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Aloud, Ashwaq; Alsulayyim, Maryam – Online Submission, 2016
Discrimination is a structured way of abusing people based on racial differences, hence barring them from accessing wealth, political participation and engagement in many spheres of human life. Racism and discrimination are inherently rooted in institutions in the society, the problem has spread across many social segments of the society including…
Descriptors: Racial Discrimination, African American Students, Laws, Educational Policy
Ries, Francis; Yanes Cabrera, Cristina; González Carriedo, Ricardo – Online Submission, 2016
Governments and multilateral organizations frequently employ comparative studies, which are receiving increased attention in the contemporary process of globalization. Within the assessment of educational policies, this comparison is used to define the parameters of quality and the models of efficiency, and it allows us to see the roles that…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Comparative Education, Secondary School Teachers, Masters Degrees
Tupan-Wenno, Mary; Camilleri, Anthony Fisher; Fröhlich, Melanie; King, Sadie – Online Submission, 2016
Despite all intentions in the course of the Bologna Process and decades of investment into improving the social dimension, results in many national and international studies show that inequity remains stubbornly persistent, and that inequity based on socio-economic status, parental education, gender, country-of-origin, rural background and more…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Equal Education, Foreign Countries, Educational Change
Yates, Lucian, III; Moore, Jerrel; Vairez, Mathias R., Jr.; Barber-Freeman, Pamela T.; Ross, William; Parker, William H.; Bautista, Ramiro – Online Submission, 2015
While the population of America's public schools is becoming more diverse, the percentage of minority teachers is steadily decreasing. While over 44% of all students in America are minority, only 12-14% of teachers are minorities and less than 2% are African American males. The challenge for colleges of education is to recruit more African…
Descriptors: African American Teachers, Males, Preservice Teachers, African American Students
Castillo, Victor A. – Online Submission, 2014
The purpose of this study was to examine the Life-history narratives of ten academically successful Mexican American men and their recollections of the salient factors that facilitated their education attainment. In seeking an understanding to the phenomenon, the research was guided by two general questions: What barriers did Mexican American men…
Descriptors: Hispanic Americans, Personal Narratives, Educational Attainment, Barriers
Whitacre, Michael; Diaz, Zulmaris; Esquierdo, Joy – Online Submission, 2013
Pre-service teachers need opportunities to apply theory and connect to best practices as they teach in classroom settings be it, whole or small group. For many pre-service teachers often times their experience is limited to simply watching instruction or working with small groups of students (Pryor & Kuhn, 2004). The student teaching…
Descriptors: Theory Practice Relationship, Reading Instruction, Teaching Methods, Student Teaching
Diaz, Zulmaris; Whitacre, Michael; Esquierdo, J. Joy; Ruiz-Escalante, Jose A. – Online Submission, 2013
Questioning techniques have historically been considered the measurement by which teachers challenge and gauge student learning. Much has been said about questioning strategies used by teachers; yet little is known about the strategies used by pre-service teachers, especially those that are working with English language learners. This study…
Descriptors: English (Second Language), English Language Learners, Questioning Techniques, Focus Groups
Cooksey, Yan Zhang; Cole, Bryan R. – Online Submission, 2012
Whereas research related to the experience of faculty of color is increasing, few attentions have been focused on Chinese faculty's career experience in the US. This study examined career experiences of 16 Chinese faculty members across different disciplines, ranks and genders at a studied research extensive university in Texas, US. The study used…
Descriptors: Asians, College Faculty, Research Universities, Work Experience
Thiede, Robert – Online Submission, 2012
The popularity and rise in online courses have somewhat taken the author by surprise. Starting as a college instructor three years ago, the author has witnessed the tremendous interest in online programming. In fact, it is the fastest growing enrollment at the kindergarten-12th grade and higher educational levels. At the university level,…
Descriptors: Online Courses, Educational Strategies, Best Practices, Assignments
Drake, Paul B., Ed. – Online Submission, 2012
This publication follows the tradition of publishing selected papers from Pacific Islands Association of Libraries, Archives and Museums (PIALA) annual conferences. This 20th annual conference was held in Weno, Chuuk State, Federated States of Micronesia, November 15-19, 2010. The volume begins with a listing of the members of the PIALA 2010…
Descriptors: Libraries, Archives, Museums, Professional Associations
Johnson, William L.; Johnson, Annabel M.; Johnson, Jared – Online Submission, 2012
Background: The context is the new Texas STAAR end-of-course testing program. Purpose: The authors developed a logistic regression model to predict who would pass-or-fail the new Texas chemistry STAAR end-of-course exam. Setting: Robert E. Lee High School (5A) with an enrollment of 2700 students, Tyler, Texas. Date of the study was the 2011-2012…
Descriptors: High School Students, Grade 10, Grade 11, Chemistry
Webb, Adam – Online Submission, 2011
Mobile Internet-based technologies have created the opportunity for many students to view writing and research as an everyday activity. While many students use these kinds of technologies on a daily basis in and outside of the classroom, not many writing pedagogies reflect this shift or capitalize on how beginner writers use them to effectively…
Descriptors: Constructivism (Learning), Heuristics, Writing Instruction, Teaching Methods
Newman, Richard E.; Miller, Michael T. – Online Submission, 2011
Intercollegiate athletics play a major and highly visible role in both higher education and the broader world of sports entertainment. A significant component of the entertainment derived from college athletic contests is related to the atmosphere promoted, both formally and informally, amid and around athletic events. The current study was…
Descriptors: Team Sports, College Athletics, Competition, Sport Psychology
Terry, Bobby K. – Online Submission, 2011
This project analyzes the organizational behavior of the University of Texas System. The University of Texas System is comprised of nine academic and six health institutions. The University of Texas System has over 85,000 employees; the student enrollment is 202,240 with a budget of $2.25 billion dollars. This project has a total of four parts and…
Descriptors: Public Colleges, Organizational Effectiveness, Tuition, Costs
Kaplun, Irina – Online Submission, 2011
This work focuses on the importance of teacher leadership in the virtual environment and the role of managers in the workforce. It depicts student expectations of the virtual classroom, specifically the professor's role in this environment. The study on teachers in the virtual environment is compared and contrasted with generational differences in…
Descriptors: Teacher Leadership, Virtual Classrooms, Administrator Role, Work Environment
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