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Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Wapnick, Joel; Darrow, Alice Ann; Kovacs, Jolan; Dalrymple, Lucinda – Journal of Research in Music Education, 1997
Studies whether physical attractiveness of singers affects judges' ratings of their vocal performances. Reveals that physical attractiveness does impact evaluation, that male raters were more severe than female raters, and that the rating of undergraduate majors versus graduate students and professors combined were not differently affected by…
Descriptors: Evaluation Criteria, Higher Education, Music, Performance
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Duran, Robert L.; Kelly, Lynne – Communication Quarterly, 1988
Examines whether communicative competence influences perceived task, social, and physical attractiveness. Results indicated that communicative competence accounted for 17 percent, 14 percent and 8 percent of the variance in perceived task, social, and physical attractiveness, respectively. (MM)
Descriptors: Communication Research, Higher Education, Interpersonal Attraction, Interpersonal Communication
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Vargas, Alice M.; Borkowski, John G. – Journal of Counseling Psychology, 1983
Assessed how the physical attractiveness of counselors and clients interacted to build rapport in two experiments involving college students (N=128 and N=64). Results showed the counselor's physical attractiveness had a major impact on her perceived effectiveness and the client's expectation of success irrespective of the client's attractiveness…
Descriptors: College Freshmen, Counseling Effectiveness, Counselor Characteristics, Counselor Client Relationship
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Chen, Nicole Y.; Shaffer, David R.; Wu, Chenghuan – Journal of Social Psychology, 1997
Questions the current thesis that people from "collectivist" cultures are less likely to make character inferences based on physical attractiveness. Presents the results of a study that revealed Taiwanese undergraduates assigning positive character attributes to people based on their physical attractiveness. Discusses related literature…
Descriptors: Body Image, Chinese Culture, Cultural Background, Cultural Images
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Quereshi, M. Y.; Kay, Janet P. – Social Behavior and Personality, 1986
Physical attractiveness, age, and sex were manipulated to determine their effect on the evaluation of 54 hypothetical applicants' resumes for three different jobs by 60 Master's in Business Administration students. Physical attractiveness favorably influenced the suitability ratings for all jobs; raters' sex and age were not significant but…
Descriptors: Age Differences, College Students, Higher Education, Job Applicants
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Vargas, Alice M.; Borkowski, John G. – Journal of Counseling Psychology, 1982
Searched for interaction between quality of counseling skills (presence or absence of empathy, genuineness, and positive regard) and physical attractiveness as determinants of counseling effectiveness. Attractiveness influenced perceived effectiveness of counselor's skill. Analyses of expectancy data revealed that only with good skills did…
Descriptors: Analysis of Variance, College Students, Counseling Effectiveness, Counselor Attitudes
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Carter, Jean A. – Journal of Counseling Psychology, 1978
Research assessed the effects of counselor physical attractiveness and inter-actions between attractiveness and counselor subject sex. It is suggested that sex of counselor and client may play a more important role independently and in conjunction with attractiveness than does attractiveness alone in influencing impressions and expectations.…
Descriptors: Attitudes, College Students, Counseling, Counselor Client Relationship
Kleim, David M.; And Others – 1983
Earlier research investigating the relationship between physical attractiveness and assertiveness found that physically attractive females were more assertive than other females. To investigate this relationship further and to broaden the scope of the study, 69 students were videotaped in groups of five to ten while responding to open-ended…
Descriptors: Assertiveness, College Students, Higher Education, Interpersonal Attraction
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
O'Reilly, Maria T. – Journal of Dental Education, 1987
A study found that the physical attractiveness of a dental school teacher affected the student's opinion of teaching effectiveness, regardless of the student's sex, with effectiveness ratings correlating with pleasing appearance. (MSE)
Descriptors: Dental Schools, Dental Students, Higher Education, Interpersonal Attraction
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Mulford, Matthew; Orbell, John; Shatto, Catherine; Stockard, Jean – American Journal of Sociology, 1998
Addresses the role of perceived physical attractiveness in everyday exchange. Indicates that decisions to enter into play and to cooperate with others is directly related to individuals' perceptions of others' attractiveness, but that individuals' perceptions of their own attractiveness affects men's and women's decisions differently. Suggests…
Descriptors: Body Image, Cooperation, Higher Education, Interpersonal Attraction
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Knight, Jennifer L.; Giuliano, Traci A. – Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, 2001
Investigated how gender-consistent and -inconsistent portrayals of athletes would affect people's perceptions. College students read fictitious newspaper articles that focused on either a male or female Olympic athlete's physical attractiveness or athleticism. Respondents had neither favorable impressions of nor liked articles about female and…
Descriptors: Aesthetic Values, Athletes, College Students, Gender Issues
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Thornton, Bill; Ryckman, Richard M. – Journal of Adolescence, 1991
Examined contributions of physical attractiveness and physical effectiveness to self-esteem among adolescents in grades 7, 9, and 11, and college freshmen. Both attractiveness and effectiveness were significantly related to self-esteem of males and females. Attractiveness and effectiveness did not appear to be differentially important to…
Descriptors: Adolescents, Age Differences, College Freshmen, Grade 11
Steward, Robbie J.; Sobczak, Joan – 1989
This study investigated the relationship between self-perceived physical attractiveness and self-perceived social competence. Subjects were 157 male and 215 female college students who completed a consent form, demographic questionnaire, the Texas Social Behavior Inventory, and the Body Parts/Physical Attractiveness Scale. Significant correlations…
Descriptors: Body Image, Body Weight, College Students, Higher Education
Rancer, Andrew S.; Infante, Dominic A. – 1983
A study examined the influence of physical attractiveness and trait argumentativeness as predictors of responses to an argumentative situation. Subjects, 152 college students identified as either high or low in trait argumentativeness, were randomly assigned to one of two treatment conditions: attractive or unattractive anticipated adversary. A…
Descriptors: College Students, Communication Research, Higher Education, Interaction
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Hickson, Joyce – Journal for Higher Education Management, 1993
A study investigated gender and physical attractiveness differences in the assessment of leadership qualities of supervisors by their subordinates. Subjects were 58 male and 37 female college department heads and program directors and 154 male and 131 female subordinate faculty and staff. Findings suggested attractiveness is an advantage for males…
Descriptors: Administrator Evaluation, College Administration, College Faculty, Department Heads
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