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Bachelor, Robin L.; Vaughan, Patrick M.; Wall, Connie M. – Online Submission, 2012
This report describes a program for improving retention of essential concepts exhibited by junior high and high school students. The purpose of the study was to increase cognitive retention in order to increase student success. The target sample consisted of junior high students in the seventh grade and high school students in grades nine through…
Descriptors: Active Learning, Retention (Psychology), Fundamental Concepts, Intervention
Flaherty, Sue; Hackler, Rhonda – Online Submission, 2010
Researchers implemented classroom interventions to improve the intrinsic motivational behaviors of 4th and 6th grade elementary students and to strengthen teacher/student and student/student relationships in a positive supportive learning environment. The problem of low intrinsic motivational behaviors was documented through classroom observation…
Descriptors: Intervention, Student Motivation, Cooperative Learning, Individualized Instruction
Ozorio, Kristen – Online Submission, 2014
The classroom environment is an important aspect of classroom management that concerns many teachers. Properly engaging students in the classroom can foster a positive environment. This study examines social and emotional needs of students and its implications in developing a positive classroom. How can meeting social and emotional needs of…
Descriptors: Classroom Environment, Classroom Techniques, Student Needs, Psychological Needs
Pate-Clevenger, Rebecca; Dusing, Jennifer; Houck, Phyllis; Zuber, John – Online Submission, 2008
This Action Research Project Report was conducted at one elementary school and two different high schools from August 20, 2007 to December 14, 2007. The purpose of this research was to decrease student off-task behavior in the classroom. There were four teacher researchers and 94 students at the beginning of the research, but during the action…
Descriptors: Student Behavior, Intervention, Learning Activities, Social Behavior
Dollman, Lucinda; Morgan, Catherine; Pergler, Jennifer; Russell, William; Watts, Jennifer – Online Submission, 2007
The purpose of this action research project is to improve student social skills through the use of cooperative learning, in order to develop a positive classroom environment that is conducive to learning. The action research project will involve approximately 95 students, 95 parents, and 200 teachers. It is the intent of the teacher researchers to…
Descriptors: Interpersonal Competence, Role Playing, Classroom Techniques, Discipline
Brahmer, Kelly; Harmatys, Jennifer – Online Submission, 2009
In recent years, teachers have noticed a drop in student effort on complex problems in math and science. The purpose of this study was to determine if incorporating cooperative learning and self-recording strategies had an impact upon student effort on complex problems. A total of 38 9th through 11th grade math and science students at two…
Descriptors: Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Secondary Education
Rondone, Atria – Online Submission, 2014
Student-centered learning has an important place in education because it fosters student engagement and allows the traditional micromanaging teacher to transform into a guide. The current education model emphasizes teacher control and curriculum based on standardized testing, which stunts students' natural learning processes. This study…
Descriptors: Student Centered Curriculum, Elementary School Curriculum, Outcomes of Education, Mixed Methods Research
Neumann, Veda S.; Ross, Dorothy K.; Slaboch, Anita F. – Online Submission, 2008
The authors of this action research project report implemented oral reading fluency-based interventions for the purpose of improving students' reading comprehension. Six students in grade three, six students in grade five and six students in grade six participated in the study from Monday, August 27 through Friday, December 7, 2007. Researchers…
Descriptors: Reading Comprehension, Reading Fluency, Student Surveys, Cooperative Learning
Al-Taiar, Hasanen – Online Submission, 2014
Purpose: The purpose of this thesis was to examine the teaching ways I undertook in teaching medical students and to examine the use of a structured teaching plan for the academic and clinical tutors in psychiatry. The teaching plan was developed for use, initially by Oxford University Academic tutors at the Department of Psychiatry. In addition,…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Psychiatry, Mental Disorders, Teaching Methods
Lopez, Doreen M.; Schroeder, Linda – Online Submission, 2008
This action research project was designed to maximize learning for all students by addressing different learning styles and implementing various strategies. The students in the targeted school exhibited difficulty in experiencing academic success while exposed to conventional teaching strategies. The two target schools consisted of an intermediate…
Descriptors: Cognitive Style, Action Research, Student Surveys, Classroom Environment
Rovira, Alexandra – Online Submission, 2014
Though laws relating to including children on the autism spectrum and general education in public school settings are in place, inclusion of students is still not a widespread practice in all elementary classrooms. This study examines the social needs of children with autism and in an inclusive classroom. Children with autism are often placed in…
Descriptors: Social Behavior, Children, Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorders
Haywood, Joey; Kuespert, Sarah; Madecky, Dani; Nor, Abbey – Online Submission, 2008
This action research project report examined strategies to motivate students from extrinsically rewarding behaviors to intrinsically motivating behaviors. The action research was conducted in two different schools by four different teacher researchers within the same district. Three teachers in an elementary building (Site A) and one teacher in a…
Descriptors: Feedback (Response), Check Lists, Intervention, Research Projects
Ellis, Daniel K.; Ellis, Kerry A.; Huemann, Linda J.; Stolarik, Elizabeth A. – Online Submission, 2007
Varied academic ability is a problem across the country and is the focus of this action research project report. The four teacher researchers were searching for way to reach all learners with their mathematics instruction. The purpose of the research was to increase mathematical performance in a varied ability math classroom. To address varied…
Descriptors: Multiple Intelligences, Cognitive Style, Action Research, Academic Achievement
Webb, James – 2002
This paper reviews the research on cooperative learning combined with technology and presents a formative report of those findings. The review focused on these questions: What are the benefits of cooperative learning in a multimedia environment? What benefits do computer-based training offer? What are the benefits of cooperative learning…
Descriptors: Computer Assisted Instruction, Cooperative Learning, Educational Technology, Formative Evaluation
Sangangula, Londaka Amasio – Online Submission, 2016
The purpose of this study was to provide views of teachers and pupils on large class size and its effects on teaching and English learning, at "Instituto Médio Politécnico do Namibe", and by showing that the large class scenario at IMP-Namibe may be attributed to various factors of which the most pertinent is the imbalance between the…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Class Size, English (Second Language), Second Language Instruction
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