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Carlson, Gregory Dean – ProQuest LLC, 2013
The purpose of this Delphi study was to determine the essential components of dual credit in New Mexico. Dual credit experts from colleges and high schools in New Mexico were asked to participate in a three-round Delphi study to determine what the future policy of dual credit should be, and why it should be that way. Definitions of dual credit may…
Descriptors: Dual Enrollment, Delphi Technique, College Bound Students, High School Students
Woodley, Xeturah Monique – ProQuest LLC, 2014
There continues to exist a lack of Black women faculty at institutions of higher education (Moses, 1989; Collins, 1991; Gregory, 2001). Although we can see an increase in the number of research projects focused on Black women faculty there still remains a significant gap in the research (Glover, 2006; Foster-Williamson, 2002; Thomas &…
Descriptors: Females, African American Teachers, Women Faculty, College Faculty
Kilde, Josephine – ProQuest LLC, 2016
Teachers in rural Native American Pueblo schools in New Mexico lack professional development opportunities due to the long distances between the Pueblos and academic institutions. Previously, most schools received "hit and run" professional development sessions conducted once or twice a year that did not address the real issues faced by…
Descriptors: Cooperative Learning, American Indian Students, American Indian Education, Rural Schools
Hunter, Virginia Rae – ProQuest LLC, 2017
This study explores the relationship between state and federal funding policies and the ability of minority-serving institutions (MSIs) to support low-income and minority students. The way US public higher education is financed has changed dramatically since the Great Recession. State appropriations to institutions have declined (SHEEO, 2017),…
Descriptors: Correlation, State Aid, Federal Aid, Financial Support
Iron Moccasin, Shawl D. – ProQuest LLC, 2012
The present study was designed to examine factors that led to the academic success of two rural secondary schools in New Mexico. The primary focus was on the characteristics and behaviors of leaders in two high-achieving rural schools and how these factors might have contributed to achievement of Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) in school year…
Descriptors: Academic Achievement, Educational Indicators, School Location, Federal Programs
Romero, Arsenio – ProQuest LLC, 2013
The purpose of this study is to identify how superintendents use political power, examine the characteristics used by superintendents to function politically, and to define the hidden knowledge of managing politically charged situations. Based on this informative literature and conducted research, I answered the following research questions: 1.…
Descriptors: Political Power, Superintendents, Conflict, Focus Groups
Roybal, Anita M. – ProQuest LLC, 2012
"Hispanic Woman in Educational Leadership in Northern New Mexico" is an auto-ethnographic study which documents my experience as a Hispanic female elementary principal during one school term starting in July 2010 and ending in June 2011. Hispanic females outnumber men in the classroom as educators, especially at the elementary level;…
Descriptors: Hispanic Americans, Principals, Females, Instructional Leadership
Hite-Pope, Kim – ProQuest LLC, 2017
The purpose of this paper was to examine K-12 teachers' classroom experiences with standardized testing in rural New Mexico schools. Standardized tests have significantly changed the landscape of education with the use of students' test scores as a determining factor for advancement or failure for teachers (Simpson, Lacava, & Graner, 2013).…
Descriptors: Case Studies, Rural Areas, Elementary Secondary Education, Teacher Attitudes
Shepherd, Nancy Kay – ProQuest LLC, 2011
The purpose of this study was to determine if there was sufficient emphasis on senior college programming in New Mexico public higher education institutions and if that programming should be formalized. It was suggested that an initiative among New Mexico higher education institutions be undertaken to create a statewide network for senior college…
Descriptors: Expertise, Higher Education, Research Design, Retirement
Dominguez, Marguerite Nicole – ProQuest LLC, 2017
This was a correlational study of 30 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals-Mexico origin (D-MO) students at 2- and 4-year higher education institutions in the 4-state United States-Mexican Borderlands region (California, Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico). The study used an online survey to gain a better understanding of the relationship of four…
Descriptors: Public Policy, Immigrants, Undocumented Immigrants, College Students
Hart, Tracy L. – ProQuest LLC, 2017
The purpose of this single case study was to examine the relationship between online students' use of support services and their feelings of mattering using a convergent parallel research design to collect quantitative and qualitative data. Students enrolled exclusively in online classes during the academic year 2015-2016 at the University of New…
Descriptors: College Students, Electronic Learning, Student Personnel Services, Case Studies
Clouse, Ronald J. – ProQuest LLC, 2017
In recent years, numerous pastors, in many cases alumni of American Indian College (AIC), have observed that graduates from Assemblies of God (AG) educational institutions, whether native or non-native, lack leadership skills necessary for an efficacious post-college profession. In order to address this dearth of leadership among AIC alumni and…
Descriptors: Biblical Literature, American Indian Education, Tribally Controlled Education, Leadership Training
Weldon, Tyler L. – ProQuest LLC, 2013
Thousands of American's enter postsecondary institutions every year and many are under prepared for college-level work. Subsequently, students enroll in or are placed in remedial courses in preparation for the rigor of college level classes. Numerous studies have looked at the impact of developmental course work on student outcomes, but few focus…
Descriptors: College Readiness, High School Students, Student Evaluation, Developmental Studies Programs
Amezcua, Luis G. – ProQuest LLC, 2013
The purpose of safety training is to avoid or at least decrease the number of work-related accidents and deaths. This study was concerned with the role that native language plays in effective training of adult construction workers in New Mexico. Specifically, this study examined workers' and trainers' perceptions of the effectiveness of safety…
Descriptors: Safety, Training, Construction Industry, Skilled Workers
Grijalva, Norma – ProQuest LLC, 2013
This research explores various aspects of technology in education, including learning applications, equipment, infrastructure, and pedagogy. Technology can be used for course delivery, assessment, communications, research and other learning activities. As educational institutions transition more of their academic courses, resources, and services…
Descriptors: Qualitative Research, Case Studies, Allied Health Personnel, Educational Technology
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