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American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, 1989
The Planning and Implementation Committee of the Pharmacy in the 21st Century conference edited and condensed 375 issue statements generated by 7 workshops. Some 112 statements were presented to the conferees to develop a consensus of the conference on the importance of these issues as they will affect pharmacy in the next 15-20 years. (Author/MLW)
Descriptors: Futures (of Society), Graphs, Health Services, Patients
Casto, Glendon; White, Karl – Journal of Children in Contemporary Society, 1984
A meta-analysis of the early intervention research literature revealed that early intervention has an immediate positive effect of about on-half of a standard deviation. The analysis failed to find long-term benefits and failed to relate degree of parental involvement to intervention effectiveness. (KH)
Descriptors: Disadvantaged Environment, Early Childhood Education, Educational Quality, Educationally Disadvantaged
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Ursprung, Heinrich – Journal of the Society of Research Administrators, 1988
A study of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology suggests (1) an abrupt change in an institution's financial pattern need not mean loss of excellence; (2) in crisis, the institution must build on its strengths; (3) strong central planning is essential; (4) an excellent faculty is the first responsibility. (MSE)
Descriptors: Case Studies, College Faculty, College Planning, Educational Quality
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Albright, Michael J. – International Journal of Instructional Media, 1993
Describes the status of college media centers and examines the results of a survey of media centers that investigated the effects of budget cuts resulting in downsizing and reorganization. The role of the director, the reporting relationship among academic units, and response to technological change are discussed. (LRW)
Descriptors: Administrator Role, Budgeting, Educational Administration, Futures (of Society)
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Miller, R.; Bradbury, J.; Wessels, S. L. – South African Journal of Higher Education, 1997
A study of 543 South African university freshmen examined testing issues in relation to use of English as a first or second language. Results suggest multiple-choice tests yield higher grades than essay tests for both native and nonnative speakers, performance on essay questions varies depending on type of question, and open-ended tutorial…
Descriptors: Academic Achievement, College Freshmen, College Preparation, College Students
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Avital, Shmuel; Grinblat, Uri – Arithmetic Teacher, 1983
The material focuses on the power and usefulness of the number three and is presented as though the number was being interviewed. Among the issues covered in the presentation is the impossibility of dividing an angle into three equal parts using just a straight edge and a compass. (Author/MP)
Descriptors: Elementary Secondary Education, Instructional Materials, Interviews, Mathematical Concepts
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Cook, Annabel Kirschne; And Others – Journal of the Community Development Society, 1985
This article examines the comparative impact of leadership development programs in two states on changes in the involvement of male and female participants in public affairs. Overall, both male and female participants in programs that lasted for two years or longer had increases in participation in instrumental organizations. (Author/CT)
Descriptors: Citizen Participation, Females, Leadership Training, Males
Gardner, Judith M.; And Others – Journal of Children in Contemporary Society, 1984
The benefits of infant intervention programs depend on their appropriateness to the characteristics of the baby, the environment, and the transactions between them. For healthy, normal infants, intervention will be superfluous at best. A basic prerequisite for designing any intervention program is an understanding of the fundamental importance of…
Descriptors: Child Psychology, Developmental Stages, Early Childhood Education, Infant Behavior
Brownell, Celia A.; Strauss, Mark S. – Journal of Children in Contemporary Society, 1984
Examines the assumptions about infant development that underlie infant intervention programs. Focuses on four popular ideas: that environment is the sole determinant of development; that development is linear and continuous; that early experiences carry more weight than later experiences; and that providing a more "stimulating"…
Descriptors: Biological Influences, Cognitive Development, Early Childhood Education, Early Experience
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Leonard, Fred; And Others – Journal of the Society of Research Administrators, 1984
The Biomedical Research Support Grant (BRSG) at The George Washington University Medical Center funds pilot projects submitted by the faculty. The procedures for allocating BRSG funds, their distribution in Medical Center departments, and their effect on attracting extramural funding over a five-year period are discussed.
Descriptors: Biomedicine, Departments, Federal Aid, Financial Support
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Streharsky, Charmaine Judy – Journal of the Society of Research Administrators, 1984
The need to adapt a course in writing skills for proposal preparation to the different needs and characteristics of adult students is discussed, focusing on factors such as employer pressure as well as more general adult learner problems. Compensating strategies and course and materials design for teachers to use to increase student success are…
Descriptors: Adult Learning, Grantsmanship, Higher Education, Proposal Writing
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Gumnick, James L. – Journal of the Society of Research Administrators, 1979
The ways and means for an Office of Research to promote research on the campus and consequently serve as a faculty advocate in research are discussed and illustrated through case histories. Motivating faculty, which includes creating the proper environment and attending to faculty needs, is the method discussed for promoting research. (JMD)
Descriptors: Case Studies, College Faculty, Higher Education, Institutional Environment
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Schnarch, Alejandro – Journal of the Society of Research Administrators, 1979
Because of the growing significance of R&D expenditures, the importance of some rational approach to planning and budgeting is seen as being imperative. It is proposed that more studies on the question of project cost and duration estimates be conducted. A bibliographical survey is included. (MLW)
Descriptors: Budgeting, Cost Estimates, Costs, Higher Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Miner, Lynn E.; McDonald, Sally – Journal of the Society of Research Administrators, 1981
The procedural changes identified in analyzing the 1979 Marquette University internal grants competition had the positive effect of improving the reliability of the peer review ratings. Improved reliability results in greater confidence in the peer review process on the part of the applicants and the reviewers. (MLW)
Descriptors: Competition, Financial Aid Applicants, Grants, Higher Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Rossini, Frederick A.; Porter, Alan L. – Journal of the Society of Research Administrators, 1981
Successful interdisciplinary research performance, it is suggested, depends on such structural and process factors as leadership, team characteristics, study bounding, iteration, communication patterns, and epistemological factors. Appropriate frameworks for socially organizing the development of knowledge such as common group learning, modeling,…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Interdisciplinary Approach, Leadership Styles, Models
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