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Bagley, Clarence H.; Gardner, Don E. – 1975
The integrated information system element of the management information system concept has practical applications for management in the areas of both information analysis and decision-model building. Four basic options for achieving integration in operational data systems are: a default option, the coordinated file option, the distributed…
Descriptors: Budgets, College Administration, Coordination, Databases
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Manolopoulos, Yannis; Nardelli, Enrico; Papadopoulos, Apostolos; Proietti, Guido – Information Systems, 1997
Investigates the manipulation of large sets of two-dimensional data representing multiple overlapping features, and presents a new access method, the MOF-tree. Analyzes storage requirements and time with respect to window query operations involving multiple features. Examines both the pointer-based and pointerless MOF-tree representations.…
Descriptors: Computer System Design, Database Design, Database Management Systems, Information Management
Gose, Frank J. – 1987
Data administration (DA) is a position that has emerged with the growth of information technologies. A review of DA literature confirms that, although DA is widely associated with database management systems (DBMS), there is no standard DA job description, DA staffing and location within the organization vary, and DA functions range in description…
Descriptors: Access to Information, Administrative Organization, Case Studies, College Administration
Petrosian, Anahid – 2002
This document examines an innovative marketing strategy developed by South Texas Community College (STCC) to promote its technical programs. In 2000, STCC organized the "Business Conference Institute" to develop 1-day conferences with the Division of Business, Math & Sciences (DBMS). The creation of this Institute linked the College with the local…
Descriptors: Advertising, Community Colleges, Conferences, Educational Innovation
Slamecka, Vladimir – 1984
The evaluation and selection of information/data management system software for the Egyptian National Scientific and Technical (STI) Network are described. An overview of the state-of-the-art of database technology elaborates on the differences between information retrieval and database management systems (DBMS). The desirable characteristics of…
Descriptors: Computer Software, Databases, Evaluation Criteria, Foreign Countries
Freeman, Carla; And Others – 1984
In order to understand how the database software or online database functioned in the overall curricula, the use of database management (DBMs) systems was studied at eight elementary and middle schools through classroom observation and interviews with teachers and administrators, librarians, and students. Three overall areas were addressed:…
Descriptors: Case Studies, Computer Software, Computers, Databases
Gallagher, Leonard; Salazar, Sandra – 1984
This report describes approaches to database translation (i.e., transferring data and data definitions from a source, either a database management system (DBMS) or a batch file, to a target DBMS), and recommends a method for representing the data structures of newly-proposed network and relational data models in a form suitable for database…
Descriptors: Computers, Cost Effectiveness, Costs, Data Processing
Lofstrom, Mats – 1982
Because experience with large information retrieval (IR) and database management (DBM) systems has shown that they are not adequate for the handling of textual material, two Swedish companies--Paralog and AU-System Network--have joined in a venture to develop a software package which combines features from IR and DMB systems to form a Text Data…
Descriptors: Check Lists, Computer Programs, Databases, Foreign Countries
Gallagher, Leonard J.; Draper, Jesse M. – 1984
A tutorial introduction to data models in general is provided, with particular emphasis on the relational and network models defined by the two proposed ANSI (American National Standards Institute) database language standards. Examples based on the network and relational models include specific syntax and semantics, while examples from the other…
Descriptors: Computer Software, Databases, Information Retrieval, Information Storage
Duval, E.; Olivie, H. – 1994
This paper presents HOED, a distributed hypermedia client-server system for educational resources. The aim of HOED is to provide a library facility for hyperdocuments that is accessible via the world wide web. Its main application domain is education. The HOED database not only holds the educational resources themselves, but also data describing…
Descriptors: Computer Science Education, Courseware, Database Management Systems, Databases
Hruday, Connie; And Others – 1986
This document is designed to assist the Council of Educational Facility Planners International (CEFP/I) in planning for the establishment of an information system for its members and other stakeholders who need information on educational facilities. The report focuses on the major activities to be accomplished and the issues to be considered when…
Descriptors: Databases, Educational Facilities Planning, Foreign Countries, Information Networks
Piele, Philip K. – 1985
Local area networks (LAN) are privately owned communication systems that connect multivendor devices at high speed. As microcomputers become more common in schools, user interest in sharing information, software, and peripherals will increase. A basic understanding of the operation of all LAN's can be gained by knowing four elements: media,…
Descriptors: Computer Assisted Instruction, Computer Oriented Programs, Computer Software, Definitions
Vogel, J. Thomas; Burns, Lynn W. – Online, 1984
Describes serials management at Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science library via a microcomputer, a file manager called PFS, and a relational database management system called dBase II. Check-in procedures, programing with dBase II, "static" and "active" databases, and claim procedures are discussed. Check-in forms are…
Descriptors: College Libraries, Computer Oriented Programs, Computer Software, Databases
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Peterson, Randolph L.; Roessler, Richard T. – Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, 1997
Describes the development and components of a referral database management system developed by the Arkansas Transition Project. The system enables individualized-education-plan team members to refer students with disabilities directly to adult agencies and to receive a monitoring report describing the agency response to the referral. The system is…
Descriptors: Adults, Agency Cooperation, Community Information Services, Coordination
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Neill, Charlotte; And Others – Library Software Review, 1985
Describes management decisions and resultant technology-based system that allowed a medical library to meet increasing workloads without accompanying increases in resources available. Discussion covers system analysis; capabilities of book-order management system, "BOOKDIRT;" software and training; hardware; data files; data entry;…
Descriptors: College Libraries, Computer Oriented Programs, Computer Software, Databases
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