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Zhou, Yiping, Ed. – Cooperation South, 1999
Considerable resources have been spent to rescue a few countries from crises caused by dramatic shifts in financial inflows and outflows. Measures should be sought to render the institutions and mechanisms of international financial transactions more transparent, accountable, and supportive of the delicate balance between short-term stability and…
Descriptors: Developing Nations, Economic Progress, Financial Problems, Foreign Countries
Kincaide, Nancy A. Ferracutti; Boland, Santiago D. – 1997
Global civilization means simultaneously progress for everybody and destruction of the ethical and mythical nucleus of individual cultures. The role of education in the global world would be to start a universal dialogue between all the cultural groups of the world. Education will save the values now in danger, because a multicultural dialogue may…
Descriptors: Adult Education, Computer Assisted Instruction, Computer Managed Instruction, Cultural Maintenance
McInnes, William – Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges, 1991
This paper explores the interaction between church-related institutions and the way in which they shape society and are shaped in turn by the environment in which they operate. Like all schools they face operational challenges such as improving educational quality, promoting greater cultural diversity, coping with aging individuals and…
Descriptors: Church Related Colleges, Citizenship Education, Collegiality, Cultural Pluralism
Date-Bah, Eugenia, Ed. – 1997
This document contains papers in which 12 experienced gender specialists examine the various developments and elements affecting women's participation as equal players in the workplace and propose actions and policies promoting sex equity in the workplace. The following papers are included: "Preface" (Mary Chinery-Hesse); "Introduction " (Eugenia…
Descriptors: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, Adult Education, Case Studies, Change Strategies
Brantley, Clarice P.; Davis, Bobbye J. – 1997
This yearbook contains 17 chapters that provide a perspective on the changes in business today. The book is organized in six parts that cover the following: (1) the historical perspective for the changing dimensions in business education; (2) the forces that have an impact on changes in business education; (3) specific technologies that enable…
Descriptors: Business Education, Business Education Teachers, Change, Change Agents
Hall, Stephen – 1997
Pronunciation teaching of the segmental aspects needs to be balanced with the inclusion of learner awareness of stress, rhythm, intonation and meaningful production. Yet many formats for pronunciation teaching do not place these skills and an awareness of the suprasegmental features in either a communicative format or a specific speaking…
Descriptors: Classroom Techniques, English (Second Language), Foreign Countries, Language Fluency
National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges, Washington, DC. – 1997
This strategic plan addresses the internationalization of activities of American colleges and universities offering programs in food, agricultural, and natural resources disciplines. Internationalization is enhanced by appropriate university roles in economic development, humanitarian assistance, augmentation of global food security, and…
Descriptors: Agricultural Education, College Curriculum, College Role, Cooperative Programs
Slaughter, Sheila; Leslie, Larry L. – 1997
Globalization of the political economy, and the attendant reductions in government funding, liaisons with business and industry, and marketing of educational and business services, has been changing the nature of academic labor. The first three chapters discuss the ways in which global political and economic changes have had an impact on higher…
Descriptors: Academic Freedom, College Faculty, Comparative Education, Corporate Support
Korbel, Linda A. – 1998
Posing the question, "If you could build a community college for 2010, what would it look like and whom would it serve?" the New Expeditions initiative takes up where the decade-old report by the Commission on the Future of Community Colleges, "Building Communities," left off. The initiative, which sought to remedy the latter report's limited…
Descriptors: Access to Education, College Role, Community Colleges, Educational Change
Clarke, Genevieve, Ed. – 1998
This report summarizes the presentations and events of the Second World Summit on Television for Children, to which over 180 speakers from 50 countries contributed, with additional delegates speaking in conference sessions and social events. The report includes the following sections: (1) production, including presentations on the child audience,…
Descriptors: Children, Childrens Television, Computer Uses in Education, Foreign Countries
Wilkinson, George – 1981
A review of technological, political, social, and economic forces affecting the world of work indicates that in the eighties significant changes can be expected in the following areas: the nature of organizations, the relationship between individuals and organizations, the nature of the work force, the nature of the workplace, and the nature of…
Descriptors: Change Agents, Communications, Compensation (Remuneration), Decentralization
Kanungo, Rabindra Nath; Mendonca, Manuel – 1996
This book argues that the literature on leadership, especially business leadership, has neglected ethical issues by focusing on approaches and strategies that emphasize individualistic concerns. The book calls for an end to the traditional separation of personal and public morality. It also argues that ethics of leadership is consistent with the…
Descriptors: Altruism, Business Administration, Business Responsibility, Codes of Ethics
Garay, Mary Sue – 1992
The globalization of business has influenced the development of customized, job-specific workplace literacy programs. Work-centered participatory literacy receives support from both business and labor and additional impetus from the National Literacy Act of 1991. The worker of the future will be a thinking and communicating problem solver. The…
Descriptors: Adult Literacy, Adult Programs, Demonstration Programs, Educational Cooperation
Wederspahn, Gary M. – 1991
In this era of rapid globalization of business opportunities, many managers face the need to communicate with foreign counterparts who do not speak English. The solution, in many cases, is to use an interpreter. Interpreters, however, may make mistakes, and irritation, embarrassment and even major problems may arise from errors in translation.…
Descriptors: Business Administration, Communication Skills, Cultural Context, Feedback
Hayden, Brad – 1992
This paper argues that graduating business students from institutions of higher education must be better equipped to deal with a changing world and be provided with the skills necessary to compete in a world moving towards market globalization. To do this, it is suggested that direct alliances with business and government sectors by means of…
Descriptors: Business Administration Education, Colleges, Cooperative Programs, Educational Cooperation
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