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OECD Publishing, 2017
Gender inequalities persist in all areas of social and economic life and across countries. Young women in OECD countries generally obtain more years of schooling than young men, but women are less likely than men to engage in paid work. Gaps widen with age, as motherhood typically has marked negative effects on gender pay gaps and career…
Descriptors: Sex Fairness, Educational Trends, Violence, Females
OECD Publishing, 2015
Over the past century, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries have made significant progress in narrowing or closing long-standing gender gaps in many areas of education and employment, including educational attainment, pay and labour market participation. But new gender gaps in education are opening. Young men…
Descriptors: Sex Fairness, Equal Education, Achievement Gap, Gender Differences
De Welde, Kristine, Ed.; Stepnick, Andi, Ed. – Stylus Publishing LLC, 2014
Despite tremendous progress toward gender equality and equity in institutions of higher education, deep patterns of discrimination against women in the academy persist. From the "chilly climate" to the "old boys' club," women academics must navigate structures and cultures that continue to marginalize, penalize, and undermine…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Gender Bias, Guides, Equal Education
Levinson, Meira, Ed.; Fay, Jacob, Ed. – Harvard Education Press, 2019
Teaching in a democracy is challenging and filled with dilemmas that have no easy answers. For example, how do educators meet their responsibilities of teaching civic norms and dispositions while remaining nonpartisan? "Democratic Discord in Schools" features eight normative cases of complex dilemmas drawn from real events designed to…
Descriptors: Democracy, Citizenship Education, Problem Solving, Cooperation
Loutfi, Martha Fetherolf, Ed. – 2001
This anthology contains 22 articles published in the "International Labor Review" between 1996-2000 on many dimensions of women, gender, and work. Part I is an introduction called "Women, Gender, and Work--An Overview" (Martha F. Loutfi), sets the framework in terms of the value of work, rights, and goals. Part II on concepts…
Descriptors: Affirmative Action, Comparable Worth, Developed Nations, Developing Nations
Lawrence, Elizabeth – 1994
This book explores the impact of work and gender roles on union activism in the context of male and female shop stewards in Sheffield National and Local Government Officers' Association (NALGO). An introductory chapter outlines the main themes. Chapter 2 provides a literature review of women's position in trade unions and theories of union…
Descriptors: Employed Women, Feminism, Foreign Countries, Quality of Working Life
Breneman, David W., Ed.; Youn, Ted I. K., Ed. – 1988
As part of the Stanford Series on Education and Public Policy, academic careers and academic labor markets in American higher education are examined from a perspective based on both economic reasoning and sociological analysis. Research common to both fields is considered in a series of 10 essays that discuss the following subjects: "Studies…
Descriptors: Academic Rank (Professional), Careers, Educational Economics, Employment Opportunities
Healy, Jane M. – 1994
Noting that understanding a child's brain and the way it develops is the key to understanding learning, this book explores the relationship between brain physiology and children's learning processes. The book first translates the most current scientific theories on nervous-system development into practical information for parents. It then details…
Descriptors: Adolescents, Brain, Brain Hemisphere Functions, Children
Enos, Theresa – 1996
This book combines personal stories of rhetoric and composition teachers with statistical data derived from various government and academic research studies to document gender experiences of college writing teachers and administrators. Anecdotal evidence was drawn from a survey questionnaire mailed to 3,000 college writing teachers, follow-up…
Descriptors: College Faculty, Colleges, Educational History, English Departments
Cobble, Dorothy Sue, Ed. – 1993
This book contains the views of 40 contributors on women and unions, organized into 15 chapters on six topics: Closing the Wage Gap; Meeting Family Needs; Temporary and Part-Time Work: Opportunity or Danger?; Homework; Developing a Realistic Approach; New Directions in Organizing and Representing Women; and Female Leadership and Union Cultures:…
Descriptors: Adults, Collective Bargaining, Employed Women, Employer Employee Relationship
Dunn, Dana – 1997
The following papers are included: "Foreword" (Paula England); "Introduction to the Study of Women and Work" (Dana Dunn); "Gender Culture and Socialization" (Rita Mae Kelly); "Parental Influence and Women's Careers" (Sue Joan Mendelson Freeman); "Shortchanging Girls: Gender Socialization in…
Descriptors: Blacks, Blue Collar Occupations, Career Choice, Case Studies