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Marchant, Gregory J.; McCreary, John J. – Online Submission, 2018
This report investigates factors relevant to choosing locations conducive to both attainment and maintenance of a teaching career. In addition to salary and cost of living, the investigators compiled and ranked variables related to family, such as parental income and education, and differences in political structures that affect careers in…
Descriptors: Teacher Salaries, Educational Attainment, Parent Background, Costs
Wang, Jianjun – Online Submission, 2016
The California Children and Families Act of 1998 led to creation of the Kern County Children and Families Commission (First 5 Kern) to support early childhood service programs in Kern County, the third largest county in California that spread a land area as large as the state of New Jersey. In Fiscal Year 2014-15, First 5 Kern administered more…
Descriptors: Early Childhood Education, Early Intervention, Young Children, Partnerships in Education
Wang, Jianjun – Online Submission, 2015
Proposition 10, also known as the California Children and Families Act of 1998, is the legislation for creating Kern County Children and Families Commission (First 5 Kern). Over the past 15 years, First 5 Kern administered a trust fund from a $.50 per pack tax on cigarettes or equivalent tobacco products to support children ages 0-5 and their…
Descriptors: Young Children, Child Development, Child Health, Early Childhood Education
Ziyanak, Sebahattin; Yagci, Hakan – Online Submission, 2015
This study focused on a lately constructed survey instrument that was intended to test the family perspective on a home visiting program and school. The four areas investigated were parent-teacher communications, student-teacher interactions, the parent's perception of the school and the parents' understanding of the home visiting program. The…
Descriptors: Family Attitudes, Home Visits, Family School Relationship, Parent Teacher Cooperation
Amca, Dervise; Kivanç Öztug, Emine – Online Submission, 2016
The main aim of this research is to compare the social behavior of children according to the teacher interviews. Screening model method has been used at this research which is one of the descriptive research methods. The study group of this research was created totally 691 children, from the age group of 4, which were observed at least 8 weeks…
Descriptors: Preschool Children, Social Behavior, Comparative Analysis, Preschool Teachers
Johnson, William L.; Johnson, Annabel M.; Johnson, Jared W. – Online Submission, 2018
This document is from a featured presentation at the 2018 annual conference of the Science Teachers Association of Texas (STAT). The public schools are a fundamental element of our democratic society, and they have been the pathway to opportunity and a better life for generations of Americans. But at present, the American public school system is…
Descriptors: Effective Schools Research, School Effectiveness, Public Schools, Educational Quality
Nievar, M. Angela; Van Egeren, Laurie – Online Submission, 2005
A meta-analysis of home visiting programs (K = 12, N = 2869) examined differences in the effects of home visitor programs for at-risk families on maternal behavior. Studies selected included only peer-reviewed publications and evaluations with a control group design. Although effect sizes varied, programs with more frequent visitation had higher…
Descriptors: Home Visits, Family Programs, Meta Analysis, At Risk Persons
Parascandalo, Marthese – Online Submission, 2014
The purpose of this dissertation was to compare and contrast the Leadership Styles of two Heads of Department who work at Carnelian Secondary School (anonymized). It augments a previous paper (Parascandalo 2011) which examined the role of the middle leader in secondary schools in educational literature. The investigation by means of two…
Descriptors: Leadership Styles, Department Heads, Comparative Analysis, Case Studies
Wert, Barbara Yingling; Bauman, Dona C.; Nottis, Katharyn Ellen Ketter – Online Submission, 2010
A growing body of evidence indicates that for some children, early incidences of challenging behaviors are predictors of later difficulties. These incidences of challenging behaviors may predict mental health issues, social adjustment issues and/or increased challenging behaviors that will impede school success and impact transition to adult life…
Descriptors: Check Lists, Behavior Problems, Child Behavior, Social Adjustment
Erturk Kara, H. Gozde – Online Submission, 2017
Aim of this study is to examine the factors that affect children's behavioral problems and present the relationships between children's behavioral problems, social skills and teacher child relationship. Relational screening model was preferred for this study. Study group consisted of 53, 36-48 months of age children who studied at early childhood…
Descriptors: Behavior Problems, Teacher Student Relationship, Aggression, Hyperactivity
Zucker, Andrew A.; Hug, Sarah T. – Online Submission, 2007
Background: The states of Maine and Pennsylvania support 1:1 laptop programs in which every student is provided with a personal computer. Many other states, districts, and schools also have full or pilot 1:1 laptop programs. Purpose: As 1:1 laptop programs grow in number and size, more information is needed about the impacts on teaching, learning,…
Descriptors: Public Education, Charter Schools, High Schools, Secondary Education
Powell, David V. – Online Submission, 2004
The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of environmental conditions of adult literacy and demographics prevalent during infancy and early childhood on mathematics and language arts literacy scores on eighth grade achievement tests. This study collected published scores for eighth grade math and language literacy from public schools…
Descriptors: Grade 8, Race, Dropouts, Unemployment
Lamsis, Pablo H., Jr. – Online Submission, 2010
The study aimed to correlate the performance of Pohnpei Campus freshman students in the College of Micronesia-Federated States of Micronesia during the fall semester 2009 to students' socio-demographic characteristics, parents'/guardians' socio-demographic characteristics, and school characteristics. The Student Survey Questionnaire gathered data…
Descriptors: Health Services, Student Attitudes, Grade Point Average, Faculty Evaluation
Earl, Archie W. – Online Submission, 2005
The purpose of this study was to conduct a critical analysis of (1) the disparities between the SAT scores of Black and White students, and Hispanic and White students, for 2004 and 2005 and (2) what those disparities suggest about the effectiveness of the State of Virginia "SOL" program and the Federal "No Child Left Behind"…
Descriptors: Program Effectiveness, Federal Legislation, College Bound Students, White Students
Brodeski, Jennifer; Hembrough, Meghan E. – Online Submission, 2007
This report describes a program designed to decrease students' undesired behaviors. Undesired behaviors addressed include tattling, hitting, kicking, biting and pinching. A review of existing literature revealed these behaviors affected all aspects of the classroom. The sample population consisted of two sessions of at-risk pre-kindergarten and…
Descriptors: Surveys, Antisocial Behavior, Elementary School Students, Comparative Analysis
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