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Arcavi, Abraham; Bruckheimer, Maxim – College Mathematics Journal, 1991
Presents the algorithm to approximate square roots as reproduced from the 1579 edition of an algebra book by Rafael Bombelli. The sequence of activities illustrates that the process of understanding an original source of mathematics, first at the algorithmic level and then with respect to its mathematical validity in modern terms, can be an…
Descriptors: Algebra, Algorithms, College Mathematics, Content Area Reading
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Smith, David A.; And Others – College Mathematics Journal, 1986
APL was invented specifically as a mathematical teaching tool, and is an excellent vehicle for teaching mathematical concepts using computers. This article illustrates the use of APL in teaching many different topics in mathematics, including logic, set theory, functions, statistics, linear algebra, and matrices. (MNS)
Descriptors: College Mathematics, Computer Oriented Programs, Computer Science, Higher Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Buckley, Fred – College Mathematics Journal, 1987
Mathematical models that are used to solve facility location problems are presented. All involve minimizing some distance function. (MNS)
Descriptors: Algorithms, College Mathematics, Functions (Mathematics), Higher Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Davis, Philip J. – College Mathematics Journal, 1985
The author arranges 26 current states of mathematical knowledge (in relation to solving a problem) in an informal taxonomy and comments on them. (MNS)
Descriptors: Cognitive Processes, College Mathematics, Educational Philosophy, Mathematical Logic
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Sandefur, James T. – College Mathematics Journal, 1991
Discussed is the process of translating situations involving changing quantities into mathematical relationships. This process, called dynamical modeling, allows students to learn new mathematics while sharpening their algebraic skills. A description of dynamical systems, problem-solving methods, a graphical analysis, and available classroom…
Descriptors: Algebra, Chaos Theory, College Mathematics, Graphs
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Larson, Loren C. – College Mathematics Journal, 1985
Discusses (in 10 sections) some problem-solving techniques that are typically encountered in a first course in discrete mathematics. Sections (which include exercises) are titled: draw a figure; search for a pattern; mathematical induction; one-to-one correspondence; recurrence relations; generating functions; calculus; finite differences; and…
Descriptors: College Mathematics, Higher Education, Mathematics Education, Mathematics Instruction
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Maurer, Stephen B.; And Others – College Mathematics Journal, 1985
The forum is focused on thinking about and with algorithms as a way of unifying all one's mathematical endeavors. The lead article by Maurer presents examples and discussion of this point. Responses, often disagreeing with his views, are by Douglas, Korte, Hilton, Renz, Smorynski, Hammersley, and Halmos. (MNS)
Descriptors: Algorithms, Cognitive Processes, College Mathematics, Educational Philosophy
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Gallian, Joseph A. – College Mathematics Journal, 1991
Discussed are the mathematical methods for detecting a variety of common error patterns within the bar-coded identification numbers utilized in conjunction with scanning devices. Schemes for the use of check digits are examined that ensure conditions for detecting errors of specific types, including single digit error, transposition error, twin…
Descriptors: College Mathematics, Error Patterns, Higher Education, Learning Activities
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Agnew, Jeanne L.; Choike, James R. – College Mathematics Journal, 1987
Mathematical observations are made about some continuous curves, called transitions, encountered in well-known experiences. The transition parabola, the transition spiral, and the sidestep maneuver are presented. (MNS)
Descriptors: Calculus, College Mathematics, Higher Education, Mathematical Applications
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Page, Warren, Ed. – College Mathematics Journal, 1984
Discusses: (1) how complex roots can be made visible; (2) a proof which supplies a fresh example of mathematical induction; (3) proving Heron's formula tangentially; and (4) income tax averaging and convexity. (JN)
Descriptors: Algebra, College Mathematics, Geometry, Higher Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Kenschaft, Pat – College Mathematics Journal, 1990
Reported are some of the highlights of a panel discussion held at the Joint Annual Meeting of the Mathematical Association of America in January 1987. Discussed are precalculus courses, challenging better students, calculus workshops, courses with projects, career awareness, coop programs, remedial programs, recruitment, seminar courses, and…
Descriptors: Calculus, Career Awareness, College Mathematics, Females
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Althoen, Steven C.; Wyneken, Matthew F. – College Mathematics Journal, 1990
Summarized are the contests, schedules, entertainment, and planning involved in this activity. Sample topics and questions for the events are provided. Costs, personnel, and time required to put on the event are discussed. (CW)
Descriptors: College Mathematics, Competition, Enrichment Activities, Extracurricular Activities
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Flanigan, Frank., Ed. – College Mathematics Journal, 1991
Clapping music for two performers provides the basis for a series of mathematical problems in combinatorics and group theory. A discussion provides insight about how to avoid overlooking global extrema in constrained max-min problems when solving systems of algebraic equations. (JJK)
Descriptors: Algebra, College Mathematics, Higher Education, Learning Activities
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Duham, William – College Mathematics Journal, 1991
The complexity of the proof of the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra makes it inaccessible to lower level students. Described are more understandable attempts of proving the theorem and a historical account of Euler's efforts that relates the progression of the mathematical process used and indicates some of the pitfalls encountered. (MDH)
Descriptors: Algebra, College Mathematics, Higher Education, Mathematical Enrichment
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Teles, Elizabeth, Ed.; And Others – College Mathematics Journal, 1990
Reviewed are two computer software packages for Macintosh microcomputers including "Phase Portraits," an exploratory graphics tool for studying first-order planar systems; and "MacMath," a set of programs for exploring differential equations, linear algebra, and other mathematical topics. Features, ease of use, cost, availability, and hardware…
Descriptors: Algebra, College Mathematics, Computer Software Reviews, Computer Uses in Education
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