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Machajewski, Szymon Tomasz – Online Submission, 2017
Between 2000 and 2016, the STEM industry reportedly added jobs at the rate of 28% while all jobs were growing at only 6%. However, 48% of bachelor's degree students and 69% of associate's degree students in STEM majors left their program of study between 2003 and 2009. The high attrition rate is often attributed to low student engagement, boredom,…
Descriptors: College Science, STEM Education, Introductory Courses, Case Studies
Manzi, P. A.; Roe, J.; Pierre-Louis, D. – Online Submission, 2011
The purpose of this three part article is to illustrate to career development professionals and students who are graduates of higher education MS and Ed.D/Ph.D programs, how to use the O*NET to develop an effective resume. The O*NET provides detailed information about work tasks, knowledge and skills, and in some titles, tools and technology where…
Descriptors: Occupational Information, Job Search Methods, Resumes (Personal), Higher Education
Schonfeld, Irvin Sam; Farrell, Edwin – Online Submission, 2010
The chapter examines the ways in which qualitative and quantitative methods support each other in research on occupational stress. Qualitative methods include eliciting from workers unconstrained descriptions of work experiences, careful first-hand observations of the workplace, and participant-observers describing "from the inside" a…
Descriptors: Qualitative Research, Quality of Working Life, Statistical Analysis, Research Methodology
Eser, Oktay – Online Submission, 2015
Translation as a business is a service. The concept of translation competence is a term covering the various skills and knowledge that a translator needs to have in order to translate functionally. The term which is often studied as a multi-componential concept in literature may not cover the necessary skills if it is taken from an organizational…
Descriptors: Models, Translation, Foreign Countries, Language Proficiency
Moore, Richard W.; Rossy, Gerard; Roberts, William; Chapman, Kenneth; Sanchez, Urte; Hanley, Chris – Online Submission, 2010
This study is a formative evaluation of the OneStop Career Center Integrated Service Delivery (ISD) Model within the California Workforce System. The study was sponsored by the California Workforce Investment Board. The study completed four in-depth case studies of California OneStops to describe how they implemented the ISD model which brings…
Descriptors: Job Applicants, Summative Evaluation, State Programs, Organizational Culture
Katz, Susan J. – Online Submission, 2006
A mixed method study using surveys and in-depth interviews was conducted with women school superintendents in four Midwestern states during the 1999-2000 school year to understand how they perceive their leadership skills, their uses of power in their positions, and how they generally talk about the job. Results of how the women perceived their…
Descriptors: Occupational Aspiration, Leadership Responsibility, Leadership Qualities, Power Structure
Lindle, Jane Clark; Stalion, Nancy; Young, Lu – Online Submission, 2004
Most validity studies of ISLLC standards and indicators rely heavily on focus groups and perceptual surveys. This study included self-report and observational data on principals' use of time. A content analysis tested ISLLC's descriptions of instructional leadership with a related set of Kentucky's Standards and Indicators for School Improvement…
Descriptors: Educational Change, Test Validity, Content Validity, Content Analysis
Alwan, Fatma Hamad – Online Submission, 2006
This is a qualitative study of English language female secondary school teachers' perceptions of curriculum change in the United Arab Emirates. It aimed at understanding curriculum change from the teachers' perspective. The sample consisted of sixteen female teachers in three secondary schools who had experience teaching the former and the current…
Descriptors: Curriculum Development, Curriculum Evaluation, Second Language Instruction, Teaching Methods
O'Brien, Tim – Online Submission, 2009
The escalating crisis in capitalist relations around the world demands a variety of responses that unmask the confusing structures that perpetuate asymmetrical power relations, while reframing what is truly in the interests of the majority of people. Industrial unions in the U.S. have at times aspired to such an advocacy role, but currently offer…
Descriptors: Critical Theory, Social Change, World Views, Middle Class
Mangum, Deborah Clarke – Online Submission, 2006
Background: This applied dissertation was designed to increase the awareness of a parent resource center located in an urban community. The center had been in existence for 10 years. Due to a massive urban renewal project, the original residents were relocated to other areas of the city. When the replacement housing was constructed, a different,…
Descriptors: Neighborhoods, Strategic Planning, Needs Assessment, Familiarity