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Arreerard, Woraphapa; Ruangsan, Niraj – Online Submission, 2021
The objectives of this research were: 1) to develop a model of promoting the potential of people in the digital field towards the development of digital villages (PDG) in Mahasarakham, Thailand; 2) to develop a course of promoting PDG in Mahasarakham and the learning multimedia; 3) to promote PDG in Mahasarakham; 4) to monitor and evaluate the…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Information Technology, Technology Integration, Economic Development
Chumsukon, Montha; Ruangsan, Niraj – Online Submission, 2021
This research aims to examine 1) analytical thinking skills of pre-service teachers by using research-based learning (RBL) and community learning resources (CLR), and 2) satisfaction of learning activities among the pre-service teachers. The one-shot case study was implemented in the research design. The research sample included 3rd year Social…
Descriptors: Thinking Skills, Research Skills, Skill Development, Community Resources
Thairoongrojana, Smitthinun; Ruangsan, Niraj – Online Submission, 2021
The objective of this research was to study students' perception of using media literacy (ML) to prevent online threats of the students majoring in Communication Arts, Faculty of Management Science, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University (SSRU). Selected by Purposive Sampling, the samples (n = 60) of this research were the students majoring in…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Student Attitudes, Media Literacy, College Students
Ruangsan, Niraj – Online Submission, 2017
This paper claims that 'Mahachula-academics always support the propagation of Buddhism'. Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University, Khon Kaen Campus has its vision to be 'the International Buddhist University for Mental and Social Development'. Besides the academic development, the essential means used in the mental and social development is the…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Buddhism, Religious Education, Student Development
Sanmee, Wichian; Ruangsan, Niraj; Kaewketpong, Prapas – Online Submission, 2021
The research aims to study the development of online instructional activities) for creative internet use of the tertiary students (OIA) in Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University, Khon Kaen Campus (MCUKK), Thailand. The objective of this study, therefore, is to examine the OIA that researchers have built to use with 30 undergraduate students,…
Descriptors: Learning Activities, Internet, Computer Use, Creativity
Eiamsa-ard, Yongyuth; Srisombat, Rujee; Wisuttipat, Manop; Ruangsan, Niraj – Online Submission, 2021
ASEAN music education is important for learning the history, culture, beliefs, and identities of each member country; this research aims at studying the revival and development of Lao classical songs: 'Oh Lao' and 'Platong', no longer played. From the research results, the symposium of music teachers and experts including national artists was…
Descriptors: Folk Culture, Music Education, Cultural Maintenance, Foreign Countries
Thongdee, Vitthaya; Promkun, Suraphon; Sawatta, Sutipong; Namseethan, Somkuan; Ruangsan, Niraj – Online Submission, 2021
The objectives of this research are: 1) to study the state of the Buddhist learning process of the Department of Social Studies, Religion and Culture (DSRC); 2) to create a model for Buddhist learning activities (MBLA) for DSRC; 3) to evaluate the results of MBLA operation. This study was carried out by means of the mixed method research. The…
Descriptors: Buddhism, Social Studies, Learning Activities, Learning Processes
Ruangsan, Niraj; Phrasophonphatthanabundit; Thongdee, Vitthaya; Promgun, Suraphon; Sanmee, Wichian; Kositpimanvach, Ekarach – Online Submission, 2021
The paper aimed to clarify the Buddhist instruction care for planning Thai elderly to have well-being in the sociocultural settings concerning the elderly development project in Thailand. The objectives of this study were: 1) to clarify the management policy of the elderly development within the upper northeastern locale; 2) to discover…
Descriptors: Buddhism, Older Adults, Well Being, Caring
Ruangsan, Niraj; Sanmee, Wichian; Nasaweang, Bunsong; Thitapa├▒yo, Phramaha Mit; Saengyoi, Phramaha Papon – Online Submission, 2021
Traditional Thai medicine is one of several alternative ways to promote public health in Thailand. In general, it refers to the philosophy, knowledge and methods of practice for health care and illness treatment in line with Thai traditions, culture and the Thai way of life based on the herbal medicines. Today, different techniques are widely used…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Knowledge Management, Indigenous Knowledge, Folk Culture
Thongdee, Vitthaya; Sukumal, Pranjitr; Kositpimanvach, Ekkarach; Namseethan, Somkhuan; Thabphumee, Phanthiwa; Ruangsan, Niraj – Online Submission, 2021
This study aimed to investigate the characteristics of master teachers in the upper northeastern area to analyze the Buddhist moral code to promote master teachers and propose the model of integrated Buddhist for promoting master teachers in the upper northeastern area. Interview questions and relevant focus group discussions were used as…
Descriptors: Buddhism, Moral Values, Foreign Countries, Content Analysis
Auiwong, Phrakrupalad Boonchuay; Panthachai, Siamporn; Phrasophonphatthanapundit; Saenpuran, Prayong; Wongpornpavan, Chakkapan; Ruangsan, Niraj – Online Submission, 2021
The aims of this research were: (1) to study the educational administration vision based on the Buddhist doctrines for Monastic Schools under Office of Buddhism in Sakon Nakhon (OBSN); (2) to comparatively study the samples' perspectives on the educational administration vision based on the Buddhist doctrines; and (3) to propose the guideline to…
Descriptors: Buddhism, Educational Administration, Educational Philosophy, Comparative Analysis
Phrasophonphatthanapundit; Kositpimanvach, Ekkarach; Auiwong, Phrakrupalad Boonchuay; Thanaphace, Chulapunporn; Khemma, Phrahonda; Ruangsan, Niraj – Online Submission, 2021
This research aims at 1) studying the current and desirable conditions of the administration of private schools under the Khon Kaen Provincial Education Office (KKPEO) in the 21st century; 2) studying the administration model of private schools (AMPS) under KKPEO in the 21st century. The research operation was divided into 3 phases as follows:…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Private Schools, School Administration, Educational Quality
Thongdee, Witthaya; Promgun, Suraphon; Sawadtha, Suthipong; Namsithan, Somkhoun; Thubphumee, Panthiwa; Ruangsan, Niraj – Online Submission, 2021
Community development is a type of development that is unique in its own way, philosophies, concepts, principles and practices based on originality. The development is the process of educating people to develop knowledge ideas to gain potential of self-sufficiency. This is consistent with the first national strategy of Thailand to achieve the…
Descriptors: Creativity, Community Development, Models, Strategic Planning
Srinok, Somchai; Wongsuwan, Niwes; Buppapan, Saiyroong; Widesbrommakun, Phra; Thongdee, Vitthaya; Ruangsan, Niraj – Online Submission, 2021
In Thailand, Buddhism has played an important role in terms cultivating morality and ethics for people in the society. Later, it has become an important part of the educational system of the country. This paper has its aims to clarify some backgrounds of Buddhist studies in Thai educational system from the early period to the present day. First,…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Buddhism, Cultural Influences, Religious Education
Saikham, Sunthon; Rattanakorn, Sombat; Chanpla, Surasak; Mahahing, Prachitr; Suebnisai, Phamaha Phisit; Ruangsan, Niraj – Online Submission, 2021
The objective of this research was to study: (1) the conditions of educational administration of Buddhist schools under the Office of Buddhism in Chaiyaphum Province (OBSP) in Thailand; and (2) the guidelines to promote the education administration of the mentioned Buddhist schools in the 21st century. This study was undertaken based on mixed…
Descriptors: Buddhism, School Administration, Educational Administration, Guidelines
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