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Hufano, Linda D. – 1983
The study examined emotional-motivational personality characteristics of 15 learning disabled, 15 normal achieving, and 15 high achieving students (grades 3-5). The study tested the hypothesis derived from the A-R-D (attitude-reinforcer-discriminative) theory of motivation that learning disabled (LD) children differ from normal and high achieving…
Descriptors: Elementary Education, Learning Disabilities, Personality Traits, Play
Ratliff, Charles A.; Rawlings, Howard P.; Ards, Sheila; Sherman, Jane – 1997
The three case studies in this report describe state-level efforts to address diversity and equity in postsecondary institutions in California, Maryland, and Washington. A preface provides some background on affirmative action programs, litigation history, and the roles of state coordinating agencies and institutional governing boards. The…
Descriptors: Access to Education, Admission Criteria, Affirmative Action, College Admission
Gass, Susan M., Ed.; Selinker, Larry, Ed. – 1983
Essays on language transfer in language learning include: excerpts from "Linguistics across Cultures" (Robert Lado); "Language Transfer" (Larry Selinker); "Goofing: An Indication of Children's Second Language Learning Strategies" (Heidi C. Dulay, Marina K. Burt); "Language Transfer and Universal Grammatical Relations" (Susan Gass); "A Role for the…
Descriptors: Age, Children, Cultural Context, Deep Structure
Canino, Ian A.; And Others – 1980
The main objective of this study was to review the literature and synthesize data on the mental health of Puerto Rican children in the New York City area to show that they are at higher risk of developing mental health problems than other children. Chapter 1 of this monograph reviews the development of the concept of stress ard its linkage with…
Descriptors: Children, Demography, Elementary Education, Family Characteristics
Gass, Susan M., Ed.; Selinker, Larry, Ed. – 1993
The study of native language influence in Second Language Acquisition has undergone significant changes over the past few decades. This book, which includes 12 chapters by distinguished researchers in the field of second language acquisition, traces the conceptual history of language transfer from its early role within a Contrastive Analysis…
Descriptors: American Indian Languages, Discourse Analysis, English, Form Classes (Languages)
Congress of the U.S., Washington, DC. Senate Committee on Labor and Public Welfare. – 1972
On November 5, 1971, the subcommittee heard testimony on the: (1) history of land ownership in rural America, (2) extent of corporate and conglomerate involvement in rural America and the resulting economic consequences, and (3) impact of the large vertically ano horizontally integrated corporations and conglomerates on the well-being of rural…
Descriptors: Agribusiness, Agricultural Laborers, Agricultural Trends, Economic Factors
Jennings, James, Ed. – 1992
The underlying causes of black urban poverty are examined, and means are recommended to escape the cycle of violence it creates. Black activists and scholars analyze theoretical and practical problems facing the black community in the United States in the following papers: (1) "Towards a Theory and Strategy for Black Economic…
Descriptors: Black Community, Community Development, Disadvantaged Youth, Economic Development
Miller, Leonard A.; Porter, Thomas L. – Rehabil Counseling Bull, 1969
Descriptors: Behavior Patterns, Content Analysis, Counseling Theories, Evaluation
Gross, Michael C.; Staats, Arthur W. – 1969
An experiment was conducted to test the hypothesis that interest inventory items elicit classically conditionable attitudinal responses. A higher-order conditioning procedure was used in which items from the Strong Vocational Interest Blank were employed as unconditioned stimuli and nonsense syllables as conditioned stimuli. Items for which the…
Descriptors: Attitudes, Conditioning, Interaction, Psycholinguistics
Stalling, Richard B. – 1969
Recent stimulus-response formulations have indicated that similarity between persons functions as an unconditioned stimulus (UCS) and that interpersonal attraction is a classically conditioned evaluative response. The thesis of this study is that similarity is a correlate of evaluative meaning and that the latter rather than the former is…
Descriptors: Attitudes, Conditioning, Interaction, Psychology
Brewer, Barbara A.; Gross, Michael C. – 1969
In order to test whether meaning will transfer when a backward conditioning paradigm is utilized, Staats' language conditioning procedure, including the pairing of unconditioned stimulus (UCS) evaluative words with conditioned stimulus (CS) nonsense syllables, was modified so that the UCS words preceded the CS nonsense syllables on each trial.…
Descriptors: Attitudes, Interaction, Psycholinguistics, Responses
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Ards, Sheila – Journal of Negro Education, 1997
Examines data from a 1991-92 survey by the American Political Science Association that show that race remains the single strongest significant explanation for the difference in rank among African- and European-American political scientists. African Americans are not tenured at the same rate as Whites, nor do they hold as many full professorships.…
Descriptors: Academic Rank (Professional), Black Teachers, College Faculty, Faculty Promotion
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Ards, Sheila – Evaluation Review, 1989
Three conceptual approaches to estimating local child abuse rates using the National Incidence Study of Child Abuse and Neglect data set are evaluated. All three approaches yield estimates of actual abuse cases that exceed the number of reported cases. (SLD)
Descriptors: Child Abuse, Data Analysis, Estimation (Mathematics), Geographic Distribution
Ards, Sheila; Harrell, Adele – Child Abuse and Neglect: The International Journal, 1993
Data from the National Study of the Incidence and Prevalence of Child Abuse and Neglect were analyzed concerning kinds of cases underreported, overreported, or not reported. The analysis examined age, family income, sex, race, urban or rural, and type of abuse from sexual abuse to educational neglect. (JDD)
Descriptors: Age Differences, Child Abuse, Child Neglect, Child Welfare
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Ards, Sheila; Chung, Chanjin; Myers, Samuel L., Jr. – Child Abuse & Neglect: The International Journal, 1998
Data from the National Incidence Study (NIS) of Child Abuse and Neglect suggest no racial difference in child maltreatment, although there are more black children within the child welfare population. This study found selection bias in the NIS design caused by the exclusion of family, friends, and neighbors that resulted in differences in NIS cases…
Descriptors: Bias, Black Youth, Child Abuse, Child Welfare
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