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Su, Norman Makoto – ProQuest LLC, 2009
In this dissertation, we report on results of an in-depth observational study to understand the temporal dimension of communication in the workplace. By employing the "shadowing" method for in situ to-the-second data gathering of information workers' behaviors, we gained a detailed snapshot of informants' workdays, "warts and all." Our…
Descriptors: Grounded Theory, Psychometrics, Data Analysis, Methods
Baker, Jason M. – ProQuest LLC, 2009
It is imperative that school administrators, athletic directors, and interscholastic/athletic associations become knowledgeable in the area of interscholastic athletics at the secondary level and fully understand its potential for litigation. Thus, the purpose of this research study is to examine issues, outcomes, and legal trends involving…
Descriptors: Secondary Schools, Civil Rights, Intervention, Constitutional Law
Rico, Rachelle G. – ProQuest LLC, 2009
This instrumental case study explores how the Ethic of Care is experienced within one Midwestern school system as an alternative approach to traditional school system hierarchical infrastructures. Through the qualitative tradition of portraiture (Lawrence-Lightfoot & Davis, 1997), this study documents the caring leadership actions, behaviors…
Descriptors: Caring, School Districts, Ethics, Superintendents
Hellar, David Benjamin – ProQuest LLC, 2009
The modern military command center is a hybrid system of computer automated surveillance and human oriented decision making. In these distributed cognition systems, data overload refers simultaneously to the glut of raw data processed by information technology systems and the dearth of actionable knowledge useful to human decision makers.…
Descriptors: Cooperative Learning, Information Technology, Classification, Engineering
Olmstead, Anne Jane – ProQuest LLC, 2009
In four experiments, participants performed sentence comprehension tasks simultaneously with bimanual coordination. Half of the sentences described events that could not be performed by a human (non-performable) and half described actions that could be performed by a human (performable). Effects of sentence type on coordination were indexed by…
Descriptors: Comprehension, Sentences, Reaction Time, Experiments
Lindsey, Gloria Denise – ProQuest LLC, 2009
Important legislation has demanded the education of students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment. Administrators, principals and educators in the local schools are impacted tremendously by this decision. The necessity to provide an appropriate education for special needs children while successfully implementing inclusion is a…
Descriptors: Class Size, Middle Schools, Disabilities, Special Education
Koenen, Amie – ProQuest LLC, 2009
This document reports the findings of a doctoral project regarding the perceptions held by administrators and teachers of comprehensive Catholic schools in one Midwestern diocese. With the recent explosion of research in the area of the brain and brain compatible instruction it is valuable to know and understand the perceptions held by current…
Descriptors: Educational Strategies, Catholic Schools, Catholics, Likert Scales
Sondergeld, Toni A. – ProQuest LLC, 2009
This dissertation examines the efficacy of a bottom-up comprehensive school reform (CSR) program by evaluating its impact on student achievement, attendance, and behavior outcomes through an explanatory mixed methods design. The CSR program (Gear Up) was implemented in an urban junior high school over the course of seven years allowing for…
Descriptors: Educational Change, Attendance, Mathematics Achievement, Reading Achievement
Chon, Kyong Hee – ProQuest LLC, 2009
The purpose of this study was to investigate procedures for assessing model fit of IRT models for mixed format data. In this study, various IRT model combinations were fitted to data containing both dichotomous and polytomous item responses, and the suitability of the chosen model mixtures was evaluated based on a number of model fit procedures.…
Descriptors: Item Response Theory, Test Items, Goodness of Fit, Statistical Analysis
Tharp, Terri J. – ProQuest LLC, 2009
This study investigated the impact of learning communities on the academic success of university students at-risk of academic failure. The effects of learning communities (LC) at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) on cumulative GPAs, retention rates, and earned cumulative hours of students with ACT sub-scores of 17 or 18 in math who were…
Descriptors: College Freshmen, State Colleges, At Risk Students, Academic Failure
Freeman, Amy Louise – ProQuest LLC, 2009
A primary gateway to a career in engineering is the attainment of the bachelor of science degree in engineering. In contrast, a common barrier to becoming an engineer is failure to attain the degree. Those variables that are related to college graduation are often in place prior to college admission. The purpose of this study was to examine the…
Descriptors: Engineering, Technical Occupations, Bachelors Degrees, Educational Attainment
Wash, Richard L. – ProQuest LLC, 2009
Recently, malicious computer users have been compromising computers en masse and combining them to form coordinated botnets. The rise of botnets has brought the problem of home computers to the forefront of security. Home computer users commonly have insecure systems; these users do not have the knowledge, experience, and skills necessary to…
Descriptors: Computer Security, Social Networks, Information Systems
Fullen, Mark D. – ProQuest LLC, 2009
The numbers of workers in the residential construction industry are on the rise. Falls have continually been the largest contributor to residential construction worker deaths and injuries. These workers are largely self-employed or working for small companies. These individuals are difficult to reach through traditional methods. This research…
Descriptors: Instructional Design, Web Based Instruction, Small Businesses, Nontraditional Education
Wingler, Sylvia Adams – ProQuest LLC, 2009
This dissertation focuses on the narratives of four rural art educators of the Foothills of Western North Carolina. These women are the first art educators in this area in public education. They are often viewed as the invisible women in art who support community arts, much like the "invisible women in art history." From the view of the…
Descriptors: Females, Art History, Qualitative Research, Public Education
Yuan, Xianwei – ProQuest LLC, 2009
In recent decades many comparative studies in mathematics have been conducted involving students in China and the United States. There have been claims that U.S. students are more creative than their Chinese counterpart, but Chinese students have better basics in mathematics. Nevertheless, there have been very few comparative studies on creativity…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Comparative Education, High School Students, Creativity
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