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Dixon-Roman, Ezekiel, Ed.; Gordon, Edmund W., Ed. – Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2012
While much is known about the critical importance of educative experiences outside of school, little is known about the social systems, community programs, and everyday practices that can facilitate learning outside of the classroom. "Thinking Comprehensively About Education" sheds much-needed light on those systems, programs, and…
Descriptors: Education, Social Systems, Economics, Foreign Countries
Gordon, Edmund W., Ed.; Bridglall, Beatrice L., Ed. – Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., 2006
According to Gordon and Bridglall, the ability to learn is more of a developed human capacity than a fixed aptitude with which one is born. They argue that the emergence of academic ability is associated with exposure to specialized cultures that privilege the attitudes, knowledge, and skills that schools reward. Children who are born to and…
Descriptors: Academic Ability, Academic Achievement, Affirmative Action, Nature Nurture Controversy
Gordon, Edmund W., Ed.; Bridglall, Beatrice L., Ed.; Meroe, Aundra Saa, Ed. – Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., 2004
In this book, the editors argue that while access to schools that enable and expect academic achievement is a necessary ingredient for the education of students, schools alone may not be sufficient to ensure universally high levels of academic development. Supplemental educational experiences may also be needed. The idea of supplementary education…
Descriptors: Low Income Groups, Hidden Curriculum, Educational Experience, Academic Achievement
Gordon, Edmund W., Ed. – 1965
The first issue of the IRCD Bulletin describes the scope and functions of the Information Retrieval Center on the Disadvantaged. Noted is its focus on the psychoeducational development of socially disadvantaged children and youth. To aid professionals working in this field, IRCD serves as an information clearinghouse and publishes bibliographies…
Descriptors: Bibliographies, Clearinghouses, Cognitive Development, Compensatory Education
Gordon, Edmund W., Ed. – 1969
This issue of the IRCD Bulletin is comprised of papers focusing on procedures and policies relating to admission to colleges. The first article by Dr. Edmund W. Gordon, "Higher Education and the Challenge of Universal Access to Post-Secondary Education," discusses the democratizing and humanistic functions of colleges in arriving at new admission…
Descriptors: Administrative Policy, Admission Criteria, College Admission, Compensatory Education
Wang, Margaret C., Ed.; Gordon, Edmund W., Ed. – 1994
This collection attempts to broaden understanding of how to magnify circumstances known to enhance development and education in order to advance opportunities for all children, especially children and youth of the inner cities. Focuses are on raising consciousness about opportunities available to foster resilience and on synthesizing the knowledge…
Descriptors: Adjustment (to Environment), Blacks, Context Effect, Educational Change
Gordon, Edmund W., Ed. – 1969
This issue of the "IRCD Bulletin" contains the transcript of the Declaration of Black Teachers before the Black Ministers-Teachers Conference on April 27, 1968 at Detroit, Michigan, a status statement on "Relevance and Pluralism in Curriculum Development" by Dr. Edmund W. Gordon, an article on moving "Toward Curriculum…
Descriptors: Bibliographies, Black Studies, Black Teachers, Cultural Pluralism
Gordon, Edmund W., Ed. – IRCD Bulletin, 1969
This issue of the IRCD Bulletin is devoted to commentaries on an article by Arthur R. Jensen on the nature-nurture controversy in a recent number of "Harvard Educational Review." Contents of the Bulletin are comprised of the following: "Education, Ethnicity, Genetics and Intelligence; Jensenism: Another Excuse for Failure to…
Descriptors: Behavior Development, Compensatory Education, Disadvantaged Youth, Environmental Influences
Gordon, Edmund W., Ed. – 1969
The articles in this double issue of the "IRCD Bulletin" deal with the proposed decentralization of the New York City school system. Edmund Gordon argues that decentralization can provide the best organizational structure--(1) to make the schools accountable to the parents and communities they serve, (2) to place the responsibility for…
Descriptors: Bibliographies, Black Power, Board of Education Policy, Community Influence
Gordon, Edmund W., Ed. – 1972
Contents of this issue of the NCRIEEO Newsletter include the following articles: (1) "Editor's commentary: background to the issue," by Edmund Gordon, which puts busing into perspective as an important educational resource--like physical facilities, instructional materials, and teachers--to be used to achieve educational and social…
Descriptors: Bus Transportation, Desegregation Effects, Desegregation Litigation, Desegregation Methods
Gordon, Edmund W., Ed. – 1985
Two major areas of educational research are addressed in this book. The first explores recent theories and findings on the cognitive aspects of education. The second focuses upon research that examines education as a social institution. The following articles are presented: (1) "The History of Literacy and the History of Readers" (Carl F.…
Descriptors: Cognitive Processes, Cognitive Style, Cultural Influences, Educational Research
Gordon, Edmund W., Ed. – 1966
A bulletin consists of two articles on the language development of disadvantaged children. The opposing positions of language teachers on the "correct" approach to teaching standard English are outlined in one of the articles. On one side are those who favor creativity and freedom of expression while on the other side are the "purists" who are…
Descriptors: Blacks, Disadvantaged Youth, Educational Diagnosis, Individualized Instruction
Gordon, Edmund W., Ed. – 1965
Language development in disadvantaged children and the research related to this area are the subjects of this issue of the IRCD Bulletin. The first part discusses the functions of the various components of language and the effects of language deprivation on disadvantaged youngsters. The educational approaches to teaching language fundamentals…
Descriptors: Bibliographies, Bilingualism, Dialect Studies, Disadvantaged Youth
Gordon, Edmund W., Ed. – 1968
Although there is currently great emphasis placed on high school completion, it should be recognized that the credential value of the diploma has diminished over the past 59 years. The diploma has become the minimum prerequisite for a job but offers no surety of employment. The problem of the dropout is far more complex than whether or not he…
Descriptors: Bibliographies, Black Youth, Disadvantaged Youth, Dropout Characteristics
Gordon, Edmund W., Ed. – 1965
The major article in this IRCD Bulletin is devoted to preschool educational programs. Following some background discussion about the new concentration in preschool education on cognitive development and the rationale for preschool learning, various techniques and procedures are reported. An extensive bibliography cites works about preschool…
Descriptors: Bibliographies, Book Reviews, Cognitive Development, Disadvantaged
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