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Johnson, Cynthia R., Ed.; Butter, Eric M., Ed.; Scahill, Lawrence, Ed. – APA Books, 2019
Raising a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be challenging, particularly for parents who do not have easy access to psychological treatment. This book presents parent training as a unique approach that is accessible and one of the most promising methods for promoting long-term behavioral improvements in children with ASD. Backed by…
Descriptors: Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorders, Parent Education, Behavior Modification
Mena, Jasmine A., Ed.; Quina, Kathryn, Ed. – APA Books, 2019
Multicultural and intersectional aspects of identity are crucial components of human psychology. Yet, properly teaching and accounting for these factors in psychology courses can be a challenge. This comprehensive book provides instructors with practical guidance for incorporating multicultural perspectives into their courses and creating more…
Descriptors: Cultural Pluralism, Cultural Awareness, Teaching Methods, Cultural Relevance
Little, Steven G., Ed.; Akin-Little, Angeleque, Ed. – APA Books, 2019
The emotional and behavioral problems of students in the classroom are a major concern for teachers, parents, and administrators. Fifty years of scientific research supports the efficacy of behavioral interventions in the classroom, yet school psychologists and teachers are often unaware of this evidence or of how to apply it. As diagnoses of…
Descriptors: Emotional Disturbances, Behavior Problems, Classroom Techniques, Intervention
Gallagher, Matthew W., Ed.; Lopez, Shane J., Ed. – APA Books, 2019
This book is a primer for practitioners and researchers striving to incorporate the assessment of human strengths, resources, and fulfillment into their work. Contributors examine the scientific underpinnings and practical applications of measures of hope, optimism, self-efficacy, problem-solving, locus of control, creativity, wisdom, courage,…
Descriptors: Psychology, Evaluation Methods, Psychological Patterns, Self Efficacy
Urban, Jennifer Brown, Ed.; Linver, Miriam R., Ed. – APA Books, 2019
After years of hard work and many long hours, you've finally finished your dissertation and earned your doctorate. You've persevered through many challenges, but one dilemma still lies before you: What will you do with your degree? Many graduates go on to pursue academic careers -- but academia isn't for everyone. This career guide examines the…
Descriptors: Doctoral Students, Behavioral Sciences, Social Sciences, Doctoral Degrees
Tompkins, Michael A.; Owen, Daniela J.; Shiloff, Nicole H.; Tanner, Litsa R. – APA Books, 2019
Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), which can cause significant impairment in personal, social, and academic contexts, affects nearly half a million children in the United States. This step-by-step guide provides mental health professionals with an adaptable, evidence-based model that uses cognitive behavior therapy to treat pediatric OCD. The…
Descriptors: Cognitive Restructuring, Behavior Modification, Evaluation Methods, Intervention
Humphrey, Stephen E., Ed.; LeBreton, James M., Ed. – APA Books, 2019
Organizational relationships are complex. Employees do their work as individuals, but also as members of larger teams. They exist within various social networks, both within and spanning organizations. Multilevel theory is at the core of the organizational sciences, and unpacking multilevel relationships is fundamental to the challenges faced…
Descriptors: Hierarchical Linear Modeling, Theories, Institutional Research, Social Networks
Geher, Glenn – APA Books, 2019
Congratulations on declaring your psychology major! Psychology is among the most popular majors in college today -- yet, it's possible that you chose it without realizing how very broad and technical the field is. Not to worry. In this book, you'll get a bird's eye view of the whole curriculum, from rat mazes and statistics to abnormal psychology…
Descriptors: Majors (Students), Psychology, College Students, Learning Strategies
Williams-Nickelson, Carol; Prinstein, Mitchell J.; Keilin, W. Gregory – APA Books, 2019
This authoritative, hands-on workbook provides doctoral psychology students with all the resources they need to successfully navigate the internship application process. Topics include: (1) the most common reasons why people don't secure a position; (2) how many sites to apply to; (3) rank ordering your list of programs; (4) writing essays, cover…
Descriptors: Internship Programs, Psychology, Doctoral Students, Portfolios (Background Materials)
Maykel, Cheryl, Ed.; Bray, Melissa A., Ed. – APA Books, 2019
Many students today struggle with stress and anxiety caused by increasing academic, social, and extracurricular demands. This book provides school psychologists, counselors, teachers, and other school faculty with guidelines for improving students' mental and physical well-being, which in turn leads to improved academic performance and happier,…
Descriptors: Mental Health, Intervention, Well Being, Physical Health
Wampold, Bruce E. – APA Books, 2018
This book presents essential background necessary for understanding the role of theory in psychotherapy practice, and shows how understanding psychotherapy theory is the first step to becoming an effective therapist. The author provides a thorough but concise overview of the history of psychotherapy, the evolution of psychotherapy theories, and…
Descriptors: Psychotherapy, Theories, Counselor Qualifications, History
Iwamasa, Gayle Y., Ed.; Hays, Pamela A., Ed. – APA Books, 2018
This volume shows mental health providers how to integrate cultural factors into cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). Contributing authors describe the application of CBT with clients of diverse cultures and discuss how therapists can refine CBT to increase its effectiveness with clients from a variety of cultural backgrounds. They examine the unique…
Descriptors: Cognitive Restructuring, Behavior Modification, Cultural Relevance, Counseling Techniques
Santiago, Catherine DeCarlo; Raviv, Tali; Jaycox, Lisa H. – APA Books, 2018
School systems are pressured to raise the level of academic achievement, but children who are exposed to trauma often bring a complicated set of needs to the classroom that can impact their willingness to learn, their cognitive function, their ability to form lasting relationships, and even their physical health. For school mental health…
Descriptors: Trauma, Mental Health, School Health Services, Student Needs
Waterman, Jill; Langley, Audra K.; Miranda, Jeanne; Riley, Debbie B. – APA Books, 2018
Children who are adopted at an older age through foster care and those adopted from overseas orphanages are at high risk for behavioral and emotional distress. This important manual presents a structured, evidence-based protocol for providing mental health treatment to families adopting vulnerable children. Drawing on their extensive clinical…
Descriptors: Adoption, At Risk Persons, Mental Health, Family Role
London, Manuel; Diamante, Thomas – APA Books, 2018
Innovation is one of the key drivers of success in modern business, and continuous learning is what drives innovation. Building on the theory and practice of consulting psychology and the science of learning, along with principles of human resources development, Manuel London and Thomas Diamante articulate a five-step process for designing and…
Descriptors: Intervention, Consultants, Instructional Design, Needs Assessment
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