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Fincher, Cameron – 1992
This paper argues that meeting the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century will require significant changes in organizational and institutional leadership, and that universities worldwide must accept greater responsibility for the training and development of administrative leaders. Universities must develop cooperative strategies and…
Descriptors: College Administration, College Presidents, Continuing Education, Higher Education
Fincher, Cameron – 1999
This monograph argues that university status should be conferred on colleges only when they have reached a specified level of achievement within their various academic programs, and that when changes are made in an institution's administrative structure and academic organization, something other than institutional aspirations should serve as the…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Institutional Characteristics, Institutional Environment, Institutional Mission
Fincher, Cameron – 1998
This essay discusses the effects of technological innovation on instructional innovation. It is noted that the impact of technological innovation in instruction is cushioned by inherently conservative forces in academe, including the incentive-and-reward system that rewards research over teaching as well as the reluctance of many faculty to adopt…
Descriptors: College Faculty, College Instruction, Educational Attitudes, Educational Improvement
Fincher, Cameron – 1999
This monograph looks back at the 20th century, seeking to learn about the present by learning from the past. One challenge to institutions of higher learning today is the denial of the intellectual and cultural heritage of the university as a time and place to study and learn, as a community of scholars and scientists, and as a place where…
Descriptors: Change, Educational Assessment, Higher Education, Historiography
Fincher, Cameron – 1977
Reactions to zero-based budgeting in the State of Georgia as it pertains to institutions of higher education are discussed. Major advantages and disadvantages of zero-based budgeting as reported by budget analysts and selected department heads in state agencies were examined by George Minmier and Roger Hermanson (1976). Zero-based budgeting was…
Descriptors: Budgeting, Cost Effectiveness, Educational Assessment, Educational Finance
Fincher, Cameron – College Board Review, 1979
Testing can serve an important function in the selective admissions process, but the emphasis should be shifted from measurement to assessment of learning, from people evaluation to program evaluation, and from a concern with aptitude to a concern with accomplishment. Such changes would help testing improve teaching and learning. (Author/JMD)
Descriptors: College Admission, College Entrance Examinations, Educational Assessment, Educational Change
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Fincher, Cameron – Research in Higher Education, 1998
Scholars and researchers, in studying colleges and universities, should appreciate the advantages of broader perspectives and better insights in the interpretations and explanations of institutions telling their own fascinating stories. Each institution can be studied from different perspectives and each can contribute new insights into the world…
Descriptors: Educational Research, Higher Education, Institutional Characteristics, Institutional Research
Fincher, Cameron – 2000
Given past difficulties in reforming undergraduate education through instructional innovation, recent technological innovations pose serious problems in current efforts to define scholarship more adequately and to appraise its quality as reflected in classroom instruction. The appraisal of scholarship becomes even more of a problem as the quality…
Descriptors: Definitions, Educational Innovation, Educational Technology, Higher Education
Fincher, Cameron – 1991
This paper examines changes in American higher education, using the metaphor of ocean tides. The tides of change in the 1980s included public demands for assessment and accountability; fairness and credibility in advantages and benefits; improved quality of education; effectiveness and efficiency; assurance that college graduates were personally…
Descriptors: Accountability, Age Differences, Cultural Pluralism, Diversity (Student)
Fincher, Cameron – 1983
Basic questions concerning the purposes and functions of faculty evaluation in higher education are considered, along with background of the practice. It is contended that the purpose of faculty evaluation ought to be the improvement of instruction, and that the administrative uses of faculty evaluation for decisions of promotion, tenure, and…
Descriptors: College Faculty, Employment Practices, Faculty Evaluation, Higher Education
Fincher, Cameron – 1978
The uses and applications of testing in education and the implications of the Bakke decision are considered. Pluralism and diversity in education have convinced many observers that a different philosophy or theory of testing is needed. Alternative uses are sought in ways that would shift the aptitudes and general intelligence to skills and…
Descriptors: Admission Criteria, Behavioral Objectives, Competency Based Education, Court Litigation
Fincher, Cameron – 1999
Structural and functional changes will be needed for the university of the future, and it is possible to predict in general terms some of these changes. A look at the history of the university and an examination of current trends suggests that the dominant feature of the future university will be that it will not be organized hierarchically as its…
Descriptors: Colleges, Educational Change, Educational Trends, Elementary Secondary Education
Fincher, Cameron – 1999
This monograph discusses some of the difficulties that colleges and universities encounter when they seek to study themselves. It finds that despite commendable efforts to establish doctoral programs in higher education, institutes and centers for the study of higher education, and offices of institutional research, there are many discrepancies…
Descriptors: Educational Principles, Educational Research, Educational Researchers, Effective Schools Research
Fincher, Cameron – 1999
This brief paper addresses two important challenges for colleges and universities as the 20th century closes. First, the dilemma of how to remain competitive through technology without excessive commercialization of educational programs and services. Currently, both the critics and the proposed remedies usually come from the business world, which…
Descriptors: Cultural Influences, Educational Change, Educational Policy, Futures (of Society)
Fincher, Cameron – 1998
This essay discusses changes in higher education management over the last several decades, focusing on the "mystiques" of the 1990s, total quality management (TQM) and diversity. It notes that since the 1950s, higher education has witnessed many fads in institutional management, from management by technique to management by style to management by…
Descriptors: Administrative Principles, College Administration, Cultural Pluralism, Educational Attitudes