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Mishory, Jen; Stettner, Andrew – Century Foundation, 2020
Michigan's public higher education institutions have seen decades of decline in per-student funding, leaving students to face costs that are simply out of reach. The state, for the most part, relies on institutions to provide aid to bring down costs for students at four-year institutions, rather than providing students with aid directly via state…
Descriptors: Educational Finance, Finance Reform, Public Colleges, Student Costs
Hall, Stephanie; Curtis, Ramond; Wofford, Carrie – Century Foundation, 2020
State policy leaders have an opportunity to take leadership in protecting students--and especially student veterans--from being targeted by predatory colleges. Given failings by the federal government to police for-profit colleges and to ensure basic rights for students to attend college without being defrauded, it now falls to the states to step…
Descriptors: Proprietary Schools, State Policy, Veterans, Deception
Mishory, Jen; Walsh, Anthony; Granville, Peter – Century Foundation, 2020
About 19 million people submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year, making it one of the most commonly experienced federal administrative processes. The widespread reliance on the complicated form and underlying calculation of financial need have spurred efforts to simplify and improve the application process and…
Descriptors: Student Financial Aid, Low Income Students, Educational Finance, Federal Programs
Century Foundation, 2019
In the United States, where social mobility has been considered a birthright, community colleges are essential to that promise. But America's 1,000 community colleges, which educate 9 million students, are routinely under-resourced and often fall short of their promise. Part of the responsibility lies with K-12 institutions, which do not…
Descriptors: Community Colleges, Educational Resources, State Aid, Educational Finance
Kahlenberg, Richard D.; Potter, Halley; Quick, Kimberly – Century Foundation, 2019
At a time when democracy is fractured along the fault lines of race, ethnicity, and religion, and when social mobility has stalled, high-quality integrated public schools could take us on a better path forward. Racial and socioeconomic school integration has proven to be one of the most powerful strategies known to educators to improve the lives…
Descriptors: School Desegregation, Educational Benefits, Educational Policy, Public Policy
Potter, Halley; Nunberg, Miriam – Century Foundation, 2019
As schools of choice, charter schools typically have the flexibility to enroll students from across an area, rather than being bound to a neighborhood attendance zone. And as schools usually created from scratch, charters can build diversity into their design, choosing educational models designed to appeal to a wide range of families. In practice,…
Descriptors: Charter Schools, Racial Integration, School Desegregation, Socioeconomic Status
Adan, Sara – Century Foundation, 2019
While college costs have risen significantly in the past few decades, some of those cost increases can be partially mitigated by financial aid for low-income families. But many low- and moderate-income families vastly overestimate the cost of college, leading them to assume that enrolling their children in college, particularly a four-year school,…
Descriptors: Paying for College, Student Financial Aid, Data Use, Outreach Programs
Potter, Halley; Nunberg, Miriam – Century Foundation, 2019
The relationship between charter schools and school integration has been complicated from the start. This report analyzes charter school policies and enrollment trends in each state to attempt to answer the fundamental question, How well do states support integration in charter schools? The centerpiece of the analysis is a series of state…
Descriptors: Charter Schools, Geographic Location, State Policy, Educational Policy
Williams, Conor P. – Century Foundation, 2019
American public schools today are perhaps more linguistically and culturally diverse than at any other point in American history. Nearly one in ten U.S. students is currently classified as an English learner (EL). This report explores the intersection between ELs and charter schools and provides ideas for helping policymakers use charters as…
Descriptors: English Language Learners, School Choice, Charter Schools, Student Diversity
Potter, Halley – Century Foundation, 2019
In 2014, a study by the Civil Rights Project at UCLA found that New York State had the most segregated schools in the country, more segregated than the school systems in the deep south. In recent years, however, attention to and action on school integration in New York has grown. Through groups such as Teens Take Charge, IntegrateNYC, and the…
Descriptors: Early Childhood Education, School Segregation, School Desegregation, School Districts
Shireman, Robert – Century Foundation, 2019
For-profit colleges do not always recruit aggressively; nor do they always shortchange students. But the problem of colleges systematically overpromising and underdelivering, when it does happen, has largely been a for-profit phenomenon. The abuses have been the most widespread and most damaging when they have been fueled by government grants and…
Descriptors: Proprietary Schools, Educational Policy, Government Role, Educational Malpractice
Batamula, Christi – Century Foundation, 2019
Albuquerque Sign Language Academy (ASLA), a charter school in New Mexico, is a dual language English-American Sign Language (ASL) school, and half of the students at ASLA are deaf or hard of hearing, while the other half are hearing. Many students at the school also have disabilities other than or in addition to being deaf or hard of hearing, with…
Descriptors: Charter Schools, American Sign Language, English, Bilingual Education
Granville, Peter; Miller, Kevin; Mishory, Jen – Century Foundation, 2019
A changing economy in Michigan means that education beyond high school, whether it's a degree or training for a specific skill or job, is more important than ever. But in Michigan, low- and middle-income families are seeing college costs continue to rise--for many, rising beyond their reach. Michigan has some of the highest public tuition levels…
Descriptors: College Students, Paying for College, Costs, Student Costs
Kahn, Suzanne; Huelsman, Mark; Mishory, Jen – Century Foundation, 2019
This report compiles the research on racial disparities both in the use of student debt and in higher education outcomes, specifically focusing on disparities between white students and Black students. In order to do so, the authors bring together two streams of research that are often siloed: research from experts on higher education access and…
Descriptors: Debt (Financial), Socioeconomic Status, Racial Differences, Educational Policy
Mishory, Jen – Century Foundation, 2019
As the free college debate continues to gain momentum in states across the country, advocates' and policymakers' growing success in reframing access to college as a guaranteed benefit raises the question: Should federal or state governments do more to ensure that guarantee includes access to quality job training programs more generally, and if so,…
Descriptors: Job Training, Employment Opportunities, Community Colleges, Paying for College
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