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Patterson, Joshua Glenn – Online Submission, 2019
Despite growing awareness of the teacher staffing crisis in rurally isolated, impoverished Montana school districts, little has been done to effectively address the issue. As opposed to a general lack of supply, current state and national research attribute the problem to challenges in teacher recruitment and retention. While many of these studies…
Descriptors: Geographic Isolation, Rural Schools, Poverty Areas, School Districts
Riddell, Christopher M. – Online Submission, 2018
This quantitative study uses a survey to determine how public school teachers perceive the efficacy of the intervention of the Dignity For All Student's Act on the climate of civility in the classroom at one specific public middle school located in Upstate New York. The intent is to explore the perceived efficacy of the intervention put into place…
Descriptors: State Legislation, Educational Legislation, Human Dignity, Program Implementation
Sorensen, Alma Margaret – Online Submission, 2018
Current research and theory primarily focuses on identifying holistic challenges of the veteran student demographic and does not focus on challenges specific to female veterans when transitioning into and through college. Additionally, current research and theory does not focus on positive and negative experiences of female veterans within four…
Descriptors: Veterans Education, Females, Student Experience, College Students
Westbury, Laury A. – Online Submission, 2018
The Institute of Medicine (2012) and Benner, Sutphen, Leonard, and Day (2010) suggested a radical change within nursing education programs to move toward the goal of optimal patient care and to expand technologies and innovation. The World Health Organization (2011) supports the concept that health professionals must receive adequate education at…
Descriptors: Health Services, Simulation, Nursing Education, Patients
Rinio, Deborah – Online Submission, 2018
Social capital, in the form of relationships among teachers, results in sharing information and resources, which leads to improved student academic achievement. However, school librarians in secondary schools often face challenges when it comes to collaboration. Not surprisingly, collaboration between teachers and librarians is a major focus of…
Descriptors: Social Capital, Social Networks, Network Analysis, School Libraries
Segraves, Jamie Nicole – Online Submission, 2018
As job dissatisfaction continues to be a lead cause of teacher turnover (Brill & McCartney, 2008; Moore, 2012; Smith & Ingersoll, 2004) in both the public and private sectors of education, a deeper understanding of what contributes to the dissatisfaction of the profession is warranted. While several factors influence overall job…
Descriptors: Private Schools, Teacher Orientation, Job Satisfaction, Teacher Persistence
Machajewski, Szymon Tomasz – Online Submission, 2017
Between 2000 and 2016, the STEM industry reportedly added jobs at the rate of 28% while all jobs were growing at only 6%. However, 48% of bachelor's degree students and 69% of associate's degree students in STEM majors left their program of study between 2003 and 2009. The high attrition rate is often attributed to low student engagement, boredom,…
Descriptors: College Science, STEM Education, Introductory Courses, Case Studies
Jones, Shawn Cecil – Online Submission, 2017
Classroom size, curriculum, and student attendance are all important factors that affect student outcomes, but these factors cannot compare to the classroom teacher's influence on student academic performance. Unfortunately, highly qualified teachers are not equally effective in different school settings. Findings associated with highly effective…
Descriptors: Teacher Effectiveness, Urban Schools, Suburban Schools, Teacher Characteristics
Girmay, Mehrete – Online Submission, 2017
In the recent decades, the United States has attracted the highest numbers of international students to obtain an education with the majority of students sojourning from China, India, and South Korea (Valenzuela, Palacios, & Intindola, 2015). It is important that the particular needs of this population are understood and met by the…
Descriptors: Graduate Students, Foreign Students, Student Needs, Student Adjustment
Gillard, Malcolm Jerome – Online Submission, 2017
The objective of this study was to explore the relationship between the representation of African American and Hispanic students in gifted education programs, professional development and teacher training in gifted education, and teacher referral of these students to gifted programs. Administrators, general education teachers, and gifted education…
Descriptors: African American Students, Hispanic American Students, School Districts, Gifted
Moradi Sheykhjan, Tohid – Online Submission, 2017
Introduction: Education has been regarded as an essential concomitant of all human society and academic achievement is one of the most important goals of education in this competitive age. Mental health and self-efficacy are considered as important variables because they are essential for effective learning. Academic achievement is a complex…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Mental Health, Self Efficacy, Predictor Variables
Sumerfield, Sandra S. – Online Submission, 2017
This study explored how using graphic novel features in the writing process influenced the motivation and engagement of fifth grade boys to write. Participants used graphica features to visually draft their narrative essays before crafting their final writing piece. During the drafting process, students were encouraged to engage in the revision…
Descriptors: Writing Instruction, Teaching Methods, Novels, Cartoons
Eutsler, Mark L. – Online Submission, 2017
The purpose of this study was to prove to what degree using the arts could increase developing student critical thinking skills. The thesis is based on Paul, Elder, and Bartell assertion that intensive arts training, can prepare students for life and work by developing in them the general skills and attitudes, the habits of heart and mind they…
Descriptors: Critical Thinking, Art Education, Interdisciplinary Approach, Teaching Methods
Carter, Bruce J. – Online Submission, 2017
A problem recognized in the United States is that a K-12 public education in urban communities is more likely to support existing patterns of inequality than to serve as a pathway to opportunity. The specific focus of this research was on the poor academic performance in U.S. K-12 urban communities. Using Benet's polarities of democracy theory as…
Descriptors: Equal Education, Statistical Analysis, Benchmarking, Achievement Tests
Lawson, Molly A. – Online Submission, 2017
This quantitative study used regression analysis to investigate the correlation of limited language proficiency and the performance of English Language Learner (ELL) students on two commonly used math assessments, namely the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) and the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP). Scores were analyzed for eighth…
Descriptors: English Language Learners, Regression (Statistics), Correlation, Language Proficiency
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