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Aicinena, Steve – Online Submission, 2019
Coaches often enter their profession in hopes of helping others and making the world a better place in which to live. In this narrative, the Author recounts a volleyball recruiting trip to Denver, Colorado. He stays in an area of the city plagued by homelessness and crime. What he saw and experienced made him question the real impact he has on…
Descriptors: Athletic Coaches, Team Sports, Urban Areas, College Athletics
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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López-Estrada, Patricia; Rodríguez, Prisca; Bonet, Maria – Online Submission, 2019
Global trends in the 21st century highlight the importance and necessity of technology use for students to demonstrate their learning processes, thus facilitating their language learning in meaningful technological contexts (Eaton, 2010). This paper seeks to address some issues dealing with the importance of technology in relation to second…
Descriptors: Educational Technology, Technology Uses in Education, Student Diversity, Teaching Methods
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Barrantes-Elizondo, Lena – Online Submission, 2019
This article maps the territory of visual ethnography as a key and accessible research methodology in education. It aims to provide an overview and to present theory and practice for future research. The origins and principles of visual ethnography are disclosed as well as some methods to gather data. From the premise that either created by the…
Descriptors: Ethnography, Photography, Educational Research, Research Methodology
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Álvarez-Bogantes, Carlos Eduardo – Online Submission, 2019
Currently, there is little research on mothers' perceptions of the social support they provide for their children to be physically active, which could yield important information in the construction of interventions that promote active lifestyles in childhood. We conducted individual interviews and three focus groups with 15 mothers of children 6…
Descriptors: Parent Attitudes, Mothers, Young Children, Physical Activity Level
Yavuz, Mehmet – Online Submission, 2019
In this study, the effectiveness of the video prompting method and its maintenance and social validity were investigated in cloth folding skill teaching for individuals with autism spectrum disorder. Three male individuals with autism spectrum disorder were included in the study. In the research, inter-observer multiple-probe with a single-subject…
Descriptors: Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorders, Males, Video Technology
Salazar R., Emanuel; Obaya V., Adolfo Eduardo; Giammatteo, Lucila; Vargas-Rodríguez, Yolanda – Online Submission, 2019
The didactic sequence relates atomic structure concepts (matter structure) with the different models that have been proposed to improve its study, making use of didactic elements that are related to students' reality where they become responsible of constructing knowledge by means of significant learning. Results were analyzed with Hake's gain…
Descriptors: Models, High School Students, Constructivism (Learning), Chemistry
Uluçinar, Ufuk; Ari, Asim – Online Submission, 2019
Caring thinking as a higher order thinking type has both cognitive and affective components, as Lipman stated. Attributed as thinking depending on affects, emotion, the heart, beliefs, it is associated with the processes of Krathwohl's affective domain taxonomy. In this study, therefore, it was aimed to develop an inventory of caring thinking…
Descriptors: Caring, Thinking Skills, Test Validity, Test Reliability
Salman, Melih N. – Online Submission, 2019
Teacher training and education is a very difficult and demanding process. Training qualified and elite teachers require even greater efforts. Today, training qualified and elite teachers cannot be achieved only by implementing the curricula to the letter. Curricula must be constantly supported with programs such as high level seminars, symposiums,…
Descriptors: Conferences (Gatherings), Case Studies, Schools of Education, Foreign Countries
Ndihokubwayo, Kizito; Murasira, Gerard – Online Submission, 2019
Rwanda embarked on a new curriculum based-competences in 2015. It is in this regards the Rwanda Education Board has continuously trained its counterparts in all areas of education. The present study intends to describe how teachers' training college leavers' support and are ready to implement this curriculum towards their students' career…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Teacher Education Programs, Preservice Teachers, Expectation
Ndihokubwayo, Kizito; Habiyaremye, Hashituky Telesphore – Online Submission, 2019
The literature review showed the relationship with the lesson study with other practices such as CPD [continuous professional development], SBI [school-based in-service teacher training] through Peer learning altogether contributing to the implementation of Rwandan CBC [competence-based curriculum]. Lesson study practices showed tremendous…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Mathematics Instruction, Science Instruction, Teacher Competencies
Lygeraki, Agapi – Online Submission, 2019
Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects the functioning of the brain and consequently other areas of development in an unstable and irregular way. There are many therapeutic approaches to autism and one of them is music therapy. Music therapy is a purely therapeutic treatment (Anagnostopoulou & Manti, 2009). It does not seek…
Descriptors: Academic Achievement, Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorders, Music Therapy
Kizito, Ndihokubwayo; Kinya, Shimizu; Hideo, Ikeda; Takuya, Baba – Online Submission, 2019
This study is investigating the student-teachers' conception of static electricity in Rwandan teacher training colleges. The study used a pre- and post-intervention design, where two groups of students were randomly assigned in two groups. Along a period of four weeks, one group was taught using the traditional method (TRAD) while another using…
Descriptors: Energy, Science Teachers, Teacher Education Programs, Intervention
Maneta, Anthi – Online Submission, 2019
Although the development of communication skills in children suffering from Disorders of the Autistic Spectre generally progresses in the same way as in children with typical development, it is however impeded in many ways at various stages of growing up, influenced by the mental ability of the children and the degree of the disorder. As a result,…
Descriptors: Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorders, Communication Skills, Language Skills
Kizito, Ndihokubwayo; Telesphore, Habiyaremye Hashituky; Claude, Rukundo Jean – Online Submission, 2019
This study investigates the competence-based curriculum (CBC) issues hindering its implementation. To collect data, the study surveyed 731 primary and secondary school teachers around Rwanda at the time they were in their third phase of CBC assessment training. These teachers are sector-based trainers (SBTs) whom after getting training, are…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Competency Based Education, Elementary School Teachers, Secondary School Teachers
Tejada Reyes, Venecia – Online Submission, 2019
Learning techniques or study strategies are different perspectives applied to learning in general. Apparently, they are critical to the success of students in school. There are varieties of learning techniques, which can focus on the process of organizing, taking and retaining new information, or passing exams.…
Descriptors: Independent Study, Learning Strategies, Study Habits, Second Language Learning
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