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Gürbüz, Mustafa Çagri; Agsu, Murat – Online Submission, 2017
It is known that difficulties are often experienced in conceptual learning of mathematics, which is an abstract lesson. For this reason, it is difficult for students to conceptually learn inequalities, one of the difficult subjects of mathematics. The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of dialogic teaching to overcome the general…
Descriptors: Action Research, Mathematics Instruction, Teaching Methods, Grade 9
Gözpinar, Halis – Online Submission, 2017
The English language day by day is becoming ever increasingly important in the world. Music in foreign language education can be seen as a helpful method that spontaneously livens the learning atmosphere. In this paper, we are arguing for (the use of) songs that stir and inspire "social change" and that are an "authentic" part…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Values Education, Second Language Learning, English (Second Language)
Zorba, M. Galip; Arikan, Arda – Online Submission, 2016
The aim of this study is to understand the main principles of the CEFR and to what extent Anatolian High Schools' 9th grade EFL curriculum meet the principles advocated in that document. Hence, document analysis was used as a method to seek answers to the research questions set by a comparative analysis of the CEFR and Anatolian High Schools'…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, High Schools, Grade 9, Second Language Instruction
Abdüsselam, Mustafa Serkan; Yildiz, Cemalettin; Göl, Resül – Online Submission, 2016
The aim of this qualitative study is to determine middle and secondary school students' approaches related to computers and internet. To achieve this aim a form consisted of 8 open-ended questions was used. The implementation was carried out to 322 middle school and 161 secondary school students in Trabzon and Giresun cities on 2015-2016 school…
Descriptors: Middle School Students, High School Students, Student Attitudes, Knowledge Level
Çetin, Ali; Toytok, Esef Hakan; Korkmaz, Mehmet – Online Submission, 2015
Web based learning has found its place in educational methods with the development of internet and internet technologies. The materials, that used with web based learning environments, should have some properties like visualization, pedagogic acceptance and convenience for students level. The purpose of this study is to construct two web based…
Descriptors: Web Based Instruction, Science Instruction, Inquiry, Active Learning
Yazlik, Derya Ozlem; Erdogan, Ahmet – Online Submission, 2015
The aim of this study is to assess learner views with regard to ProbSol learning environment prepared according to problem solving steps for the teaching of "applications related to equations and inequalities". In line with this aim, the study was carried out with 15 volunteered 9th graders who are taught with ProbSol. The study is a…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Problem Solving, Student Attitudes, Secondary School Students
Dantzler, John A.; Bensoy, Kevin D.; Siders, James. A. – Online Submission, 2014
This study measured artistically gifted students' attitudes toward technology and compared them to their math/science peers. Researchers administered the English version of the Modified Fennema Sherman Attitudes Scales (M-FSAS) to 149 students enrolled at a residential school (grades 7-12) for the artistically and math/science gifted (108 female,…
Descriptors: Gifted, Visual Arts, Computer Attitudes, Student Attitudes
Shelley, Mack; Yildirim, Atila – Online Submission, 2013
Using Program for International Student Achievement (PISA) 2009 data we study the transfer of knowledge among reading, mathematics, and science among Turkish students. Both Science and Reading are significant predictors of Mathematics scores, although clearly Science is a much stronger predictor; the transfer from Science to Mathematics is much…
Descriptors: Science Achievement, Mathematics Achievement, Reading Achievement, Foreign Countries
Dikmenli, Yurdal; Unaldi, Ulku Eser – Online Submission, 2013
This study involves the elucidation of the effect of the virtual classroom application and blended learning medium upon the academic achievement of the students and their attitudes against the geography curse compared to the face to face expository (traditional) method. The study was carried out according to pre-test--post-test experimental design…
Descriptors: Virtual Classrooms, Achievement Tests, Student Attitudes, Geography
Taskin, Duygu; Yildiz, Cemalettin; Kanbolat, Oben; Baki, Adnan – Online Submission, 2013
In this study, reflections of problem solving environment based on group work are presented. Samples of the study are 28 students studying on 9th grade of a secondary school in Trabzon. In this study a historical problem of Fibonacci in his book "Liber Abaci" arranged appropriately to the problem solving steps of Polya and a worksheet…
Descriptors: Mathematics Instruction, Grade 9, Secondary School Mathematics, Problem Solving
Akkuzu, Nalan; Akcay, Husamettin – Online Submission, 2011
This study describes the analogical models and narratives used to introduce and teach Grade 9 chemical covalent compounds which are relatively abstract and difficult for students. We explained each model's development during the lessons and analyzed understanding students derived from these learning materials. In this context, achievement,…
Descriptors: Experimental Groups, Control Groups, Student Attitudes, Achievement Tests
Koparan, Timur; Yildiz, Cemalettin; Kögce, Davut; Güven, Bülent – Online Submission, 2010
This study investigates the effect of materials developed based on conceptual change approach on 9th grade students'achievement in the subject of fractions. With this aim, a worksheet, conceptual change text and a two-stage performance test on the subject of fractions were developed. Quasi-experimental research model was used in the study.…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, High School Students, Grade 9, Mathematics Achievement
Yoruk, Nuray; Morgil, Inci; Secken, Nilgun – Online Submission, 2009
The leakages in secondary level education brought forward the necessity to restructure the educational system so as to address the social and individual needs and meet the requirements of Turkey; therefore, a "reformation" study became an obligation. The formal education in Turkey starts at the age of 6, when the individual is shaped…
Descriptors: Career Planning, Career Choice, Achievement Tests, Chemistry
Küçüközer, Hüseyin; Kocakülah, Sabri – Online Submission, 2008
The aim of this study was to examine the effect of teaching designed to consider grade 9 students' misconceptions about simple electric circuits on conceptual change. Students' misconceptions were determined by using a conceptual understanding test consisting of eight open-ended questions and semi-structured interview technique. Conceptual…
Descriptors: Science Instruction, Grade 9, Misconceptions, Scientific Concepts
Bayrak, Bekir; Kanli, Uygar; Ingec, Sebnem Kandil – Online Submission, 2007
In this study, the research problem was: "Is the computer based physics instruction as effective as laboratory intensive physics instruction with regards to academic success on electric circuits 9th grade students?" For this research of experimental quality the design of pre-test and post-test are applied with an experiment and a control…
Descriptors: Control Groups, Student Attitudes, Academic Achievement, Physics
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