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Carter, Rachelle – Online Submission, 2016
Special education has come a long way in the past several years, but it still needs work. Federal and state laws have been passed in order to allow children with disabilities a chance to earn a free appropriate education in a least restrictive environment. Federal Regulations have been enacted by both Congress and the U.S. Department of Education.…
Descriptors: Special Education, Disabilities, Federal Legislation, Educational Legislation
Ain, Ganiah I. – Online Submission, 2016
In the past, universities did not offer equal opportunities for students with disabilities. Therefore, the principle of transitioning to higher education for students with disabilities was inscribed in legislation. This paper analyzes some legal provisions governing students with disabilities. The present study is essential for recognizing the…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Disabilities, Access to Education, Legal Responsibility
Skidmore, Kevin – Online Submission, 2014
As a part of the Individualized Education Plan (IEP), special education teachers work along with their student with special needs and their parent(s)/guardian(s) to create and implement Individualized Transition Plans (ITP) to assist the student with their transition to the post-school environment. As mandated by Individuals with Disabilities…
Descriptors: Transitional Programs, Disabilities, Adolescents, Special Education
Eskay, M.; Onu, V. C.; Igbo, J. N.; Obiyo, N.; Ugwuanyi, L. – Online Submission, 2012
For a long time, children with special needs were educated along with other regular children in schools. The notion of special education was a Western phenomenon and concept in Nigeria. How were children with special needs educated without special education programs? This article will provide cultural perspectives on issues of disability and care…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, African Culture, Disabilities, Special Needs Students
Sky Lark, Taj'ullah – Online Submission, 2012
The instability of the U.S. economy and its competitiveness in the global market has lead to increase request for investment in Higher Education programs. There exists a rising awareness among scholars of how inextricably education is tied to the strength of the economy, the well being of its populace, as well as the importance of a diversified…
Descriptors: Higher Education, College Admission, Student Costs, College Programs
Wormald, Amy Marie – Online Submission, 2011
Recent literature notes a significant increase in students being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Yet, no uniform testing protocol exists. It is vital for students and educators that a unified testing process be created and established. This study investigated which ASD testing instruments were currently used in Southern California…
Descriptors: Private Schools, Autism, Testing, Rating Scales
Grant, Marquis C. – Online Submission, 2009
Children identified for special education services were once denied access to regular education classrooms and their peers regardless of the nature of their disabilities. In recent decades, efforts have been made to integrate more exceptional children into mainstream environments. The term inclusion has manifested itself into modern education…
Descriptors: Disabilities, Federal Legislation, Inclusive Schools, Barriers
Pace, Darra; Schwartz, Diane – Online Submission, 2008
The inclusion of students with disabilities at the university is a relatively new occurrence in the field of special education. Although legislation in the United States has supported the acceptance of students with disabilities at the post-secondary level, it has only provided minimal support with the emphasis on the learner rather than the…
Descriptors: Learning Theories, College Curriculum, Inclusive Schools, Models
Collins, Donald R. – Online Submission, 2008
Historical and contemporary perceptions of the African American child are based on his or her relationship to his family in general and to his or her mother in particular. This article critically reviews flawed premises constructed by outsiders looking into the African American family. These premises have shaped the education and social place…
Descriptors: African American Students, African American Family, Urban Youth, Black Dialects
Burke, Kenneth M. – Online Submission, 2006
In providing needed services to individuals that claim a disability and meeting legal standards, issues linger in grey areas for institutions of higher education in the United States. While postsecondary schools are legally obligated to provide mobility access for physical disabilities, given the questions over defining disability, service…
Descriptors: Postsecondary Education, Civil Rights, Physical Disabilities, Special Needs Students