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Hazel, Cynthia E. – APA Books, 2016
Positive youth development is a strengths-based, positive psychology approach to fostering adolescents' educational engagement and achievement. It focuses not just on students' academic development but also on their vocational, social, and emotional development. The positive youth development philosophy is at the heart of Cynthia Hazel's unique…
Descriptors: Adolescents, Academic Achievement, Holistic Approach, Social Development
Graves, Scott L., Jr., Ed.; Blake, Jamilia J., Ed. – APA Books, 2016
School-based mental health professionals receive extensive training in assessment and treatment techniques with children. However, most of this training is based on research with white, middle-class populations, whose experiences are hardly universal. In the next decade, ethnic minority students are projected to become the numerical majority in…
Descriptors: Psychoeducational Methods, Intervention, Ethnic Groups, Minority Group Students
Landrum, R. Eric, Ed.; McCarthy, Maureen A., Ed. – APA Books, 2012
Educators work within a fluid academic and social landscape that requires frequent examination and re-examination of what constitutes ethical practice. In this book, editors R. Eric Landrum and Maureen McCarthy identify four broad areas of concern in the ethical teaching of undergraduate psychology: pedagogy, student behavior, faculty behavior…
Descriptors: Grading, Academic Freedom, College Faculty, Evidence
Waller, David, Ed.; Nadel, Lynn, Ed. – APA Books, 2012
Spatial cognition is a branch of cognitive psychology that studies how people acquire and use knowledge about their environment to determine where they are, how to obtain resources, and how to find their way home. Researchers from a wide range of disciplines, including neuroscience, cognition, and sociology, have discovered a great deal about how…
Descriptors: Memory, Spatial Ability, Cognitive Psychology, Maps
Dunn, Dana S., Ed.; Gurung, Regan A. R., Ed.; Naufel, Karen Z., Ed.; Wilson, Janie H., Ed. – APA Books, 2012
One of the hallmarks of a quality liberal arts education is providing undergraduates the opportunity to wrestle with controversial issues. Yet many teachers feel ill-equipped when it comes to broaching disagreeable topics, managing the resulting heated debates, or helping students to separate their personal feelings from scientific evidence. This…
Descriptors: Psychology, Controversial Issues (Course Content), Undergraduate Study, Critical Thinking
Froh, Jeffrey J., Ed.; Parks, Acacia C., Ed. – APA Books, 2012
Positive psychology is a rapidly expanding area of study that is of great interest to students at the graduate, undergraduate, and high school levels. But the field is so broad that teachers who want to cover all the bases when designing a positive psychology course may have difficulty locating and selecting materials. "Activities for Teaching…
Descriptors: Psychology, Psychological Patterns, Perspective Taking, Cultural Context
APA Books, 2012
"Graduate Study in Psychology" is the best source of information related to graduate programs in psychology and provides information related to approximately 600 graduate programs in psychology in the U.S. and Canada. "Graduate Study in Psychology" contains information about: (1) number of applications received by a program;…
Descriptors: Clinical Experience, Foreign Countries, Scholarships, Psychology
Carver, Sharon M., Ed.; Shrager, Jeff, Ed. – APA Books, 2012
The impulse to investigate the natural world is deeply rooted in our earliest childhood experiences. This notion has long guided researchers to uncover the cognitive mechanisms underlying the development of scientific reasoning in children. Until recently, however, research in cognitive development and education followed largely independent…
Descriptors: Thinking Skills, Class Activities, Learning Activities, Science Education
Garcia, Eugene E.; Nanez, Jose E., Sr. – APA Books, 2011
In the United States, approximately 7% to 10% of children are raised in bilingual households. Despite inherent advantages to bilingualism, some bilingual children experience a significant lag in academic success relative to other groups. Bridging the fields of cognitive psychology and education, this volume presents research-based knowledge on…
Descriptors: Academic Achievement, Cognitive Psychology, Research, Language Acquisition
Reddy, Linda A. – APA Books, 2011
Group play interventions are used to meet a broad range of developmental needs in children from various backgrounds. This book is for mental health practitioners working with children aged 5 through 12 to help them learn important social skills and self-control strategies such as making friends, asking for and offering help, controlling hands and…
Descriptors: Play, Intervention, Children, Interpersonal Competence
Reyna, Valerie F., Ed.; Chapman, Sandra B., Ed.; Dougherty, Michael R., Ed.; Confrey, Jere, Ed. – APA Books, 2011
The period from adolescence through young adulthood is one of great promise and vulnerability. As teenagers approach maturity, they must develop and apply the skills and habits necessary to navigate adulthood and compete in an ever more technological and globalized world. But as parents and researchers have long known, there is a crucial dichotomy…
Descriptors: Adolescents, Young Adults, Brain, Learning
DuPaul, George J.; Kern, Lee – APA Books, 2011
The symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often begin early in life. In fact, many young children enter school with behavioral and cognitive symptoms that put them at a significant disadvantage compared with their typically-developing peers. Over the past several decades, researchers, psychologists and educators have devoted…
Descriptors: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Early Intervention, Identification, Preschool Children
Coll, Cynthia Garcia, Ed.; Marks, Amy Kerivan, Ed. – APA Books, 2011
Many academic and public policies promote rapid immigrant assimilation. Yet, researchers have recently identified an emerging pattern, known as the "immigrant paradox," in which assimilated children of immigrants experience diminishing developmental outcomes and educational achievements. This volume examines these controversial findings by asking…
Descriptors: Children, Adolescents, Immigrants, Acculturation
Bovaird, James A., Ed.; Geisinger, Kurt F., Ed.; Buckendahl, Chad W., Ed. – APA Books, 2011
Educational assessment and, more broadly, educational research in the United States have entered into an era characterized by a dramatic increase in the prevalence and importance of test score use in accountability systems. This volume covers a selection of contemporary issues about testing science and practice that impact the nation's public…
Descriptors: Graduate Students, Test Use, Student Placement, Educational Research
Harris, Karen R., Ed.; Graham, Steve, Ed.; Urdan, Tim, Ed. – APA Books, 2011
The "APA Educational Psychology Handbook" reflects the broad nature of the field today, with state-of-the-science reviews of the diverse critical theories driving research and practice; in-depth investigation of the range of individual differences and cultural/contextual factors that affect student achievement, motivation, and beliefs;…
Descriptors: Talent, Gifted, Testing Accommodations, Teacher Effectiveness
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