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Carnevale, Anthony; Quinn, Michael C. – Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, 2021
Affirmative action critics argue that race-conscious admissions policies are keeping Asian American enrollment numbers unfairly low because Asian American students are held to higher admissions standards than applicants of any other race or ethnicity. "Selective Bias: Asian Americans, Test Scores, and Holistic Admissions" evaluates the…
Descriptors: Selective Admission, Asian American Students, College Admission, Pacific Americans
Gutierrez, Rose Ann E.; Le, Annie; Teranishi, Robert T. – Education Trust-West, 2021
The Atlanta massacre on March 16, 2021, spurred a series of solidarity statements with the broader Asian and Asian American1 community from higher education institutions across the nation. While many colleges and universities have expressed their grief and support with the larger Asian and Asian American community, the same institutions have yet…
Descriptors: Racial Discrimination, Racial Bias, Higher Education, Asian American Students
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Setiawan, Owen – Penn GSE Perspectives on Urban Education, 2020
This piece follows the recent and prolonged struggles of Asian American youth in the United States highlighting key points surrounding recent events in 2020. The purpose of this piece is to highlight the voices, experiences, and opinions of Asian American youth during this time. This piece is based on Asian American youth primarily in the…
Descriptors: Asian Americans, Racial Attitudes, Experience, COVID-19
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Museus, Samuel D.; Espiritu, Gabriel Lê; Ng, Caitlin – Education Sciences, 2021
Structural oppression continues to be one of the most pressing problems in U.S. society, and college students have always played a major role in addressing systemic inequities. Yet, much remains to be learned about the experiences of students advocating social justice in higher education, and there is a paucity of research on Asian American…
Descriptors: Asian American Students, Undergraduate Students, Student Experience, Social Justice
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Assari, Shervin; Boyce, Shanika; Bazargan, Mohsen; Caldwell, Cleopatra H. – Education Sciences, 2020
The Marginalization-related Diminished Returns (MDR) phenomenon refers to the weaker effects of parental educational attainment for marginalized groups, particularly ethnic minorities. This literature, however, is limited to Blacks and Hispanics; thus, it is not clear if the MDR phenomenon also applies to the educational performance of Asian…
Descriptors: Mathematics Achievement, Educational Attainment, Parent Background, Asian Americans
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Yeo, Hye Jin Tina; Mendenhall, Ruby; Harwood, Stacy Anne; Huntt, Margaret Browne – Journal of International Students, 2019
This study examines the experiences of Asian American students who are mistaken as Asian international students; it provides insight into domestic students' perceptions of and potential racial microaggressive experiences of international students. Drawing from racial microaggression survey data of Asian Americans, this study highlights the…
Descriptors: Asian American Students, Asians, Foreign Students, Educational Experience
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Gao, Jing – International Journal of Multicultural Education, 2020
This qualitative study explores perceptions of Asian American high school students in social studies. The study finds that students interpret their experiences of learning social studies in various ways. The different perspectives of students on social studies are influenced by beliefs and practices of social studies teachers in curriculum and…
Descriptors: Asian American Students, High School Students, Student Attitudes, Social Studies
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Yee, Jennifer A. – Journal of Community Engagement and Higher Education, 2020
This autoethnographic case study analyzes how "ASAM 230 -- Civic Engagement Through Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Studies," an ethnic studies course created at a public, comprehensive university in partnership with a community-based organization, cultivates capacity for social justice through critical service learning. ASAM…
Descriptors: Citizen Participation, Ethnic Studies, Capacity Building, Social Justice
Le, Annie; Gutierrez, Rose Ann E.; Teranishi, Robert T. – Education Trust-West, 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic has posed many challenges for K-12 students. However, these challenges have not been experienced equally across student groups. There has been a significant increase in mainstream media coverage of anti-Asian racism, but very little attention has been given to Asian American youth, who are not immune from incidents of…
Descriptors: Asian American Students, Bullying, Racial Discrimination, Racial Bias
Shirrell, Matthew; Bristol, Travis J.; Britton, Tolani A. – Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University, 2021
Although Black and Latinx students disproportionately face exclusionary school discipline, prior research finds that the likelihood of suspension for Black students decreases when they are taught by greater proportions of Black teachers. Little prior work, however, has examined whether these effects generalize to large, diverse, urban school…
Descriptors: Minority Group Students, African American Students, Hispanic American Students, Asian American Students
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Dobson, Ashley – Journal of College Admission, 2018
Bias--both perceived and real--dictates how Asian-Americans view the college admission process. "The Harvard case" is a lawsuit brought by Students for Fair Admissions Inc. (SFFA). The group, led by conservative legal strategist Edward Blum, sued Harvard in 2014, claiming there was evidence proving bias against Asian-American students in…
Descriptors: Asian American Students, Diversity, Racial Bias, Racial Identification
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Litam, Stacey Diane Arañez; Chan, Christian D. – Professional Counselor, 2021
A grounded theory study was employed to identify the conditions contributing to the core phenomenon of Asian American activists (N = 25) mobilizing toward thick solidarity with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement in 2020. The findings indicate achieving a collective oppressed identity was necessary to mobilize in thick solidarity with the BLM…
Descriptors: Grounded Theory, Asian Americans, Activism, Racial Bias
Chang, Benjamin – Online Submission, 2017
The communities that constitute the racialized category of Asian Americans consist of approximately 20 million people in the United States, or about 5% of the total population. About 20% or 4 million are of primary or secondary school age, and over 1.1 million are in higher education. Both in popular and academic discourse, "Asian…
Descriptors: Asian Americans, Demography, Elementary Secondary Education, Higher Education
Poon, OiYan A. – National Commission on Asian American and Pacific Islander Research in Education, 2017
Opponents of affirmative action in the Fisher Supreme Court case claim that race-conscious admissions policies discriminate against Asian American applicants and impose a "higher bar" in college admissions than for other students. In their amicus brief supporting the plaintiff in the Fisher case, 80-20 states that, "Asian American…
Descriptors: Asian American Students, College Freshmen, College Admission, Affirmative Action
Teranishi, Robert – National Commission on Asian American and Pacific Islander Research in Education, 2017
Asian Americans are increasingly a factor in the political life of the United States, which makes it important to gain an accurate rendering of their position on key social issues that impact the nation. One area where there is a lack of understanding about the position of Asian Americans is with the issue of affirmative action. The 80-20 National…
Descriptors: Asian Americans, Public Opinion, Affirmative Action, College Admission
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