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de Vries, Heinz J., Ed. – CEDEFOP Flash, 1990
This document reports on a conference centered around three topics: vocational guidance in the Member States of the European Community (EC), the "Europeanization" of vocational guidance, and approaches to cross-frontier vocational guidance. Among the recommendations of the conference participants are the following: the tasks of…
Descriptors: Adult Counseling, Adult Education, Career Guidance, Career Planning
Wisser, Ulrike, Ed.; Grootings, Peter, Ed. – CEDEFOP Flash, 1992
A "travelling" congress was conducted in five European cities (Berlin, Warsaw, Prague, Budapest, and Vienna) to promote a mutual exchange of views between east and west. The participants stressed the growing European Community interest in current examples of cooperation with neighbors in central and eastern Europe. In addition to…
Descriptors: Continuing Education, Field Trips, Foreign Countries, International Cooperation
European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training, Berlin (West Germany). – 1988
This document reports the proceedings of a research forum on vocational training. Following an introduction that outlines the course of the meetings, the following 13 papers are included in the proceedings: "Report by the National Employment Office (ONEM)" (Belgium); "Training Research and Development" (National Manpower…
Descriptors: Education Work Relationship, Foreign Countries, Job Training, Postsecondary Education
German Federal Inst. for Vocational Training Affairs, Berlin (Germany). – 1996
Representatives from 13 Central and Eastern European countries, the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training, and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development met for 2 days in Berlin to continue European Training Foundation (ETF) efforts to design a methodology for formulating standards in vocational training (VT)…
Descriptors: Academic Standards, Case Studies, Comparative Analysis, Conferences
National Governors' Association, Washington, DC. – 1992
These proceedings include 13 "perspectives from the field" and 9 selected papers (with abstracts) from a national conference on recommended policies and practices for investing in youth. The 13 perspectives papers are as follows: "Saving the Next Generation" (Berlin); "Effective Strategies for Investing in Youth"…
Descriptors: Apprenticeships, Community Action, Coordination, Dropout Prevention
Watts, A. G. – CEDEFOP Flash, 1990
A conference set the stage for the development of European Community (EC) policy in the field of vocational guidance and possible action. Discussion focused on the need for trans-frontier guidance and the need for communication and cooperation between guidance services to support educational and occupational mobility across the EC as a whole. The…
Descriptors: Adult Education, Career Education, Career Guidance, Computer Oriented Programs
UNEVOC Info, 1999
In 1998, five regional conferences were held in preparation for the Second International Congress on Technical and Vocational Education (TVE). The Asia-Pacific regional conference focused on challenges of the 21st century, demands of the world of work, and changing patterns in the delivery of training programs. The European symposium covered five…
Descriptors: Conferences, Educational Change, Educational Improvement, Educational Needs
European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training, Berlin (West Germany). – 1989
This document reports the proceedings of a conference held in Brussels to take stock (on the basis of the studies conducted by the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training and the analyses carried out in this field in all the European Community member states) of the work undertaken in the last few years and to present…
Descriptors: Developed Nations, Educational Needs, Employer Employee Relationship, Foreign Countries
Castin, Franz – 1987
This document presents an overview and synthesis of the involvement of employers' and employers' organizations in the development of vocational training policy in Europe. Material was gathered through the personal experience of the author and from interviews with those responsible for vocational training in various employers' professional…
Descriptors: Advisory Committees, Continuing Education, Educational Policy, Employer Attitudes
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Pierret, M. – CEDEFOP Flash, 1990
This paper summarizes the proceedings of a conference held to discuss evaluation in vocational education. The agenda included welcome speeches and the introductory address by Robert Savy, President of the Regional Council of Limousin (France); an opening session with statements from representatives of the Commission of the European Communities…
Descriptors: Economic Development, Educational Assessment, Educational Objectives, Educational Practices
European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training, Berlin (Germany). – 1994
This document consists of the 24 papers delivered at a conference that had five workshops examining various dimensions of the social and occupational transition of young people. The papers are arranged by workshop/session. A summary report precedes the other papers presented during a session. The papers in the session on perspectives on systems,…
Descriptors: Education Work Relationship, Educational Benefits, Educational Certificates, Employed Women