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Floden, Robert E.; Buchmann, Margret – 1992
Many aspects of teaching reveal it to be an activity imbued with uncertainty. Teachers are frequently unsure of their students' knowledge and understanding, of the effects of their instructional strategies, of the most appropriate content to cover in their limited time with students, and ultimately of their own intellectual and social authority.…
Descriptors: Decision Making, Elementary Secondary Education, Evaluative Thinking, Higher Education
Buchmann, Margret – 1985
This paper discusses competing norms for justifying teacher decisions, their effects on productivity and legitimacy in teaching, and the teaching profession as a moral and learning community. Drawing on philosophical analyses and studies of elementary and secondary schools, teacher preparation, staff development, and the adoption of innovations,…
Descriptors: Decision Making, Elementary Secondary Education, Personal Autonomy, Role Perception
Buchmann, Margret – 1988
This paper examines the area of teachers' practical arguments (arugments consisting in the search for a plan of action), considering questions such as: How does rationality manifest itself in practice, and in specific human practices like teaching? Is practical reasoning in teaching moral? Do values of theoretical reasoning, such as universality,…
Descriptors: Abstract Reasoning, Cognitive Processes, Comprehension, Concept Formation
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Buchmann, Margret – Journal of Curriculum Studies, 1982
Examines the trend which emphasizes teachers' classroom management skills over their knowledge of curriculum content. The author contends that content knowledge should be the primary focus of both teacher education and teaching, and that teaching strategies and management skills should arise out of the need to communicate that knowledge. (AM)
Descriptors: Classroom Techniques, Course Content, Educational Objectives, Educational Trends
Buchmann, Margret – 1990
This paper aims to accomplish several purposes through conceptual analysis, story telling and interpretation, excursions into philosophy, and recent studies of teachers' professional development. First, the paper identifies limitations and confusions in current conceptions of teachers' professional thinking: equating teacher thinking with planning…
Descriptors: Cognitive Style, Creative Thinking, Educational Philosophy, Fundamental Concepts
Buchmann, Margret – 1990
The idea that "breaks from experience" are necessary in teacher learning is a response to the fact that teachers come to their preparation with set ideas about their work that tend to fit with the given. This paper examines justifications for such "breaks" centering, first, on the limitations of what teachers learn through experience and, second,…
Descriptors: Change Agents, Concept Formation, Elementary Secondary Education, Experiential Learning
Buchmann, Margret – 1980
No amount of reflection, observation of students, general information, and personal experience can make up for a teacher's lack of knowledge in subject areas. It is pointless for teachers to acquire delivery skills unless they have something to deliver. Several educators have become concerned about what is called "the flight to the sidelines", a…
Descriptors: Classroom Techniques, Education Courses, Educational Trends, Higher Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Buchmann, Margret – Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research, 1991
Departing from J. Dewey's vision of communication, a gap between the language of researchers and the language of lay people and policymakers is identified. Ways of bridging the gap are defined, and the communications task of the educational researcher is reviewed. (SLD)
Descriptors: Communication (Thought Transfer), Educational Policy, Educational Research, Elementary Secondary Education
Buchmann, Margret; Schwille, John – 1982
The presuppositions that favor firsthand experience over secondhand information, as pertaining to learning and education, are questioned. It is noted that, when education and firsthand experience are described as if equivalent, a presumption is made that a commonsense theory of knowledge and mind is valid. Research on the social psychology of…
Descriptors: Concept Formation, Discrimination Learning, Elementary Secondary Education, Experiential Learning
Buchmann, Margret – 1983
This paper, on the central and distinctive contribution of knowledge to teaching, combines philosophical analysis with a discussion of work in research on teaching, student conceptions, and curriculum. The hierarchical argument contains two main points: (1) that content knowledge is a logical precondition for the activities of teaching; and (2)…
Descriptors: Education Courses, Educational Philosophy, Higher Education, Intellectual Disciplines
Buchmann, Margret – 1989
The idea that breaks from experience are necessary and salutary in teacher education is a response to an enduring problem of teacher education: the fact that aspiring teachers come to their preparation with set ideas about teaching, learning, and schooling that fit with the larger ideal and institutional order into which they were born. Typically,…
Descriptors: Change Strategies, Cognitive Structures, Elementary Secondary Education, Higher Education
Buchmann, Margret – 1983
Competing norms for justifying actions and decisions in teaching and their effects on the curriculum and teacher learning are discussed. Interpreting teaching as a moral action, this paper argues that a personal orientation (personal practice, feeling, or beliefs) removes teacher action and decisions from the realm of objective and professional…
Descriptors: Accountability, Conformity, Decision Making, Elementary Education
Buchmann, Margret – 1990
John Dewey's vision of communication posits an important ideal that educational researchers are hard pressed to meet, for the language that facilitates exchanges between scholars often encumbers their attempts to convey their work and findings to a wider, lay audience. The canons of inquiry (of foremost concern to researchers) rarely coincide with…
Descriptors: Adoption (Ideas), Change Strategies, Communication Skills, Credibility
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Floden, Robert E.; Buchmann, Margret – 1992
Educators are under almost constant pressure to make schooling relevant to the lives of their students. Students, however, who are never exposed to the realms of possibility beyond their own immediate experience hardly have an equal opportunity to enjoy the benefits of education, since everyday experience tends to reinforce social inequalities.…
Descriptors: Advantaged, Cognitive Development, Disadvantaged, Educational Objectives
Buchmann, Margret – 1986
This paper introduces four categories of knowledge: "the folkways of teaching,""local mores,""private views," and "teaching expertise." The folkways of teaching describe "teaching as usual," learned and practiced in the half-conscious way in which people go about their everyday lives. Local mores constitute teaching knowledge held and used like…
Descriptors: Classroom Techniques, Social Values, Teacher Attitudes, Teacher Behavior