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Helman, Lori; Bear, Donald R.; Templeton, Shane; Invernizzi, Marcia; Johnston, Francine R. – Pearson, 2023
"Word Study with Multilingual Learners: Phonics, Spelling, and Vocabulary Instruction" is the most complete resource available for teachers to use as you facilitate research-based word study in classrooms with students from varying language backgrounds. Empower your students to grasp this new language at the word level, building skills…
Descriptors: Word Study Skills, English Language Learners, Phonics, Spelling
Anne C. Ittner Ed.; Amy Frederick Ed.; Darl Kiernan Ed.; Donald R. Bear Ed. – Guilford Press, 2023
Written and edited by experts in the field, this book provides a blueprint for weaving effective word study into the fabric of classrooms and schools. Provided are principles, ideas, materials, and activities for use with teachers in a range of professional learning contexts. Key topics include word study foundations and orthographic knowledge;…
Descriptors: Word Study Skills, Faculty Development, Orthographic Symbols, Coaching (Performance)
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Tracy Johnson; Emily Rodgers; Jerome V. D'Agostino – Reading Psychology, 2024
Current reading research largely focuses on word reading. This study complements that focus by considering what children do when encountering unknown words and how that problem-solving changes over time. We used overlapping wave theory to describe how children who were having difficulty with reading changed their word-solving actions across nine…
Descriptors: Learning Laboratories, Reading Skills, Reading Instruction, Kindergarten
Helman, Lori; Bear, Donald R.; Invernizzi, Marcia; Templeton, Shane; Johnston, Francine R. – Pearson, 2023
"Word Study: Letter Name-Alphabetic Sorts for Spanish-Speaking Multilingual Learners" is the ideal stage-specific companion to "Word Study with Multilingual Learners." Beginning with picture concept sorts, it provides strategies to help teachers make sorting meaningful. The text develops a routine for introducing English…
Descriptors: Word Study Skills, Spanish Speaking, Bilingual Students, English Language Learners
Kryscio, Kathryn – ProQuest LLC, 2023
Researchers have known for several years that when a child is reading below proficiency by the end of third grade, it is likely the child will continue to struggle learning to read through the child's academic career (Dickinson & Porche, 2011; Wasik & Hindman, 2011). Yet, the problem of children falling below third grade reading…
Descriptors: Case Studies, Teacher Attitudes, Faculty Development, Literacy
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Chyllis E. Scott; Abby Pierce; Erin K. Washburn; Carly Waters – English in Texas, 2023
This study identified the literacy strategies and activities teacher candidates used during clinically rich field experiences based on their elementary-aged students' needs. The teacher candidates' weekly teaching logs were analyzed, and four categories of literacy strategies and activities emerged, including comprehension, word study, writing,…
Descriptors: Literacy, Class Activities, Field Experience Programs, Preservice Teachers
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Samantha Cooper; Michael Hebert; J. Marc Goodrich; Sergio Leiva; Xin Lin; Peng Peng; J. Ron Nelson – Journal of Behavioral Education, 2024
The purpose of this meta-analysis was to assess the overall effects of automaticity training of fundamental literacy component skills (i.e., letter names/sounds, individual words) on reading fluency and comprehension. Another purpose was to assess if the effects of automaticity training varied for reading fluency and comprehension. We identified…
Descriptors: Reading Ability, Literacy, Elementary Education, Grade 1
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Vines, Nora; Jordan, Jennifer; Broemmel, Amy D. – Reading Teacher, 2020
Spelling instruction has been researched over the last several decades, but unfortunately, researchers have determined that best practices have not generally transferred to classroom practice. The authors explored how quality word study professional development rooted in nonnegotiable tenets provided a framework for teacher and student…
Descriptors: Spelling Instruction, Word Study Skills, Faculty Development, Program Effectiveness
Margaret T. Pesch – ProQuest LLC, 2023
The purpose of this semester-long project was to redesign the ninth grade English language arts curriculum to include a literacy-based multicomponent intervention to meet the needs of developing readers, while simultaneously maintaining a rigorous curriculum challenging proficient readers in a general education classroom. I examined peer-reviewed…
Descriptors: General Education, Grade 9, Language Arts, Reading Skills
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Mikita, Clara; Rodgers, Emily; Berenbon, Rebecca; Winkler, Christa – Reading Teacher, 2019
Recent research on scaffolding has examined both the sources of information used and neglected during students' word-solving attempts and the amount of information provided in teachers' word-solving prompts. In this teaching tip, the authors expand the application of such research from one-to-one student-teacher interactions to a guided reading…
Descriptors: Reading Instruction, Prompting, Scaffolding (Teaching Technique), Word Study Skills
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Shport, Irina A. – Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 2018
Purpose: The goal of this study was to test whether fronting and lengthening of lax vowels influence the perception of femininity in listeners whose dialect is characterized as already having relatively fronted and long lax vowels in male and female speech. Method: Sixteen English words containing the /? ? ? ?/ vowels were produced by a male…
Descriptors: Vowels, Femininity, Listening, Intervals
Flanigan, Kevin; Hayes, Latisha; Templeton, Shane; Bear, Donald R.; Invernizzi, Marcia; Johnston, Francine R. – Pearson, 2023
"Word Study with Students Who Struggle: Reading, Vocabulary, and Spelling Instruction, Grades 4-12" is intended for the middle and secondary classroom teacher. This handy book emphasizes the use of word study with its hands-on, accessible approach, to help students catch up with their peers. This book will help you determine student…
Descriptors: Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Sherman, Mary Kay – Texas Association for Literacy Education Yearbook, 2018
Reading fluency is one of several components of an effective reading program. One way to increase a student's reading fluency is teaching word attack skills as a way to break words down into smaller parts. Strategies, such as direct teaching of word attack skills, can make it easier for students to read unknown words. Understanding and applying…
Descriptors: Reading Instruction, Reading Fluency, Reading Skills, Word Study Skills
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Maczuga, Paulina; O'Brien, Mary Grantham; Knaus, Johannes – Unterrichtspraxis/Teaching German, 2017
Lexical stress assignment plays a central role in being understood in a second language. In fact, research has shown that it may be more important for the comprehensibility of second language learners' speech than, for example, grammatical correctness (Trofimovich & Isaacs, 2012). Nonetheless, its production poses challenges for second…
Descriptors: German, Second Language Learning, Lexicology, Native Speakers
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Ota, Mitsuhiko; Skarabela, Barbora – Journal of Child Language, 2018
This study explores the possibility that early word segmentation is aided by infants' tendency to segment words with repeated syllables ("reduplication"). Twenty-four nine-month-olds were familiarized with passages containing one novel reduplicated word and one novel non-reduplicated word. Their central fixation times in response to…
Descriptors: Emergent Literacy, Word Study Skills, Infants, Syllables
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