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Lanford, Michael; Maruco, Tattiya – Phi Delta Kappan, 2019
Career academies -- small learning communities within high schools that introduce students to specific industry sectors -- have become a popular way to expand career education. Yet certain institutional, economic, and social factors can inhibit their viability and scalability. Michael Lanford and Tattiya Maruco conducted a yearlong qualitative…
Descriptors: Career Academies, Career Education, Program Effectiveness, Labor Needs
Mokher, Christine G.; Rosenbaum, James E.; Gable, Alexis; Ahearn, Caitlin; Jacobson, Louis – Phi Delta Kappan, 2019
Florida's College and Career Readiness Initiative (FCCRI) required schools to administer a community college placement test to 11th-grade students and enroll students who did not pass in a college readiness course. Christine Mokher, James Rosenbaum, Alexis Gable, Caitlin Ahearn, and Louis Jacobson surveyed teachers of the course and found that,…
Descriptors: College Readiness, Career Readiness, High School Students, Grade 11
Kaplowitz, Donna Rich; Lee, Jasmine A.; Seyka, Sheri L. – Phi Delta Kappan, 2018
The authors describe a promising approach to engaging high school students in intergroup dialogues, relying on "near peers"--in this case, local college students--to facilitate a series of classroom discussions about racial identity, differences, and opportunities to connect. Early results suggest that the approach had significant…
Descriptors: High School Students, Critical Thinking, Racial Factors, Group Discussion
Crocco, Margaret; Halvorsen, Anne-Lise; Jacobsen, Rebecca; Segall, Avner – Phi Delta Kappan, 2018
Today's youth increasingly are being expected to engage in civil deliberation in classrooms while simultaneously living in a society with a high level of political incivility. However, teaching students to argue--particularly in oral form--is enormously complex and challenging work. In this article, the authors report on a study of four high…
Descriptors: Classroom Environment, Interpersonal Relationship, High Schools, High School Students
Schechter, Julia Silverman – Phi Delta Kappan, 2018
Students with disabilities, especially those with non-apparent conditions, are entering universities in growing numbers. Yet more and more students are going off to college unprepared to manage their disabilities, in part because their high schools are overburdened, understaffed, and uninformed to identify and support them. A recent survey of…
Descriptors: Student Needs, Undergraduate Students, Special Education, High School Students
Pavlakis, Alyssa; Roegman, Rachel – Phi Delta Kappan, 2018
School dress codes have been making news as students speak out about the ways the standards appear to them to be unfair, particularly to girls and Black males. Girls' clothing choices are singled out for being overly revealing and a distraction to boys, while Black males' choices are perceived as being associated with criminality. The authors…
Descriptors: Dress Codes, Clothing, African Americans, Gender Differences
Wahlstrom, Kyla L. – Phi Delta Kappan, 2017
A recent study by the University of Minnesota looked at eight high schools across the U.S. that chose later start times, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:55 a.m. The study found significant decreases in absences and tardiness as well as greater academic benefits for schools with the latest start times. Among the 9,395 students in the study, those who slept…
Descriptors: High School Students, School Schedules, Sleep, Fatigue (Biology)
El-Amin, Aaliyah; Seider, Scott; Graves, Daren; Tamerat, Jalene; Clark, Shelby; Soutter, Madora; Johannsen, Jamie; Malhotra, Saira – Phi Delta Kappan, 2017
Research has suggested that critical consciousness--the ability to recognize and analyze systems of inequality and the commitment to take action against these systems--can be a gateway to academic motivation and achievement for marginalized students. To explore this approach, the authors studied five urban schools that include critical…
Descriptors: High School Students, African American Students, Academic Achievement, Racial Bias
Sutton, Paul S.; Knuth, Randy – Phi Delta Kappan, 2017
A comprehensive high school in Bellevue, Washington, embraces problem-based learning as its strategy for improvement. Supported by a federal i3 grant, the school spent five years preparing for a widespread launch of PBL at the school. After several years of implementation, researchers learned that students perform the same or better on…
Descriptors: Investment, Problem Based Learning, High Schools, Educational Improvement
Burnett, Sara; Kugler, Eileen Gale; Tesh, Claire – Phi Delta Kappan, 2016
Over the past decades, U.S. immigration has changed significantly, yet the way we teach about immigration in schools has changed little. The American Immigration Council has developed a two-year program on Long Island, an area experiencing an increase of new arrivals and anti-immigrant sentiment. The program empowers teachers with the knowledge to…
Descriptors: Immigration, Immigrants, Teacher Competencies, Knowledge Base for Teaching
Spillane, Nancy K.; Lynch, Sharon J.; Ford, Michael R. – Phi Delta Kappan, 2016
The authors report on a study of eight inclusive STEM high schools that are designed to increase the numbers of students in demographic groups underrepresented in STEM. As STEM schools, they have had broader and deeper STEM coursework (taken by all students) than required by their respective states and school districts; they also had outcome…
Descriptors: STEM Education, High School Students, Disproportionate Representation, Access to Education
Joyce-Beaulieu, Diana; Grapin, Sally – Phi Delta Kappan, 2015
School personnel have many opportunities to assist students and families in preparing for a successful transition to college and careers. Initial high school efforts may include prescreening incoming freshman student files to identify those at-risk and assuring that support services and interventions are implemented quickly. Early supports for…
Descriptors: Mental Disorders, Mental Health, Mental Health Programs, High School Graduates
Kahne, Joseph; Middaugh, Ellen – Phi Delta Kappan, 2006
In this article, the authors take a systematic look at high school seniors' views on patriotism and its relationship to democracy. Drawing on the work of the Harwood Institute and on studies by Robert Schatz, Ervin Staub, and Howard Lavine, they discuss a set of criteria that can help them determine the degree to which students' patriotic…
Descriptors: Patriotism, Democracy, High School Seniors, Student Attitudes