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Schultz, Tom; And Others – 1995
The administration and funding of early childhood education programs has been the focus of recent policy debates. This volume is the second report of three, which are derived from a study that examined how local organizations implement complex government programs for early childhood education. The study analyzed and documented significant local…
Descriptors: Early Childhood Education, Early Intervention, Educational Cooperation, Educational Finance
National Council on Employment Policy (DOL), Washington, DC. – 1980
This evaluation of programs conducted in fiscal 1978 under the Youth Employment and Demonstration Projects Act (YEDPA) consists of an overall picture of the 1978 YEDPA program experience and case studies of programs in 12 states. Findings and recommendations are presented concerning the implementation of YEDPA programs by Comprehensive Employment…
Descriptors: Agency Cooperation, Career Awareness, Career Education, Case Studies
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Kotin, Lawrence, Comp.; Eager, Nancy B., Comp. – 1977
The resource book on state due process provisions in special education is a compilation of materials received from the state education or special education directors who responded to letters sent to each of the 50 states requesting copies of current administrative provisions on the subject. Materials, which are provided in sections for each of 48…
Descriptors: Administration, Delivery Systems, Due Process, Elementary Secondary Education
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Boone, Mike – 1996
Since the early 1990s, the majority of school-aged children in Texas have been non-White. The 1995 Texas legislature authorized the use of cumulative voting in school districts as a result of lawsuits prompted by the underrepresentation of minority groups on school boards. In cumulative voting, each voter has a number of votes equal to the number…
Descriptors: Administrator Attitudes, Anglo Americans, Boards of Education, Elections
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Health Resources and Services Administration (DHHS), Rockville, MD. Office of Rural Health Policy. – 1993
Rural Health Outreach is a federal program of demonstration grants designed to encourage organizations to cooperate in delivering health care services to rural Americans. Thirteen programs utilizing innovative collaborations between state agencies, schools, nonprofit organizations, hospitals, volunteers, and the private sector are described a year…
Descriptors: Access to Health Care, Agency Cooperation, Allied Health Occupations Education, Child Health
Education Law Association, Dayton, OH. – 2001
This document is a collection of 53 topic outlines and conference papers whose topics cover a multitude of aspects of educational law. Subjects include the impacts of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) on "normal" students, rights of nontenured teachers, sexual discrimination and harassment, school disciplinary issues,…
Descriptors: Elementary Secondary Education, Professional Development, School Law
Education Law Association, Dayton, OH. – 2001
This document contains preconference seminar outlines for the 47th Annual Education Law Association (ELA) Conference. The first of four sections, "Americans with Disabilities Act Update--Higher Education and Employees," by Christopher P. Borreca, presents legal issues related to the Americans with Disabilities Act, an adequate definition…
Descriptors: Accessibility (for Disabled), Computer Assisted Instruction, Computer Graphics, Disabilities
Leas, David E. – 1995
The College Assessment and Planning Process (CAPP) at New Mexico State University-Grants(NMSU-G) combines in a 2-year cycle the processes of assessment of student academic achievement, review of program effectiveness, strategic planning, and institutional development. Virtually all faculty and staff are involved in the process, which features…
Descriptors: College Outcomes Assessment, College Planning, Community Colleges, Educational Quality
Hussain, K.M.; Leestamper, Robert – 1968
In a questionnaire survey designed at the University of Toledo to determine the ranking of criteria of effective teaching, faculty, students and alumni at New Mexico State University agreed that "being well prepared for class" was the most important criterion. This ranking was upheld by 10 subgroups of faculty (faculty by years of…
Descriptors: Administrator Attitudes, Community Responsibility, Evaluation, Faculty
Clark, Mary Jo – 1993
A study was conducted of the economic impact of San Juan College (SJC) in Farmington, New Mexico, on businesses and employment in San Juan County during fiscal year (FY) 1991-92. The five components used to measure the college's tangible economic impact on the local community were SJC's total expenditures in FY 1991-92 used to buy goods and…
Descriptors: Community Colleges, Community Surveys, Cost Effectiveness, Costs
Tompkins, Richard; Deloney, Patricia – 1994
This report explores the situation of at-risk students in small and rural schools in Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas, and compares this information to the at-risk student situation nationwide. In order to explore both the complexity and the degree of risk of dropping out in rural school settings, research questions were posed…
Descriptors: Context Effect, Dropout Characteristics, Dropout Research, Dropouts
Herbert, Joanne M., Ed.; McNergney, Robert F., Ed. – 1996
This guide accompanies one of a pair of videocases depicting educational life in Deming, New Mexico. The videocase includes 28 minutes of unstaged but edited videotape footage of teaching and learning in and around junior high and mid-high schools in Deming. The first section of the guide, "Teaching Note" (Todd Kent) contains a…
Descriptors: Bilingual Education, Case Studies, Higher Education, Instructional Improvement
Bodner, Virginia; Sampson, Karla – Orion Afield: Working for Nature and Community, 1999
A muddy area between two new elementary schools was transformed into a school "wetlands"--an outdoor learning center used for nature study and various creative and sensory activities. The area encourages children's natural curiosity, provides many discoveries about nature, and promotes a sense of stewardship. (SV)
Descriptors: Discovery Learning, Elementary Education, Environmental Education, Outdoor Education
Amodeo, Luiza B.; Martin, Jeanette – 1982
The sophomore screening process at New Mexico State University's College of Education, designed to assure quality and commitment in prospective teachers, has three major components. The first is pre-screening, which requires that students successfully complete coursework in orientation to education, introduction to human growth and behavior,…
Descriptors: Admission Criteria, Core Curriculum, Curriculum Design, Diagnostic Tests
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Leclerc, Jacques, Ed.; Maurais, Jacques, Ed. – 1994
The volume is one of a series of six listing language-related legislation around the world. It contains the texts, in French, of laws of Colombia, the United States federal and some state governments (California, Florida, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and New York), Mexico, and Puerto Rico, and those relating to international…
Descriptors: Educational Policy, Federal Government, Federal Legislation, Federal Regulation
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