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McCabe, Mark J.; Snyder, Christopher M.; Fagin, Anna – Journal of Academic Librarianship, 2013
Economists have built a theory to understand markets in which, rather than selling directly to buyers, suppliers sell through a platform, which controls prices on both sides. The theory has been applied to understand markets ranging from telephony, to credit cards, to media. In this paper, we apply the theory to the market for scholarly journals,…
Descriptors: Periodicals, Scholarship, Access to Information, Electronic Publishing
Pinto, Mary Beth; Mansfield, Phylis M. – Journal of Student Financial Aid, 2006
College students today face heavy student loan debt that is intensified by the amount of credit card debt they carry. This study provides a profile of financially at-risk students based on their credit card usage behavior. When compared to the non-financially at-risk students, those in the financially at-risk group were found to have higher…
Descriptors: College Students, Student Loan Programs, Student Financial Aid, Debt (Financial)
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Simkin, Mark G. – Journal of Information Systems Education, 2008
Data-validation routines enable computer applications to test data to ensure their accuracy, completeness, and conformance to industry or proprietary standards. This paper presents five programming cases that require students to validate five different types of data: (1) simple user data entries, (2) UPC codes, (3) passwords, (4) ISBN numbers, and…
Descriptors: Computers, Computer Oriented Programs, Programming, Information Technology
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Darolia, Rajeev – Journal of Education Finance, 2014
Little is known about private student loan discrimination, in contrast to the relatively developed research on discrimination in other credit markets such as mortgages and credit cards. The private student lending market can play a key role in responding to changes in the policy or economic environment, and many students and their families turn to…
Descriptors: Student Loan Programs, Student Financial Aid, Credit (Finance), Labor Market
Kasman, Matt; Heuberger, Benjamin; Hammond, Ross A. – Brookings Institution, 2018
The lack of basic financial knowledge and skills among youth today is of national concern. American high school students routinely fail tests that evaluate their financial knowledge and are ill-prepared to face important decisions about borrowing, saving, investing, and planning for their financial futures. The consequences of these low levels of…
Descriptors: Youth Programs, Money Management, State Standards, Academic Standards
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Robb, Cliff A.; Moody, Beth; Abdel-Ghany, Mohamed – Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory & Practice, 2012
Data collected from two major universities (one in the Midwest and one in the Southeast) in the United States were used to analyze student persistence behavior and perceptions of debt. Results from four separate logistic regression analyses suggested that financial factors play a significant role in student persistence behavior as well as in…
Descriptors: Debt (Financial), Credit (Finance), Academic Persistence, Performance Factors
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Kiyici, Mubin – Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology - TOJET, 2012
Internet is an important facilitator for human and humans use this medium almost every phase. As a shopping medium, internet attract human so attract researcher. Younger people can adapt newer technologies so they can adapt internet as shopping tool. In this research it is tried to define college of education students' online shopping behavior and…
Descriptors: Self Efficacy, Familiarity, Internet, Credit (Finance)
Snyder, Robin M. – Association Supporting Computer Users in Education, 2014
The Raspberry Pi is a credit card size low powered compute board with Ethernet connection, HDMI video output, audio, full Linux operating system run from an SD card, and more, all for $45. With cables, SD card, etc., the cost is about $70. Originally designed to help teach computer science principles to low income children and students, the Pi has…
Descriptors: Computers, Open Source Technology, Power Technology, Internet
Schargel, Franklin P. – Eye on Education, 2012
Reduce your school's dropout rate, help improve teaching and learning, and develop stronger relationships with parents and the community. This book showcases the collected efforts of dedicated educators from across the country, selected and presented by one of today's leading experts in dropout prevention, Franklin Schargel. Easily indexed…
Descriptors: Expertise, School Safety, Dropout Rate, Dropout Prevention
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Yoon, Intae – Journal of Social Work Education, 2012
Cross-sectional data reveal alarming financial situations among 2009 MSW graduates from 25 states and their loan decisions (N=260). More than a quarter of the participants owe at least $40,000 in educational loans from their MSW degree, and 30% borrowed at least $30,000 of their total college education debt. Expensive credit cards are used more…
Descriptors: National Surveys, Graduate Surveys, Financial Problems, Debt (Financial)
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Staklis, Sandra – National Center for Education Statistics, 2010
These tables provide comprehensive information on undergraduates who were enrolled in U.S. postsecondary institutions during the 2007-08 academic year. Estimates for enrolled students are presented by attendance status, degree program, undergraduate major, average grades, student characteristics, financial aid status and credit card debt, work,…
Descriptors: Undergraduate Students, Student Financial Aid, Student Characteristics, Higher Education
Mattson, Lucretia; Sahlhoff, Kathleen; Blackstone, Judith; Peden, Blaine; Nahm, Abraham Y. – Journal of Student Financial Aid, 2004
This research used a Web-based survey of students at a Midwest regional university to measure the extent of credit card use by first-year students and seniors. The results indicate that the variables influencing credit card use and the carrying of a balance from one month to the next include the number of cards held by the student, the student's…
Descriptors: Income, Credit (Finance), Internet, Surveys
Glennie, Elizabeth; Lauff, Erich; Ottem, Randy – Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education, US Department of Education, 2017
High school students who complete technical coursework in a given field should be able to demonstrate their skill mastery by passing a technical skill assessment that is recognized in that field. States are using a variety of approaches to assess students' skill attainment, with some adopting industry-recognized assessments linked to national…
Descriptors: Vocational Education, Career Education, Professional Education, State Legislation
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
d'Astous, Alain; Miquelon, Diane – Journal of Consumer Affairs, 1991
A sample of 204 Canadians were presented information in 3 formats--matrix table, summary, and combination--with which to choose an appropriate credit card. Summary ratings of credit cards combined with a table of fees, interest rates, and grace periods reduced information processing efforts and led to better consumer decisions. (SK)
Descriptors: Cognitive Processes, Consumer Education, Credit Cards, Decision Making
Barron, John M.; Staten, Michael E. – Journal of Student Financial Aid, 2004
This article provides benchmark measures of college student credit card usage by utilizing a pooled sample of over 300,000 recently opened credit card accounts. The analysis compares behavior over 12 months of account history for three groups of accounts: those opened by young adults through college student marketing programs; those opened through…
Descriptors: Young Adults, College Students, Undergraduate Study, Student Behavior
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