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Wilkinson, Kelly S., Ed. – 2000
These six papers present sound research in business education. "Status of Full- and Part-Time Business Faculty at Two-Year College and Perceived Importance of Selected Professional Services" (Marcia A. Anderson, Sharon Resch) reports full-time faculty received more professional services, and part-time faculty valued professional services…
Descriptors: Academic Advising, Business Education, Business Education Teachers, Computer Literacy
Micro-Ideas, Glenview, IL. – 1985
The 46 papers in this proceedings summarize the work of academic and private groups which seek to provide a means of integrating the utilization of the computer into an established curriculum; descriptions of sample courses are included. The contents include: (1) Four Precollege Computer Curricula: A Symposium; (2) Data Processing Management…
Descriptors: Computer Assisted Instruction, Computer Literacy, Computer Software, Curriculum Development
Delta Pi Epsilon Society, Little Rock, AR. – 1994
Selected papers are as follows: "Are Office Support Personnel Aware of the Ergonomical Issues Associated with Computer Keyboarding?" (Evans); "Background and Characteristics of Japanese Students Who Enroll in an American Two-Year Information Processing Program Taught in Japan" (Morgan, Wiggs); "Business Education's (BE)…
Descriptors: Business Administration, Business Education, Business Education Teachers, Comparative Analysis
Oregon Univ., Eugene. Center for Advanced Technology in Education. – 1986
The 24 papers in these proceedings describe computer technology and its many applications to the educational process. Topics discussed include computer systems in the classroom of the future; how to evaluate a school's computer program; computer use in special education; computer science and the liberal arts; keyboarding issues; making the…
Descriptors: Computer Assisted Instruction, Computer Literacy, Computer Software, Curriculum Enrichment
Delta Pi Epsilon Society, Little Rock, AR. – 1990
These conference proceedings consist of 25 presentations: "Conducting Experimental Research" (Miller) "Conducting Research Overseas: Some Thoughts Based upon Experiences in the United Kingdom" (Scott); "Applying Research to the Classroom" (Wayne); "DACUM: A Competency-Based Curriculum Tool" (Norton); "A…
Descriptors: Accounting, Business Communication, Business Education, Business Skills
Ryan, William C., Ed. – 1988
The more than 200 papers and panel, project, and special session reports represented in this collection focus on innovations, trends, and research on the use of computers in a variety of educational settings. Of these, the full text is provided for 37 presentations and abstracts for 182. The topics discussed include: computer applications in…
Descriptors: Computer Assisted Instruction, Computer Literacy, Computer Science Education, Computer Software
Micro-Ideas, Glenview, IL. – 1986
Fifty-five papers focusing on the role of computer technology in education at all levels are included in the proceedings of this conference, which was designed to model effective and appropriate uses of the computer as an extension of the teacher-based instructional system. The use of the computer as a tool was emphasized, and the word processor…
Descriptors: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Assisted Instruction, Computer Literacy, Computer Managed Instruction
Tennessee State Univ., Nashville. Center for Training and Technical Assistance. – 1984
The topics of the 17 papers included in this proceedings are: (1) enriching and empowering young children's learning with microcomputers; (2) a program designed to make all students computer literate who complete the eighth grade in Tennessee schools; (3) how school systems should purchase microcomputers; (4) a team approach to microcomputer…
Descriptors: Basic Skills, Children, Classroom Design, Computer Assisted Instruction
Gayle, Susan, Ed. – 1992
These proceedings address the appropriate uses of technology in education, including papers and summaries of presentations on the following topics: community partnerships; desktop publishing; English as a Second Language/English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESL/ESOL); cognitive issues in multimedia; higher education applications; social studies…
Descriptors: Computer Assisted Instruction, Distance Education, Educational Technology, Elementary Secondary Education
TAFE National Centre for Research and Development, Payneham (Australia). – 1989
The conference recorded in this document covered a wide variety of themes and consisted of keynote addresses, research presentations, and workshops. The following keynote addresses are include: "Some Recent TAFE National Centre Research and Development in Australian Vocational Education" (Hall); "Vocational Teacher Education:…
Descriptors: Cooking Instruction, Disabilities, Distance Education, Engineering Education
Carey, Doris; Carey, Regan – 1984
Designed to serve as a self-paced computer course for education students with no experience using microcomputers, this manual contains instructions for operating an Apple IIe microcomputer, its introductory software, and Bank Street Writer, using the DOS 3.3 System Master. The lessons, which contain illustrations and sample screens, include…
Descriptors: Computer Assisted Instruction, Computer Literacy, Computer Software, Individualized Instruction
Oregon Univ., Eugene. Center for Advanced Technology in Education. – 1987
Presented in this program and proceedings are the following 27 papers describing a variety of educational uses of computers: "Learner Based Tools for Special Populations" (Barbara Allen); "Micros and Mainframes: Practical Administrative Applications at the Building Level" (Jeannine Bertrand and Eric Schiff); "Logo and Logowriter in the Curriculum"…
Descriptors: Computer Literacy, Computer Software, Computer Uses in Education, Conference Proceedings
Murphy, Harry J., Ed. – 1987
The following 25 papers (with their authors) are presented from a conference on computer technology in special education and rehabilitation: "Computers for Business--Computers for Life" (I. Keith Austin); "Rehabilitation and the Computer: How to Find What You Need" (Thomas Backer); "Computer Access Alternatives for Visually Impaired People in…
Descriptors: Accessibility (for Disabled), Adult Basic Education, Braille, Computer Software
Delta Pi Epsilon Society, Little Rock, AR. – 1992
Selected titles of refereed research papers contained in this volume include the following: "Analysis of Computer Use by Four-Year University Faculty Members" (Duff et al.); "Analysis of Undergraduate Coursework Completed by Prospective Business Teachers" (Schmidt et al.); "Business Educators' Perceptions Regarding the Integration of Business…
Descriptors: Business Communication, Business Education, Business Education Teachers, Computer Assisted Instruction
Hedberg, John G., Ed.; And Others – 1990
This collection contains 30 selected papers and abstracts of six additional papers from the 1990 Conference of the Australian Society for Educational Technology. Titles and authors of the papers are as follows: (1) "Interactive Media into the Millenium" (Clark); (2) "Open Learning Centre Network Project and the Preparatory and…
Descriptors: Computer Assisted Instruction, Delivery Systems, Distance Education, Educational Technology
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