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Leung, Xi Yu – ProQuest LLC, 2012
In the hotel industry, social media marketing has become a new trend hoteliers are chasing and an increasing number of hotels are using social media to promote their business. However, the marketing effectiveness of social media is still a big challenge in both academic and business world. Since social media marketing is totally different from…
Descriptors: Marketing, Social Networks, Web Sites, Housing
Knight, Mary Beth – ProQuest LLC, 2010
Colleges and universities represent one of the most utilized sources of need-based financial aid information for students and families, and yet most research in access marketing is focused at the national and state levels. There is sparse published information about the effects of financial aid marketing observed through quantitative analysis, in…
Descriptors: Low Income Groups, Incidence, Attendance Patterns, Marketing
Batie, Michael – ProQuest LLC, 2009
This dissertation was undertaken to examine the effect(s) of charter school marketing on the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) education landscape with respect to the stratification of charter schools. Information from four sources: school websites, a survey of charter school parents, existing online statistics and data, and various…
Descriptors: Charter Schools, Student Recruitment, Mixed Methods Research, Citizenship
Nayak, Roshan – ProQuest LLC, 2016
In the wake of multistate outbreaks and subsequent economic cost and health causalities, food industry stakeholders formulated policies for their produce suppliers. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration's guidance on Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) have been the basis for most of the industry initiated GAP certifications or audit processes. In…
Descriptors: Food, Agriculture, Food Standards, Program Implementation
Breashears, Valerie – ProQuest LLC, 2018
The marketing mantra "know your audience" can be applied when examining higher education student recruitment. With endless avenues for communication and a rise in national data on this topic, exploring what works best for individual institutions is crucial. Disparaging data exists concerning how admissions administrators believe students…
Descriptors: Student Recruitment, College Students, Communication Strategies, Universities
Ojo, Michael A. – ProQuest LLC, 2017
The roadmap towards the commercialization of goods and services has been continually enhanced and modified to accommodate a more digital landscape. Businesses are building more robust websites and point-of-service opportunities that do not require human intervention. In turn, consumer shopping patterns and behaviors have shifted in response to…
Descriptors: Undergraduate Students, Statistical Analysis, Behavior Patterns, Handheld Devices
McReynolds, Kevin V. – ProQuest LLC, 2010
This study was exploratory in nature and examined the organizational commitment (dependent variable) impact of evangelistic marketing and training efforts. There was sufficient evidence from the practitioner press that many technology companies have adopted an evangelism marketing approach. This marketing method seeks to create attachments to…
Descriptors: Information Technology, Professional Occupations, Industrial Psychology, Marketing
Scheivert, Joseph Elliot – ProQuest LLC, 2018
As large and complex campus organizations, collegiate marching bands face a variety of practical issues that must be addressed by directors through clear policies and effective procedures. Extant research on these groups focuses on pedagogical matters, ensemble histories, organizational descriptive analyses, participation factors and effects, and…
Descriptors: School Policy, Musical Instruments, Social Media, Copyrights
Partlo, Margaret A. – ProQuest LLC, 2015
By 2017, the Lincoln Commission (2005) projected over 1 million American students participating in education abroad programs. Although rates have increased, many reasons exist for why this goal fell short. Marketing how education abroad may assist college graduates within the labor market may persuade greater participation. By isolating factors…
Descriptors: Undergraduate Students, Study Abroad, Educational Benefits, Labor Market
Brownell, Eileen Vlacancich – ProQuest LLC, 2016
This qualitative study represents an exploration into how faculty stakeholders in higher education experienced leadership actions and their own engagement with an organizational turnaround. Turnaround efforts were aimed at revitalization throughout the institution but little has been studied about faculty experience in this context. An interview…
Descriptors: Stakeholders, Teacher Attitudes, Leadership, Higher Education
Serviss, Jennifer – ProQuest LLC, 2016
This study was conducted to examine the perceptions of potential college students after participating in a recruitment presentation of a university. The focus was to conduct user research to establish some causal relationship between the design of a university marketing tool and a behavior such as the interest of potential students in the…
Descriptors: Student Attitudes, College Bound Students, Marketing, Student Recruitment
Magreta-Nyongani, Martha – ProQuest LLC, 2012
School feeding programs enhance the efficiency of the education system by improving enrollment, reducing dropouts and increasing perseverance. They also have the potential to reach the poor, directly making them an effective social safety net. In many low-resource countries, school feeding programs are designed to protect children from the effects…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Developing Nations, Food, Lunch Programs
Chambers, Brittany Sachi – ProQuest LLC, 2018
In a country where inventors and innovators are noted as being at liberty to enter and contribute to the free market space, conversely studies have found that Black tech entrepreneurs face greater difficulty launching and growing their businesses. A review of the literature suggests that many of these difficulties stem from the lingering effects…
Descriptors: African Americans, Entrepreneurship, Information Technology, Technological Advancement
Xiao, Xiao – ProQuest LLC, 2013
Due to their low cost of implementation and considerable elasticity, cloud-based IT solutions are being widely adopted or considered in organizations across various industries. However, such IT solutions bring forth several unique challenges--challenges that make it difficult for organizations to achieve successful utilization of cloud-based…
Descriptors: Information Technology, Adoption (Ideas), Information Systems, Nonprofit Organizations
Meece, Jeffrey Scott – ProQuest LLC, 2013
This study explored variables that impacted college choices of traditionally aged new freshmen who chose to attend two-year colleges in central Wisconsin with the intention of completing bachelor's degrees. Participants in this study were traditionally aged 18 and 19 years-old first-time freshmen who attended one of five two-year schools in…
Descriptors: College Choice, College Freshmen, Two Year Colleges, Bachelors Degrees
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