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Rudman, Masha; Sadker, Myra – Grade Teacher, 1970
Descriptors: Creative Activities, Critical Reading, Critical Thinking, Grade 7
Rudman, Masha Kabakow – 1970
This report of a feasibility study, conducted under the provisions of a model elementary teacher education grant from the U.S. Office of Education, is in five parts. Chapter one contains an overview of and rationale for a performance-based teacher education program, a brief history of the study, the attitude and ability goals expected from…
Descriptors: Curriculum Development, Elementary Education, Feasibility Studies, Language Arts
Rudman, Masha K. – Learning, 1976
A few hints for teaching students the skills needed for taking standardized tests. (MM)
Descriptors: Educational Testing, Elementary Education, Standardized Tests, Test Wiseness
Rudman, Masha K. – Instructor, 1976
Article offers concrete suggestions for maintaining order in the classroom. (RW)
Descriptors: Classroom Environment, Classroom Techniques, Discipline, Teaching Guides
Rudman, Masha Kabakow – Learning, 1978
Strategies that may be used to evaluate and record the progress of students and ways of enlisting parents' aid and understanding of problems are discussed. (JD)
Descriptors: Academic Achievement, Check Lists, Classroom Communication, Observation
Rudman, Masha Kabakow – 1995
Introducing children from kindergarten through junior high school to the joy and benefits of reading, this book examines children's literature and its treatment of important, sometimes controversial issues. Focusing on the personal and societal concerns of today's youth--including sexuality, divorce, heritage, abuse, and death--the book offers…
Descriptors: Adoption, Annotated Bibliographies, Childrens Literature, Controversial Issues (Course Content)
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Seifer, Ronald; Schiller, Masha – Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development, 1995
Describes the core constructs of attachment theory, namely, the attachment system and secure-base behavior. Discusses contextual factors thought to be crucial in development of individual differences in attachment, especially maternal sensitivity, and considers child characteristics, especially temperament, that may contribute to the attachment…
Descriptors: Attachment Behavior, Behavioral Science Research, Infant Behavior, Measures (Individuals)
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Rescorla, Leslie A.; Ginzburg, Sofia; Achenbach, Thomas M.; Ivanova, Masha Y.; Almqvist, Fredrik; Begovac, Ivan; Bilenberg, Niels; Bird, Hector; Chahed, Myriam; Dobrean, Anca; Dopfner, Manfred; Erol, Nese; Hannesdottir, Helga; Kanbayashi, Yasuko; Lambert, Michael C.; Leung, Patrick W. L.; Minaei, Asghar; Novik, Torunn S.; Oh, Kyung-Ja; Petot, Djaouida; Petot, Jean-Michel; Pomalima, Rolando; Rudan, Vlasta; Sawyer, Michael; Simsek, Zeynep; Steinhausen, Hans-Christoph; Valverde, Jose; van der Ende, Jan; Weintraub, Sheila; Metzke, Christa Winkler; Wolanczyk, Tomasz; Zhang, Eugene Yuqing; Zukauskiene, Rita; Verhulst, Frank C. – Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, 2013
We used population sample data from 25 societies to answer the following questions: (a) How consistently across societies do adolescents report more problems than their parents report about them? (b) Do levels of parent-adolescent agreement vary among societies for different kinds of problems? (c) How well do parents and adolescents in different…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Adolescents, Parents, Reliability
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Rescorla, Leslie A.; Achenbach, Thomas M.; Ivanova, Masha Y.; Bilenberg, Niels; Bjarnadottir, Gudrun; Denner, Silvia; Dias, Pedro; Dobrean, Anca; Dopfner, Manfred; Frigerio, Alessandra; Goncalves, Miguel; Guomundsson, Halldor; Jusiene, Roma; Kristensen, Solvejg; Lecannelier, Felipe; Leung, Patrick W. L.; Liu, Jianghong; Lobel, Sofia P.; Machado, Barbara Cesar; Markovic, Jasminka; Mas, Paola A.; Esmaeili, Elaheh Mohammad; Montirosso, Rosario; Pluck, Julia; Pronaj, Adelina Ahmeti; Rodriguez, Jorge T.; Rojas, Pamela O.; Schmeck, Klaus; Shahini, Mimoza; Silva, Jaime R.; van der Ende, Jan; Verhulst, Frank C. – Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, 2012
This study tested societal effects on caregiver/teacher ratings of behavioral/emotional problems for 10,521 preschoolers from 15 societies. Many societies had problem scale scores within a relatively narrow range, despite differences in language, culture, and other characteristics. The small age and gender effects were quite similar across…
Descriptors: Emotional Problems, Symptoms (Individual Disorders), Caregivers, Theory Practice Relationship
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Achenbach, Thomas M.; Krukowsi, Rebecca A.; Dumenci, Levent; Ivanova, Masha Y. – Psychological Bulletin, 2005
Assessment of adult psychopathology relies heavily on self-reports. To determine how well self-reports agree with reports by "informants" who know the person being assessed, the authors examined 51,000 articles published over 10 years in 52 peer-reviewed journals for correlations between self-reports and "informants" reports. Qualifying…
Descriptors: Psychopathology, Adolescents, Meta Analysis, Self Evaluation (Individuals)
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Dori, Yehudit J.; Tal, Revital T.; Tsaushu, Masha – Science Education, 2003
Teaching nonscience majors topics in biotechnology through case studies is the focus of this research. Our "Biotechnology, Environment, and Related Issues" module, developed within the "Science for All" framework, is aimed at elevating the level of students' scientific and technological literacy and their higher order thinking…
Descriptors: Case Studies, Biotechnology, Technological Literacy, Thinking Skills
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Rescorla, Leslie; Ivanova, Masha Y.; Achenbach, Thomas M.; Begovac, Ivan; Chahed, Myriam; Drugli, May Britt; Emerich, Deisy Ribas; Fung, Daniel S. S.; Haider, Mariam; Hansson, Kjell; Hewitt, Nohelia; Jaimes, Stefanny; Larsson, Bo; Maggiolini, Alfio; Markovic, Jasminka; Mitrovic, Dragan; Moreira, Paulo; Oliveira, Joao Tiago; Olsson, Martin; Ooi, Yoon Phaik; Petot, Djaouida; Pisa, Cecilia; Pomalima, Rolando; da Rocha; Marina Monzani; Rudan, Vlasta; Sekulic, Slobodan; Shahini, Mimoza; de Mattos Silvares, Edwiges Ferreira; Szirovicza, Lajos; Valverde, Jose; Vera, Luis Anderssen; Villa, Maria Clara; Viola, Laura; Woo, Bernadine S. C.; Zhang, Eugene Yuqing – Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 2012
Objective: To build on Achenbach, Rescorla, and Ivanova (2012) by (a) reporting new international findings for parent, teacher, and self-ratings on the Child Behavior Checklist, Youth Self-Report, and Teacher's Report Form; (b) testing the fit of syndrome models to new data from 17 societies, including previously underrepresented regions; (c)…
Descriptors: Epidemiology, Psychopathology, Children, Adolescents
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Rudman, Masha Kabakow; Rosenberg, Susan P. – New Advocate, 1991
Provides a comprehensive picture of current Holocaust literature, largely for readers age 10 and older. Describes books that look at individual responsibility, group responsibility, non-Jewish perspectives, and Jewish resistance and survivors' stories. Explores nonfiction works for varying ages, and closes with a special book that takes the form…
Descriptors: Adolescent Literature, Adolescents, Annotated Bibliographies, Books
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Nieto, Sonia; Botelho, Maria Jose; Rudman, Masha Kabakow – Language Arts, 2002
Discusses four books that carry out the theme of critical literacy and social justice. Notes that three of the four are edited collections and represent many voices. (SG)
Descriptors: Books, Educational Improvement, Reading Instruction, Reading Material Selection
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Ivanova, Masha Y.; Achenbach, Thomas M.; Rescorla, Leslie A.; Harder, Valerie S.; Ang, Rebecca P.; Bilenberg, Niels; Bjarnadottir, Gudrun; Capron, Christiane; De Pauw, Sarah S. W.; Dias, Pedro; Dobrean, Anca; Doepfner, Manfred; Duyme, Michele; Eapen, Valsamma; Erol, Nese; Esmaeili, Elaheh Mohammad; Ezpeleta, Lourdes; Frigerio, Alessandra; Goncalves, Miguel M.; Gudmundsson, Halldor S.; Jeng, Suh-Fang; Jetishi, Pranvera; Jusiene, Roma; Kim, Young-Ah; Kristensen, Solvejg; Lecannelier, Felipe; Leung, Patrick W. L.; Liu, Jianghong; Montirosso, Rosario; Oh, Kyung Ja; Plueck, Julia; Pomalima, Rolando; Shahini, Mimoza; Silva, Jaime R.; Simsek, Zynep; Sourander, Andre; Valverde, Jose; Van Leeuwen, Karla G.; Woo, Bernardine S. C.; Wu, Yen-Tzu; Zubrick, Stephen R.; Verhulst, Frank C. – Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 2010
Objective: To test the fit of a seven-syndrome model to ratings of preschoolers' problems by parents in very diverse societies. Method: Parents of 19,106 children 18 to 71 months of age from 23 societies in Asia, Australasia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America completed the Child Behavior Checklist for Ages 1.5-5 (CBCL/1.5-5). Confirmatory…
Descriptors: Check Lists, Social Problems, Psychopathology, Child Behavior
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