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Blessman, Jennifer; Myszczak, Beverly – 2001
This action research project describes a program for improving student comprehension of mathematical vocabulary. The targeted population consisted of two classes of fifth grade students from two elementary schools located in the suburbs of a large metropolitan area in Illinois. The problem of poor mathematical vocabulary was documented through…
Descriptors: Action Research, Cognitive Processes, Elementary Education, Instructional Materials
Schwarz, Justine C. – 1999
This report describes a program that enhanced vocabulary development and communication within the content area of mathematics. The targeted population was a rural K-12 school district located in the Midwest approximately an hour from three major metropolitan cities. Evidence for the existence of the problem included teachers' observation,…
Descriptors: Classroom Communication, Elementary Secondary Education, Journal Writing, Mathematics Instruction
Schoenberger, Kathleen M.; Liming, Lori Ann – 2001
This report describes a program for improving students' mathematical thinking skills through improved use of mathematics vocabulary and numerical operations. The targeted population includes sixth grade general education mathematics students and ninth grade special education mathematics students. The students' inabilities to effectively solve…
Descriptors: Grade 6, Grade 9, High Schools, Mathematical Vocabulary
Roti, Joan; Trahey, Carol; Zerafa, Susan – 2000
This report describes a program for improving students' comprehension of the language of mathematical problems. The targeted population consists of 5th and 6th grade multi-age students and multi-age learners with special needs at a middle school located outside a major city in a Midwestern community. Evidence for the existence of this problem…
Descriptors: Grade 5, Grade 6, Journal Writing, Language
Hackett, Kimberly; Wilson, Theresa – 1995
A study investigated the effectiveness of an intervention for improving adolescent writing and speaking using mathematical language. The targeted population consists of high school students in a growing, middle- and upper-middle-class, suburban community located west of Chicago, Illinois. The problems of writing and speaking using mathematical…
Descriptors: Action Research, Communication Skills, Cooperative Learning, High Schools
Skrypa, Aldona – 1979
To determine the effectiveness of mathematical vocabulary training on the problem solving ability of third and fourth grade students, 66 students were placed into either an experimental or a control group. All were pretested and posttested with an experimental mathematics vocabulary test and with a standardized mathematics test. Mathematical…
Descriptors: Content Area Reading, Elementary Education, Masters Theses, Mathematical Vocabulary
Huggins, Ben; Maiste, Tim – 1999
This report describes a program for improving students' oral and written communication in mathematics. The target population consisted of third and fourth grade classes in a suburban, middle class community located in a large Midwestern state. The current lack of communication was demonstrated by the results of class surveys, student interviews,…
Descriptors: Classroom Communication, Cooperative Learning, Elementary Education, Grade 3
Card, Rachel A. – 1998
The purpose of this project was to examine the levels of achievement and metacognition in expressing mathematics understanding and problem solving processes by students in a second grade classroom when the students used writing in daily mathematics learning according to their scores on a mathematical problem solving assessment and individual…
Descriptors: Content Area Writing, Grade 2, Learning Processes, Mathematics Achievement
Brahmer, Kelly; Harmatys, Jennifer – Online Submission, 2009
In recent years, teachers have noticed a drop in student effort on complex problems in math and science. The purpose of this study was to determine if incorporating cooperative learning and self-recording strategies had an impact upon student effort on complex problems. A total of 38 9th through 11th grade math and science students at two…
Descriptors: Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Secondary Education
Wolcott, Diane Marie – 1978
Fifty first- and second-grade children's understanding of logico-mathematical relations were assessed using selected Piagetian tasks to test four hypotheses. The children's abilities to conserve numbers were compared to the means of mathematics concept scores and total mathematics scores of the 1972 Stanford Achievement Test, Form A. The…
Descriptors: Achievement, Cognitive Development, Concept Formation, Educational Research
Pajkos, Diane; Klein-Collins, John – 2001
This report describes an intervention program for increasing mathematical achievement of African American students. Within the targeted population, it was evident that the disparity in math achievement between African American and White students was increasing each year. The targeted population consisted of sixth, seventh, and eighth grade…
Descriptors: Black Students, Cultural Awareness, Cultural Differences, Intervention
Linn, Mary McMahon – 1987
The purpose of the project was to determine the effects of journal writing on the thinking skills of high school geometry students. The research supports the idea that writing can enhance a student's metacognitive ability. The results show that the journals served effectively in various capacities. Each student became actively involved in his or…
Descriptors: Cognitive Style, Content Area Writing, Geometric Concepts, Geometry
Hanson, Joyce – 2002
This report describes a program for increasing students' learning in mathematics and science through the integration of visual art. The targeted population consisted of 30 fourth grade students from a middle class neighborhood located in a large suburban Midwestern city. The problem for the intervention was documented in math and science report…
Descriptors: Academic Achievement, Art Education, Grade 4, Innovation
Grbavac, Michele; Piggott, Christopher; Rougeux, Mark – 2003
This research project seeks to implement journaling as a means of improving oral communication in the classroom. The student population will consist of an elementary reading class, a junior high art class, and a high school math class. The probable cause literature gathered revealed a lack oral communication occurs in the classroom during…
Descriptors: Action Research, Art Education, Classroom Communication, Elementary Secondary Education
Griesser, Sara Anne – 2001
Current mathematics education emphasizes the importance of a problem solving mindset in the classroom. Students need to know how they are going to use what they are learning in real life. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of anchored problem solving instruction on middle school students' mathematical abilities. The researcher…
Descriptors: Educational Change, Educational Technology, Grade 7, Mathematics Instruction
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