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Ee, Jongyeon; Orfield, Gary; Teitell, Jennifer – Civil Rights Project - Proyecto Derechos Civiles, 2018
Private schools have a long and important tradition in U.S. education and have been the focus of a great deal of political controversy in recent years. There is deep division among Americans over the desirability of using public funds to finance vouchers for private education--an issue that has become the leading educational goal of the Trump…
Descriptors: Private Schools, Private Education, Student Diversity, Racial Composition
Orfield, Gary; And Others – 1989
This report examines national, state, and metropolitan trends in the desegregation of U.S. public schools, based on federal enrollment statistics. The data indicate that the White majority is declining, and that Hispanic, Asian, American Indian enrollments are growing rapidly. There has been no overall change in Black segregation on a national…
Descriptors: American Indians, Asian Americans, Black Students, De Facto Segregation
Orfield, Gary – 1986
For this report, the first of a series, the National School Desegregation Research Project obtained federal data for the 1984-85 school year, which show a substantial change in the racial composition of American's public schools since 1968, when data were first collected. The white majority is shrinking, due to a large decline in fertility and a…
Descriptors: American Indians, Asian Americans, Black Students, Demography
Orfield, Gary; Yun, John T. – 1999
This report focuses on four important trends. The first is that the U.S. South is resegregating after two and a half decades of increasing integration. The second is that the data show continuously increasing segregation for Latino students, who are rapidly becoming the largest minority group in the United States and who have been more segregated…
Descriptors: Black Students, Educational Trends, Elementary Secondary Education, Hispanic American Students
Orfield, Gary; Jarvie, Danielle – Civil Rights Project - Proyecto Derechos Civiles, 2020
This report shows that the segregation of Black students has increased in almost every region of the nation, and that Black students in many of nation's largest school districts have little access to or interaction with White, Asian or middle-class students. The report documents substantial Black enrollment in suburban schools, but high levels of…
Descriptors: School Resegregation, Racial Segregation, Enrollment Trends, Educational Trends
Orfield, Gary; Glass, Diane – 1994
Asian students are the most successful racial group in American schools, and this success has led to the model minority stereotype. However, the question of Asian students and school segregation is seldom examined, largely because of the traditional academic success of Asian students. This study compares the level of racial segregation Asian…
Descriptors: Asian American Students, Asian Americans, Desegregation Effects, Desegregation Plans
Orfield, Gary; Jarvie, Danielle – Civil Rights Project - Proyecto Derechos Civiles, 2020
The brief first presents new facts on the extraordinary segregation of Black and Latino students in the state's public schools. Second, it shows that those groups are doubly segregated by race and poverty at the most educationally unsuccessful schools. These children are, on average, from families with far lower income and wealth and with parents…
Descriptors: Public Schools, Equal Education, Affirmative Action, African American Students
Orfield, Gary; Ee, Jongyeon; Frankenberg, Erica; Siegel-Hawley, Genevieve – Civil Rights Project - Proyecto Derechos Civiles, 2016
As the anniversary of "Brown v. Board of Education" decision arrives again without any major initiatives to mitigate spreading and deepening segregation in the nation's schools, the Civil Rights Project adds to a growing national discussion with a research brief drawn from a much broader study of school segregation to be published in…
Descriptors: Desegregation Litigation, School Desegregation, Civil Rights, Public Schools
Frankenberg, Erica; Ee, Jongyeon; Ayscue, Jennifer B.; Orfield, Gary – Civil Rights Project - Proyecto Derechos Civiles, 2019
The publication of this report marks the 65th anniversary of "Brown v. Board of Education," the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case declaring racial segregation in public schools unconstitutional. In the immediate years after the "Brown" ruling, the effort to integrate schools faced many difficult challenges and progress was…
Descriptors: Desegregation Litigation, School Desegregation, School Segregation, Civil Rights
Orfield, Gary; Monfort, Franklin – 1986
Analysis of the United States Department of Education's racial enrollment statistics for the 1980-84 period shows no significant increase in the segregation of black students in the U.S. For black students, the data suggest that the courts ignored the current Administration's policies against mandatory desegregation, and that the trends in…
Descriptors: Asian Americans, Black Students, Elementary Secondary Education, Hispanic Americans
Orfield, Gary; Lee, Chungmei – Civil Rights Project at Harvard University (The), 2005
This report examines the changing nature of segregation and integration in a society that has now become far more profoundly multiracial than it was in the past and explores some of the connections between segregation by race, segregation by poverty, and unequal opportunity. It has several basic goals--to help people understand some of the…
Descriptors: Asian American Students, American Indian Students, White Students, Enrollment Trends
Frankenberg, Erica; Lee, Chungmei; Orfield, Gary – 2003
This report describes patterns of racial enrollment and segregation in U.S. public schools at the national, regional, state, and district levels using the 2000-01 NCES Common Core of Data. Trends in desegregation and resegregation over the last one-third century are also examined. Whites are the most segregated group, attending schools that are,…
Descriptors: Asian American Students, Black Students, Civil Rights, Elementary Secondary Education
Orfield, Gary; Kucsera, John; Siegel-Hawley, Genevieve – Civil Rights Project / Proyecto Derechos Civiles, 2012
This report shows segregation has increased dramatically across the country for Latino students, who are attending more intensely segregated and impoverished schools than they have for generations. The segregation increases have been the most dramatic in the West. The typical Latino student in the region attends a school where less than a quarter…
Descriptors: School Segregation, Disadvantaged Schools, Poverty, Race
Orfield, Gary; And Others – 1987
The segregation of blacks in American public schools has changed little since 1972. During the same period of time there has been a constant growth in the segregation of Hispanics in schools. No branch of the Federal Government has taken any policy initiatives toward desegregation since 1971. This report presents information concerning the status…
Descriptors: Asian Americans, Blacks, Busing, Desegregation Plans
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Kucsera, John V.; Siegel-Hawley, Genevieve; Orfield, Gary – Urban Education, 2015
Southern California is facing a demographic transformation that will become characteristic of the nation as a whole in coming decades. In this research, we present a historical review of the region's attempt to address school inequity, recent enrollment and segregation trends, and an investigation of whether segregation still matters. Our results…
Descriptors: Equal Education, Racial Segregation, Socioeconomic Status, English Language Learners
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