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Brown, Lester; And Others – Natural History, 1985
Discusses soil erosion, drought, forest systems, overfishing, global climate change, hunger, population, energy, and building a sustainable society. Emphasizes the breakdown of natural systems in Africa. (Most of the material in this article was drawn from "State of the World 1985: A Worldwatch Institute Report on Progress Toward a…
Descriptors: Climate, Ecology, Energy, Environmental Education
Brown, Lester R.; And Others – 1990
As the world enters the last decade of the 20th century, the environmental problems facing human societies have been given increased emphasis in world policy debates. The goal of the Worldwatch Institute is to help raise the level of public understanding of global environmental threats to the point where the public will support policies needed to…
Descriptors: Air Pollution, Conservation (Environment), Energy Conservation, Environmental Education
Brown, Lester R.; And Others – 1992
This book is the 1992 report by Worldwatch Institute on the progress toward a sustainable society. The book contains 11 chapters discussing topics related to the theme: (1) "Denial in the Decisive Decade" (Sandra Postel); (2) "Conserving Biological Diversity" (John C. Ryan); (3) "Building a Bridge to Sustainable…
Descriptors: Biodiversity, Ecology, Energy, Environmental Education
Hayes, Denis – 1977
This paper, one of a series published by the Worldwatch Institute to identify and focus attention on global problems, is adapted from the author's book, "Rays of Hope: The Transition to a Post-Petroleum World." The author examines the current energy problems of the world, and determines that the energy patterns of the past are not the prologue to…
Descriptors: Depleted Resources, Energy, Environment, Environmental Influences
Congress of the U.S., Washington, DC. House Select Committee on Hunger. – 1985
Recommendations and issues concerning population growth rate and its linkage to hunger and malnutrition, family planning programs and U.S. foreign aid are presented in statements from representatives in Congress from the states of Texas, Michigan, Illinois and New York, and also representatives from World Population Society, the Futures Group,…
Descriptors: Birth Rate, Categorical Aid, Climate, Environmental Influences
Brown, Lester R.; And Others – 1989
There are more people being affected by environmental change than ever before. The deterioration of the earth's physical condition appears to be accelerating. This sixth in a series of annual reports is a collection of 10 essays detailing the major threats to global environmental security and possible responses to them. Included are: (1) "A World…
Descriptors: Air Pollution, Climate, Conservation (Environment), Ecology
Brown, Lester R.; And Others – 1993
This tenth edition of "State of the World" is divided into ten sections, each written by a different author, concerning different environment related topics. Section one, titled "A New Era Unfolds," discusses the economic costs of environmental degradation, the slowing of growth in food output, the end of rapid gross national…
Descriptors: Agriculture, Conservation (Environment), Ecological Factors, Ecology
Brown, Lester R.; And Others – 1986
The third of three annual assessments concentrating on the relationship between the world economy and its environmental support systems, this edition expands earlier themes on how economic demands of a world population approaching 5 billion affects the earth's natural systems and resources to embrace threats to security as well. The first of 11…
Descriptors: Agricultural Trends, Developed Nations, Developing Nations, Disarmament
Brown, Lester R.; And Others – 1987
This book was developed to highlight the risks that confront societies, and to indicate the most promising avenues for preemptive policies and actions. The document contains chapters on: (1) the emergence of change; (2) analyzing demographic factors; (3) assessing the future of urbanization; (4) reassessing nuclear power (including an analysis of…
Descriptors: Air Pollution, Conservation (Environment), Demography, Depleted Resources
Brown, Lester R.; And Others – 1985
The second of a series of annual reports designed to provide a global assessment of progress toward a sustainable society, this publication monitors changes in the global resource base (land, water, energy, and biological support systems), focusing particularly on how these changes affect the economy. Included in the report are news on innovative…
Descriptors: Alternative Energy Sources, Conservation (Environment), Depleted Resources, Developed Nations
Brown, Lester R.; And Others – 1984
The first of a series of annual reports for policy makers, this publication focuses on evaluating changes in the interplay between the world's changing resource base and the economic system. Following an overview, content is divided into 10 additional chapters covering population stabilization, the world's dependence on oil, soil conservation,…
Descriptors: Conservation (Environment), Depleted Resources, Developed Nations, Developing Nations
Brown, Lester R. – 1981
This publication discusses worldwide problems and issues of concern. There are two major parts. Part I deals with "Converging Demands." For those who regularly read the Worldwatch Papers, much of the material in this section will be familiar. The material is included here particularly for the sake of those readers abroad who do not have…
Descriptors: Conservation (Environment), Energy, Food, Futures (of Society)