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McIntosh, Alistair – Mathematics Teaching, 1980
More mental computation and organized and enjoyable activities to practice such skills are advocated. Suggestions for brief sessions involving challenging questions and quick recall of number facts are presented. The author presents and comments on several sample lessons designed for a wide range of student abilities. (MP)
Descriptors: Algorithms, Computation, Elementary School Mathematics, Elementary Secondary Education
Thompson, Ian – Mathematics Teaching, 2011
Ever since "mental arithmetic" was updated to "mental calculation," official documents have succeeded in perpetuating several basic misconceptions and misunderstandings about this topic. This situation does not augur well for the successful teaching of mental calculation strategies to young children. In this article, the author…
Descriptors: Mental Computation, Arithmetic, Misconceptions, Mathematics Instruction
Davis, Sue – Mathematics Teaching, 2009
The Williams Review (Dept. for Children, Schools and Families, 2008) is significantly important to all early years and primary educationalists, including those who are involved in teaching mathematics to the next generation of primary school teachers. The report, compiled as a result of this review, sets out the ways that children in primary…
Descriptors: Student Teachers, Teaching Skills, Mathematics Instruction, Elementary School Mathematics
Pepper, Mark – Mathematics Teaching, 2011
This author agrees with the sentiments of John Hibbs' article "Was there ever any point to the three-part lesson?" (MT219). In particular the author fully supports a flexible approach to the structure of lessons. There are two interesting questions that arise from Hibbs' article: (1) Are there reasons for the large-scale adherence of teachers to…
Descriptors: Lesson Plans, Mathematics Instruction, Mental Computation, Primary Education
Drake, Michael – Mathematics Teaching, 2011
One debate that periodically arises in mathematics education is the issue of how to teach calculation more effectively. "Modern" approaches seem to initially favour mental calculation, informal methods, and the development of understanding before introducing written forms, while traditionalists tend to champion particular algorithms. The debate is…
Descriptors: Mathematics Education, Teaching Methods, Mathematics, Addition
Griffiths, Martin – Mathematics Teaching, 2010
In "MT218" the author looked at the possibility of basing a classroom activity on a simple, though not totally transparent, number-theoretic result. In this article he considers another relatively straightforward idea from number theory that could be used either as a lesson starter or as the basis of a more substantial task, requiring students to…
Descriptors: Mathematics Education, Number Concepts, Problem Solving, Task Analysis
Markarian, Kimie – Mathematics Teaching, 2003
In this article, the author discusses the Soroban (Japanese abacus) in the age of computers and its structure. Since the advent of computers, the Soroban has started to shift from being used purely as a calculating device to being a useful tool in general mathematics education. The beauty of the Soroban is that it represents numbers exactly as you…
Descriptors: Numbers, Mathematics Education, Manipulative Materials, Teaching Methods
Collison, Kate – Mathematics Teaching, 2003
While attending a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) course, this author was provided with the time and encouragement to try out different activities, styles, and strategies of teaching. She used this time to develop numeracy starter lessons with Y7 students, spending two weeks with each of four sets of students. She decided from the…
Descriptors: Numeracy, Mathematics Instruction, Teaching Methods, Lesson Plans
Maier, Eugene – Mathematics Teaching, 1980
An example of an unrealistic "real world" problem from the National Assessment of Educational Progress highlights a comparison of school and "folk" mathematics. The failures of typical problems taught in school and some suggested remedies are featured. (MP) Aspect of National Assessment (NAEP) dealt with in this document:…
Descriptors: Curriculum Development, Elementary Secondary Education, Mathematical Applications, Mathematics Curriculum