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Brown, Lester R.; And Others – 1989
There are more people being affected by environmental change than ever before. The deterioration of the earth's physical condition appears to be accelerating. This sixth in a series of annual reports is a collection of 10 essays detailing the major threats to global environmental security and possible responses to them. Included are: (1) "A World…
Descriptors: Air Pollution, Climate, Conservation (Environment), Ecology
Brown, Lester R.; And Others – 1985
The second of a series of annual reports designed to provide a global assessment of progress toward a sustainable society, this publication monitors changes in the global resource base (land, water, energy, and biological support systems), focusing particularly on how these changes affect the economy. Included in the report are news on innovative…
Descriptors: Alternative Energy Sources, Conservation (Environment), Depleted Resources, Developed Nations
Postel, Sandra – 1987
The use of pesticides in agriculture and the discarding of industrial chemical waste into the air, soil, and water constitute two major pathways of human exposure to toxic substances. It is argued that these practices release hundreds of millions of tons of potentially hazardous substances into the environment each year. Speculation continues into…
Descriptors: Disease Control, Ecological Factors, Environmental Education, Foreign Countries
Postel, Sandra – 1984
This document, which examines various topics and issues related to the management of freshwater supplies, is organized into 6 main sections. These sections include: (1) the water cycle and renewable supplies, providing data on distribution of such supplies by continent and average annual per capita runoff produced in selected countries with…
Descriptors: Agriculture, Conservation (Environment), Developing Nations, Foreign Countries
Postel, Sandra – 1984
This book traces centuries of human use and abuse of forest ecosystems by discussing past decades of intense burning, grazing, and timber cutting that added to the natural acidification of the soil. Air pollutants and acids generated by industrial activities worldwide are also considered. Many forests in Europe and North America now receive as…
Descriptors: Air Pollution, Ecology, Environmental Education, Environmental Influences
Postel, Sandra – 1986
Human activities that have altered the earth's chemistry are discussed in terms of their potential ecological and economic consequences. Humanity's impact on the disruption of the natural cycles of carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur is assessed. Data are presented which illustrate the extent of change in these cycles. Risks particularly threatening and…
Descriptors: Conservation (Environment), Ecology, Economic Factors, Environmental Education
Postel, Sandra – 1985
This report addresses the global concern of water development and stresses the need for management of the water demand. Investments in water efficiency, recycling, and conservation are recommended over conventional water supply projects for greater cost behefits and production yield. Topic areas include: (1) water use trends in major crop…
Descriptors: Conservation (Environment), Depleted Resources, Natural Resources, Recycling
Brown, Lester R.; And Others – 1992
This book is the 1992 report by Worldwatch Institute on the progress toward a sustainable society. The book contains 11 chapters discussing topics related to the theme: (1) "Denial in the Decisive Decade" (Sandra Postel); (2) "Conserving Biological Diversity" (John C. Ryan); (3) "Building a Bridge to Sustainable…
Descriptors: Biodiversity, Ecology, Energy, Environmental Education
Postel, Sandra; Heise, Lori – 1988
This document deals with efforts aimed at reforesting large areas of degraded lands. It includes sections on: (1) tree cover trends; (2) fuelwood challenges of the future; (3) the need to supply industrial wood; (4) stabilizing soil and water resources; (5) forests and climate change; and (6) mobilization for reforestation. (TW)
Descriptors: Agriculture, Conservation (Environment), Depleted Resources, Developing Nations
Brown, Lester R.; And Others – 1986
The third of three annual assessments concentrating on the relationship between the world economy and its environmental support systems, this edition expands earlier themes on how economic demands of a world population approaching 5 billion affects the earth's natural systems and resources to embrace threats to security as well. The first of 11…
Descriptors: Agricultural Trends, Developed Nations, Developing Nations, Disarmament
McDowell, Ceasar L.; Reisner, Marc; Bonk, Laura; Wisehart, Bob – 1997
Cadillac Desert is a four-part Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) video series on the remaking of America's West through startling feats of engineering and the consequences that this manipulation of water and nature has wrought. This guide is meant to serve as a resource for discussing the issues raised in the series. The first part of the guide…
Descriptors: Conservation (Concept), Elementary Secondary Education, Environmental Education, Learning Activities
Rothkrug, Paul, Ed.; Olson, Robert L., Ed. – 1991
This anthology contains essays that describe ongoing attempts to find strategies and solutions to the massive environmental problems. The book is written from the conviction that people can create an ecologically sustainable, economically productive society. There are five sections with 12 chapters and five appendices. The book begins with a…
Descriptors: Agriculture, Consumer Protection, Energy, Energy Conservation