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Jannatussholihah, Siti; Triyono, Sulis – Online Submission, 2019
This research aims to identify the types of interference and factor of interference. The object of this research is the daily conversations of the students at a University in Indonesia. The research focused on English interference that occurs in Javanese Language and Indonesian Language in everyday conversation. Data is obtained by observation…
Descriptors: English (Second Language), Second Language Learning, Indonesian, Malayo Polynesian Languages
Delute, Regina Chriscel S. – Online Submission, 2019
The study analyzed the directives in the English major examinations collated from Batangas State University. It covered the instructors extent of use of examination types. At the end of the study, a set of guidelines in the construction of directions was proposed. The descriptive method of research was utilized with the questionnaire as the main…
Descriptors: Pragmatics, English (Second Language), Second Language Learning, Second Language Instruction
Agyekum, Shadrack – Online Submission, 2019
Teacher-student relationship is one of the factors that promotes students learning. Positive interaction creates peaceful environment, but negative interaction leads to instability. Teacher's positive relationship helps to promote student's academic growth. Teachers who emphasize positive aspect of students rather than negative aspect helps the…
Descriptors: Teacher Student Relationship, High School Students, Academic Achievement, Student Behavior
Soiferman, L. Karen – Online Submission, 2019
The debate on the validity of teaching students how to identify their own preferred learning style is not going to go away anytime soon as evidenced by the number of articles still being written about the topic. One can find numerous research studies that say students have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to learning and retaining…
Descriptors: Cognitive Style, Learning Strategies, Teaching Methods, Preferences
Elitok Kesici, Ayse; Çavus, Baris – Online Submission, 2019
University life quality is a concept that affects students' self-perceptions, sense of belonging, attitudes towards the profession, alienation levels, motivations, democratic attitudes, communication skills and academic achievements in their education processes. It is affected by the open and hidden curriculum and influences these programs.…
Descriptors: College Environment, Quality of Life, Outcomes of Education, Hidden Curriculum
Meri Yilan, Serpil – Online Submission, 2019
This study was undertaken to examine English for Academic Purposes (EAP) students' perceptions and use of online learning resources (OLR), which are freely and openly available digital materials. The study utilized both quantitative and qualitative research instruments to collect data. EAP students who came to the UK to improve their language and…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, English for Academic Purposes, Student Attitudes, Educational Technology
Asio, John Mark R.; Gadia, Ediric D. – Online Submission, 2019
Teacher bullying is an area given with the least attention and significance in the teaching field because of the notion that bullying tends to be affixed with the students only. This descriptive study aimed to determine the awareness and understanding of 98 randomly selected participants on teacher bullying of Gordon College in Olongapo City. The…
Descriptors: College Students, Student Attitudes, Knowledge Level, College Faculty
Mambetaliev, Askar – Online Submission, 2019
The article presents the dimensions of communication in multiethnic and multilingual education settings, the main barriers to sustainable relationships between students of different backgrounds and strategies to overcome those barriers. The main research question of the study is: What are the main barriers in sustainable relationships between…
Descriptors: Barriers, Multilingualism, Sustainability, Cultural Pluralism
Iwuanyanwu, Paul Nnanyereugo – Online Submission, 2019
As long has been known, there is no perfect way to teach science. This paper makes no claim to be the 'be-all and end-all' of science education. Rather it critically examines what we teach learners in science and what they learn and tries to offer suggestions that can help teachers to surmount the scholastic inadequacies they tend to encounter in…
Descriptors: Science Education, 21st Century Skills, Science History, Educational Objectives
Obaya Valdivia, Adolfo Eduardo; Vargas-Rodriguez, Yolanda Marina; Giammatteo, Lucila; Ruiz Solórzano, Citlali – Online Submission, 2019
An overview of the relationship between educational research and teaching chemistry is presented, covering the opportunity areas between production and science popularization (dissemination of scientific knowledge). Knowledge apprehension and appropriation are also discussed in the educational context of UNAM, in Facultad de Estudios Superiores…
Descriptors: Educational Research, Science Instruction, Chemistry, Research Utilization
Herut, Adane Hailu – Online Submission, 2019
This study investigated unstable working conditions of stable teachers in Gedeo zone, SNNPR. It also addressed contributing factors and possible mechanisms to overcome the problem as well as possible solutions. This study employed sequential explanatory model of mixed research approach which accommodates quant-qual method to collect and analyze…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Teaching Conditions, Work Environment, Elementary School Teachers
Duyan, Mehdi; Yildiz, Suleyman M. – Online Submission, 2019
Mobbing and burnout are phenomena that can be observed in many organizations. The effect of mobbing behavior on athlete burnout in this study was examined on university students in the Universities League (UNILIG) futsal competitions. The data were obtained from futsal players (n=72) who participated in the UNILIG, East Anatolian Group Futsal…
Descriptors: College Students, Athletes, College Athletics, Team Sports
Lin, Grace Hui Chin – Online Submission, 2019
Perhaps it is inevitable that non-native speakers' English articulations are displayed with their local accents, which are usually based on their mother tongues or dominant languages. However, fluency in English pronunciation and communication is still achievable by these groups of speakers in outer and expanding circles. In these two circles,…
Descriptors: Pidgins, English (Second Language), Second Language Learning, Second Language Instruction
Demir, Özgür Osman; Aliyev, Ramin – Online Submission, 2019
The purpose of this research is to deeply examine the resilience in war victim immigrants based on risk and protective factors. The sample of the research, which is structured as a phenomenological study, a type of qualitative research, constitute of 5 women, 5 men and 10 university students. A semi-structured Immigrant University Students…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, College Students, Foreign Students, Immigrants
Tejada Reyes, Venecia – Online Submission, 2019
The following work tries to analyze the possible fossilization errors of the students when acquiring a second foreign language. For this purpose, two languages have been chosen: maternal (Spanish) and foreign (English). In the present work we have examined the effects of the Spanish language and the English language when learning another language…
Descriptors: High School Students, Second Language Learning, Second Language Instruction, English (Second Language)
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