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Roberts, Shelley – 2001
Nortenos, or Hispanos, are Spanish-heritage residents of northern New Mexico whose ancestors settled in the region in the 17th and 18th centuries and were long isolated from the U.S. mainstream. The ebb and flow of cultural crosscurrents in northern New Mexico add richness and complexity to educational issues faced by the Norteno community. This…
Descriptors: Biculturalism, Bilingual Education, Cultural Maintenance, Culture Conflict
Galvan, Roberto A.; Teschner, Richard V. – 1977
This is a supplementary dictionary of the Spanish spoken by Chicanos in the states of Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Florida. The nearly 8,000 entries represent a compilation of Chicano words and phrases not typically found in standard dictionaries. Items are listed alphabetically in Spanish, followed by an English…
Descriptors: Definitions, Dialect Studies, Dictionaries, Glossaries
Elsasser, Nan; And Others – 1980
The life stories of 21 Hispanic women of New Mexico spanning roughly four generations, are recorded in this book. Four sections ("But I Remember,""The Soul of the Home,""Little by Little," and "A Lighted Fire") develop these central themes: the shift from a rural to an urban environment; the struggle to…
Descriptors: Biographies, Career Development, Elementary Secondary Education, Ethnic Discrimination
Hernandez-Chavez, Eduardo, Ed.; And Others – 1975
The following articles are included in this anthology on Chicano speech: (1) "Mexican Spanish," D.N. Cardenas; (2) "The Archaic and the Modern in the Spanish of New Mexico," J. Ornstein; (3) "Problemas Lexicograficos del Espanol del Sudoeste," A.M. Espinosa, Jr.; (4) "Associative Interference in New Mexican Spanish," J.B. Rael; (5) "Some Aspects…
Descriptors: Bilingualism, Child Language, Code Switching (Language), Cognitive Processes
Forrest, Suzanne – 1989
This volume, fourth in a series, is devoted to a study of the depression years of the 1930s, a crucial period in the history of the Hispanic land-grant-villages. It places northern New Mexico in a broad regional and national context, examining the major currents of social and political thought in American society that influenced Hispanic New Deal…
Descriptors: Developmental Programs, Economic Change, Federal Programs, Government Role
Getz, Lynne Marie – 1997
This book highlights episodes in the history of Hispano education in New Mexico, from early territorial days through the New Deal. The 90 years from 1850 to 1940 demonstrate the persistence of the notion that culture can be determined from above, and that schools are a viable tool for determining culture. The myth that Hispanos did not value…
Descriptors: Acculturation, Bilingual Education, Community Control, Community Schools
Pugach, Marleen C. – 1998
The U.S.-Mexican border is an extensive geographical region that is socially and economically distinct from either the United States or Mexico. It has always been a multilingual and multicultural place. This book examines the social and cultural complexities of life in one small rural border town and its high school. Chapter 1 describes Havens,…
Descriptors: Biculturalism, Bilingual Education, Bilingual Students, Bilingualism
Larralde, Carlos – 1976
Biographical studies of 20 influential Chicano leaders trace Mexican American history from 1848 to the present. The book is organized chronologically by four historical periods: (1) The Cortinista Movement, 1848-1876; (2) The Teresita Movement, 1888-1905; (3) The Magonista Movement, 1904-1919; and (4) The Chicano Activists, 1920 ;o the present.…
Descriptors: Activism, Biographies, Change Agents, Civil Disobedience
Lopez, Ronald W.; And Others – 1976
Compiled to provide a national picture of Chicanos in higher education, this report provides a profile of Chicanos in higher education, with emphasis on enrollment patterns. Based on census and Office of Civil Rights data, the data are mainly for 1970, although information for other years both before and after 1970 is also included. Information…
Descriptors: College Freshmen, College Students, Declining Enrollment, Dental Schools
Garcia, Juan R., Ed; And Others – 1988
This anthology compiles articles and essays on Chicano and Chicana political concerns in the 1980's, on cultural aspects of the Chicano experience, and on historical issues and events. The papers are: (1) "Chicano Politics after 1984" by Christine Marie Sierra; (2) "Hacia una Teoria para la Liberacion de la Mujer" (analysis of…
Descriptors: Anthologies, Mexican American History, Mexican American Literature, Mexican Americans