is a person-centered, problem-solving process that's a go-to for innovative businesses and gaining traction with school leaders interested in positive change. But understanding design thinking is one thing; actually putting it in play is something else. Authors Alyssa Gallagher and Kami Thordarson offer educators a practical guide…
Descriptors: Thinking Skills, Design, Teaching Methods, Educational Change
Boroson, Barbara – ASCD, 2020
More students on the autism spectrum are taught in general education settings today than ever before, bringing an array of notable strengths and skills that add intriguing new dimensions to educational programs. But these students also present challenges that are broader, deeper, and more intractable than those of their typically developing peers.…
Descriptors: Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorders, Inclusion, Barriers
Reeves, Douglas B. – ASCD, 2020
"We can't do that in our school district." "I don't have time to add that to my curriculum." "We're fighting against impossible odds with these students." Sound familiar? School improvement can often feel like a losing battle, but it doesn't have to be. In this fully revised and updated second edition of "The…
Descriptors: Educational Improvement, Leadership Responsibility, Teacher Characteristics, Teacher Leadership
Pate, Alexs – ASCD, 2020
When children of color enter their classrooms each year, many often encounter low expectations, disconnection, and other barriers to their success. In "The Innocent Classroom," Alexs Pate traces the roots of these disparities to pervasive negative stereotypes, which children are made aware of before they even walk through the school…
Descriptors: Racial Bias, Minority Group Students, Equal Education, Stereotypes
Causton, Julie; MacLeod, Kate – ASCD, 2020
Challenging behavior is one of the most significant issues educators face. Though it may seem radical to use words like "love," "compassion," and "heart" when we talk about behavior and discipline, the compassionate and heartfelt words, actions, and strategies teachers employ in the classroom directly shape who…
Descriptors: Student Behavior, Behavior Problems, Teacher Behavior, Behavior Modification
Karten, Toby J.; Murawski, Wendy W. – ASCD, 2020
Co-teaching has been increasingly adopted to support students in the general education classroom. After 20 years of field testing, we know what works--and what doesn't. In this practical guide, co-teaching and inclusion experts Toby J. Karten and Wendy W. Murawski detail the best practices for successful co-teaching and ways to troubleshoot common…
Descriptors: Team Teaching, Teacher Collaboration, Inclusion, Regular and Special Education Relationship
Wilson, Donna; Conyers, Marcus – ASCD, 2020
Human beings have tremendous potential to acquire new knowledge, develop new skills, and improve their brains throughout life. By explicitly teaching learners about brain plasticity and malleable intelligence (the idea that they can become functionally smarter through effort) and by modeling and teaching specific learning strategies, teachers can…
Descriptors: Student Development, Cognitive Structures, Best Practices, Intelligence
Kafele, Baruti – ASCD, 2020
You're an Assistant Principal. Whatever your status--the sole AP in your school, one of two or more APs in your school, a career AP, an AP aspiring to the principalship--yours is one of the most misunderstood and underutilized positions in education. Positioned between teachers and the principal, you are an instructional leader. However, you are…
Descriptors: Assistant Principals, Administrator Role, Leadership Responsibility, Principals
Schwanke, Jen – ASCD, 2020
Today's school principals face unprecedented challenges that can overwhelm even the most dedicated among them. What can they do when their initial enthusiasm for the job begins to deflate, when the demands of the job seem to outnumber the rewards? How can they regain the energy that propelled them early in their career? "The Principal…
Descriptors: Principals, Leadership, School Administration, Professional Development
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