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Gill, Wanda E. – Online Submission, 2013
In December 2012, the "U.S. Department of Education Chapter of Blacks In Government (BIG) Report: The Status of the African American Workforce at the U.S. Department of Education" (ED538186) described racial and demographic data by grade levels for Pay Period 11 in 2012 compared to similar data towards the end of the Bush administration.…
Descriptors: Federal Government, Public Agencies, Education, African Americans
Gill, Wanda E. – Online Submission, 2013
The 2013 Black History Month Programs at the U.S. Department of Education highlighted and celebrated emancipation, Civil Rights, the histories of key Black organizations and the contributions of Historically Black Colleges and Universities through a series of programs offered both in Barnard Auditorium at headquarters on Maryland Avenue, S.W,…
Descriptors: Access to Education, Partnerships in Education, African American History, Black Colleges
Gill, Wanda E. – Online Submission, 2013
The U.S. Department of Education Chapter of Blacks in Government (BIG) reviewed and responded to the EEOC [Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Office] African American Workgroup Report. The BIG ED Chapter considered whether: There is any evidence indicating that the number and percentage of African Americans employed by any federal government…
Descriptors: Equal Opportunities (Jobs), Minority Groups, Racial Discrimination, Public Agencies
Gill, Wanda E. – Online Submission, 2012
The report includes racial and gender demographic data at the Department of Education [ED] during the Obama administration at the SES [Senior Executive Service] and specific grade levels for Pay period 11 in the year 2012. The report compares this racial and gender demographic data with a pay period towards the end of the George W. Bush…
Descriptors: Federal Government, Public Agencies, Education, Presidents
Gill, Wanda E.; Faust, Aleshia – Online Submission, 2013
The "Analysis of the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey" compares Black and multiracial employees with White employees on responses to each question in the survey. The purpose was to highlight differences in perceptions between Whites and Blacks and those who self identify as belonging to more than one racial group to better inform federal…
Descriptors: Government Employees, Federal Government, African Americans, Multiracial Persons
Gill, Wanda E. – Online Submission, 2011
The report, "The Ready to Teach Program: A Federal Initiative in Support of Online Courses for Teachers", describes the history of the Ready to Teach Program and its role as one of the solutions to the national need to increase the performance of teachers through professional development. The report describes selected findings from the Eisenhower…
Descriptors: Feedback (Response), Online Courses, Demonstration Programs, Program Effectiveness
Gill, Wanda E. – Online Submission, 2006
Regional accreditation is an important and viable way for institutions to regulate themselves through standards development and their attainment as examined through peer review. Cycles of accreditation are useful in comparing and contrasting overall institutional effectiveness over time and against mutually agreed upon parameters. In the past 15…
Descriptors: Outcomes of Education, Institutional Mission, Curriculum, Institutional Evaluation
Gill, Wanda E. – Online Submission, 2005
Across the country, more Catholic schools are closing, as support for parochial schools in impoverished communities dwindles. Dr. Vernon C. Polite, Dean of the School of Education at the time he was selected to present at AERA (Dr. Polite joined the School of Education at Eastern Michigan University as its Dean during the summer of 2005.)…
Descriptors: Catholic Schools, High Schools, School Closing, African American Students
Gill, Wanda E. – 1986
Reasons that Bowie State College in Maryland should participate in the Upward Bound Project are discussed, with attention to geographic and demographic characteristics of the area, school characteristics, and needed services. The college historically has provided educational opportunities for black, disadvantaged students and has been successful…
Descriptors: Articulation (Education), Basic Skills, Black Colleges, College Preparation
Klenk, Jack; Dorfman, Cynthia Hearn; Gill, Wanda E.; O'Malley, Charles J. – US Department of Education, 2005
This booklet is a "decision tool" that can help parents navigate the process of choosing a school. It explains some of the public school choices now available in many communities and covers private school options that may be available as well. It outlines steps that parents can follow to help them make a thoughtful choice, and it includes…
Descriptors: Federal Legislation, Parents, Private Schools, School Choice
Gill, Wanda E. – 1987
The term gender bias was coined by the National Judicial Education Program to Promote Equality for Women and Men in the Courts and is defined as the predisposition or tendency to think about and behave toward people primarily on the basis of their sex rather than their status, professional accomplishments, or aspirations. An effective method for…
Descriptors: Battered Women, Court Judges, Courts, Displaced Homemakers
Gill, Wanda E. – 1985
A Stress Test designed to help college students increase awareness of stress and ways they deal with it is presented, along with suggestions to reduce stress. The stress test was presented at a workshop by George Washington University graduate students. The test's four scales measure ways that students cope with stress and the student's…
Descriptors: Behavior Patterns, Change Strategies, Check Lists, College Students
Gill, Wanda E. – 1985
Three decision-making models that have applications for college presidents and administrators are reviewed. While both individual and group decision-making are addressed, emphasis is placed on the importance of group decisions on institutional policy planning. The model of Edmund M. Burke (1979) presents specific decision-making strategies in…
Descriptors: Administrators, College Administration, College Planning, College Presidents
Gill, Wanda E. – 1985
The term "urban education" generally refers to that education provided in inner-city schools for mainly poor and minority students. Although billions of dollars have been spent on special programs to upgrade the achievement levels of such students, urban education must be regarded as a failure, for it has left its participants without the reading,…
Descriptors: Academic Achievement, Change Strategies, Cooperative Planning, Economically Disadvantaged
Gill, Wanda E. – 1985
The education of the black child must be perceived as a partnership between parents, school teachers, administrators, and the community. That partnership needs to be cemented with understanding, open communication, and trust. Black children's test scores are the lowest of any group in the country and the gap between the educational performances of…
Descriptors: Black Community, Black Education, Black Family, Black Students
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