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Palmer, W. P. – Online Submission, 1981
This paper examines three areas which would be effective starting points for improving educational standards in Papua New Guinea. They are Teacher Training, Curriculum, Assessment, & School Inspection. This paper suggested a number of ways to improve the standards of education in PNG, which at the time were in need of improvement, but both the…
Descriptors: Academic Standards, Inspection, Teacher Education, Curriculum Development
Palmer, W. P. – Online Submission, 1985
Some results from the 1982 New Teachers survey will be related to the teacher training programme at Goroka Teachers college. These will be put in the context of the subject courses run at G.T.C. and the subjects taught in secondary schools. Indications of who chooses to teach and why will be found by examining the sociological background of the…
Descriptors: Schools of Education, Family Characteristics, Socioeconomic Background, Beginning Teachers
Palmer, W. P. – Online Submission, 1990
This paper presents a science/science education bibliography, to assist science educationalists interested in Papua New Guinea. 392 articles were reviewed. The bibliography was then categorised in a number of ways to indicate patterns of research productivity in various areas of science education, and at different levels of education. A…
Descriptors: Productivity, Foreign Countries, Science Education, Educational Research
Bradshaw, Wayne Ellis; Watkins, J. Foster – Online Submission, 1977
As a move to strengthen the preparation of and induction of first year teachers into the challenges of their chosen profession, the State Department of Education was making moves in the direction of providing additional support in that transitional process. Bradshaw with encouragement from his major professor who was involved in planning the…
Descriptors: Beginning Teachers, Beginning Teacher Induction, Documentaries, Educational History
Kelley, Joan Thompson; Watkins, J. Foster – Online Submission, 1969
The conversion of an "old school bus" in the late 1960s into a mobile library is discussed. The conversion was an element of educational service developed cooperatively between a regional educational laboratory and a rural school system. The project endeavored to improve the early experiences of future students, many of whom would have…
Descriptors: Bus Transportation, Libraries, Rural Areas, Preschool Children
Watkins, J. Foster – Online Submission, 1968
The author plays off the use of acronyms in education in describing the work of the Southeastern Educational Laboratory (SEL). The SEL was one of the regional educational laboratories established by the U. S. Office of Education in the late 60s to assist in the improvement of public education. It served Alabama, Florida and Georgia. The author…
Descriptors: Public Education, Educational Improvement, Federal Programs, Educational Research
Watkins, J. Foster – Online Submission, 1992
A president describes the steps taken by his institution to communicate with interested parties that his institution is meeting its challenges as a transfer-oriented institution. Multiple survey approaches are discussed along with a number of qualitative approaches that contribute to the institution's ability to document its successes with its…
Descriptors: Community Colleges, College Presidents, College Transfer Students, Surveys
Davis, Marjorie – Online Submission, 1997
This article looks at the lessons that a novice qualitative researcher learned from interviewing an adolescent on AIDS education. The data informs us of what can be missed when adolescents are surveyed and not talked "to." As Toni informs us, "They should teach you this." The article points out how reciprocity, responsibility,…
Descriptors: Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), Health Education, Females, Interviews
Bashaw, W. L.; Kenney, James B.; Landrum, William; Rentz, R. Robert; Watkins, Foster – Online Submission, 1969
The structure of attitudes toward services rendered by state departments was studied in six southeastern states with a 70-item scale. Development procedures are described. The scale was administered to randomly chosen samples of superintendents (N = 671), central office personnel (N = 404), principals (N = 627), teachers (N = 3,684), and other…
Descriptors: Superintendents, State Departments of Education, Administrator Attitudes, Principals
Orr, Paul G.; Watkins, J. Foster – Online Submission, 1979
The chapter prepared for inclusion in a handbook for school board members focused upon the important relationships of boards, as boards, and individual board members with external organizations and agencies. The handbook was produced by the Alabama Schools Boards Association for its membership and for its use in the orientation of new board…
Descriptors: Boards of Education, Guides, Board of Education Role, Agency Cooperation
Watkins, J. Foster – Online Submission, 1982
The chapter was prepared for inclusion in a resource book for beginning teachers in Alabama. The author takes a "multiple roles" approach in analyzing the demands on and expectations for the beginning teacher. It is research-based and closes with a "Ten Prescriptions for Success in the Classroom." The author found it to be a…
Descriptors: Teacher Role, Beginning Teachers, Role Perception, Classroom Techniques
Yates, Mary Ruth; Saunders, Ron; Watkins, J. Foster – Online Submission, 1980
The article discusses the development of an "alternative school" in an urban school system for students having trouble in the regular secondary setting. The program was based upon "Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs" and is described in detail. The initial assessment of the program produced very positive results.
Descriptors: Nontraditional Education, Urban Schools, Secondary School Students, Behavior Problems
Gana, Rajaram; Hoerl, Arthur E. – Online Submission, 1994
Since the publication of the highly influential "Coleman Report" of 1966, researchers have tried to find inputs, such as school quality, that are associated with student achievement on standardized tests, but have found little. This study finds an underlying association between Scholastic Aptitude Test scores and several measures of…
Descriptors: College Entrance Examinations, Statistical Analysis, Standardized Tests, Measures (Individuals)
Watkins, J. Foster – Online Submission, 1978
In his role as area head of curriculum and instruction in a major university, the author reacts to some disturbing data that seem to indicate that far too many teachers are not certain about their previous career choices. Less than 50% of the respondents in a national study indicated that they would select teaching again with 8 of 10 of those…
Descriptors: Teacher Education, Teacher Education Programs, College Admission, Career Choice
Addleton, Robert L.; Edmonds, Charles; Gamble, Lanny; Watkins, J. Foster – Online Submission, 1983
The articles describes the efforts of seven rural systems in northeast Alabama to respond in a cooperative manner to new initiatives from the State Department of Education to improve their inservice/staff development programs. The University of Alabama, primarily through its Gadsden Center, provided professional support and coordinating…
Descriptors: Rural Schools, State Standards, Inservice Teacher Education, Faculty Development
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