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Sanderson, Christen Noel – Online Submission, 2017
Economically disadvantaged students face an array of adversities during their childhood. With the media having an outstanding influence on the self-esteem of children, it is important that they have the tools necessary to question images they encounter. A Visual Culture curriculum in combination with a ceramics course can provide students with the…
Descriptors: Ceramics, After School Programs, Art Education, Curriculum Implementation
Yeganehpour, Parisa – Online Submission, 2017
These days focus of interest in English learning changes to productive skills, in Turkey. This research study assesses the teachers' point of view about using ice-breakers for adult Turkish EFL learners in upper-intermediate level. It also anticipates finding valuable information with applying ice-breaker activities as a useful teaching policy…
Descriptors: Teaching Methods, English (Second Language), Second Language Instruction, Teacher Attitudes
Bennett, Betty J. – Online Submission, 2017
To address increasing accountability demands, instructional leaders must find ways to expand the current reality of faculty development to create a culture where continuous growth and learning are the standard for professional behavior. Growth Infusion is a framework for creating such a culture. The framework is a result of an extensive search for…
Descriptors: Accountability, Faculty Development, Best Practices, School Culture
Günbayi, Ilhan; Yörük, Tayfun; Vezne, Rabia – Online Submission, 2017
This study project titled Improving Technical Drawing Software Skills of Vocational Education Training (VET) Teachers (TED-VET) sought to organize trainings to introduce Adobe Illustrator as a technical drawing software to technical VET teachers and determine the effect of these trainings on teacher effectiveness. Additional goals included…
Descriptors: Vocational Education, Technical Education, Action Research, Drafting
Yegani, Hossein; Jodaei, Hojjat – Online Submission, 2017
The current study was conducted to investigate the effect of task-based and topic-based speaking activities on improving the speaking ability among Iranian EFL learners. The study used quasi-experimental design. The subjects consisted of 60 male and female students who were selected from among 90 EFL learners by applying the nelson proficiency…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, English (Second Language), Second Language Learning, Comparative Analysis
Ginley, Kristine – Online Submission, 2016
For the "Baby Boomer" generation, there exists inequality and injustice in education, both in dollars spent on education/programs and in amount of study devoted to their learning needs. "When the first baby boomers turned 65 in 2011, there were just under 77 million baby boomers in the population" (Colby & Ortman, 2014).…
Descriptors: Andragogy, Adult Learning, Adult Education, Funding Formulas
Belay, Sintayehu – Online Submission, 2016
This study examined the contribution of teachers' Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to quality of education and its challenging factors related with teachers. For this purpose, the study employed descriptive survey method. 76 or 40.86% participant teachers were selected using simple random sampling technique. Close-ended questionnaire was…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Professional Continuing Education, Faculty Development, Educational Quality
Göçer, Ali – Online Submission, 2016
The purpose of this research is to provide an overview of adult literacy within the framework of lifelong learning in Turkey. Triangulation technique is applied with the approach of qualitative research, and within this framework, document review, interviews and observations were made. The research was carried out in a workgroup. These working…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Lifelong Learning, Adult Literacy, Educational Benefits
Akoojee, Salim – Online Submission, 2016
This paper explores the extent to which latest developments in the Technical and Vocational Education and Training System in South Africa respond to key principles espoused for a developmental, democratic and inclusionary ideal. The White Paper for post school education and training (DHET, 2013) approved by Cabinet in November, 2013 is referred to…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Vocational Education, Technical Education, Educational Policy
Tobias, Robert Michael – Online Submission, 2016
This monograph aims to provide a brief but critical history of adult and community education in Aotearoa over the past fifty years. It draws on primary and secondary sources as well as a substantial body of previous research much of which has yet to be published. The focus of this work is on changing policy environments and their impact on adult…
Descriptors: Adult Education, Educational History, Educational Policy, Community Education
Carpenter, Julia; Forde, Dahlia S.; Stevens, Denise R.; Flango, Vincent; Babcock, Lisa K. – Online Submission, 2016
The Department of Veterans Affairs has an immediate problem at hand. Tens of thousands of employees are working in a high-stress work environment where fast-paced daily production requirements are critical. Employees are faced with a tremendous backlog of veterans' claims. Unfortunately, not only are the claims extremely complex, but there is…
Descriptors: Public Agencies, Government Employees, Intervention, Job Performance
Caruso, Shirley J. – Online Submission, 2016
This single instrumental qualitative case study explores and thickly describes job performance outcomes based upon the manner in which self-directed learning activities of a purposefully selected sample of 3 construction managers are conducted, mediated by the use of Web 2.0 technology. The data collected revealed that construction managers are…
Descriptors: Web 2.0 Technologies, Technology Uses in Education, Independent Study, Job Performance
Biber, Kazim – Online Submission, 2016
When expectant mothers prepare for motherhood, this has a positive impact on their own lives and in terms of their children. The preparations in the process of pregnancy, birth, postpartum and baby care made by a mother-to-be who is becoming a parent for the first time also have an impact on preventing the prevalence of non-functional beliefs and…
Descriptors: Mothers, Pregnancy, Mother Attitudes, Parenting Skills
Arendale, David R., Ed. – Online Submission, 2016
This 2016 directory identifies, describes, and contains evaluative data evidence-based practices that improve academic performance, close the achievement gap, and improve persistence towards graduation for low-income, first-generation, and historically-underrepresented 6th grade through college students. The directory was a production of the…
Descriptors: Best Practices, Evidence Based Practice, Achievement Gap, Academic Achievement
Williams, Robert B. – Online Submission, 2015
This paper describes the activities of a course on adult development. The course intended to sensitize participants to the theories and reality of adulthood and aging by introducing them to selected literature on adult development and to the preparation of case records and mastery of activities that permit an analysis of the adult's world. The…
Descriptors: Adult Development, Child Rearing, Program Descriptions, Learning Activities
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